1. Don't really know why he doesn't outsorce some of his code. I myself am a software developer and can't even fathom how he keeps it together. Dude is a literally king for doing this on his own!

  2. With the headache it's been for him, both getting it ported by outsource and the particular fanbase harassing him, I wouldn't blame him one bit for not.

  3. Yeah, honestly. Maybe we're over thinking, but if that's the case, then it makes sense. I personally can't imagine Haunted Chocolatier in mobile form. Mobile gaming just isn't fitting for it.

  4. Not really fair though. It’s a vocal, mean minority. But there are probably millions of mobile players who’ve done nothing but play and enjoy the game in silence. And probably a few hundred complaining about 1.5 (at most).

  5. SDV was big enough to go mobile at the end and it was a giant headache for him, but HC is an unknown right now. I wish people would stop pestering him and let him work. 🥲

  6. For real! CA very clearly cares about the people that play the game. There's no way this doesn't weigh him down.

  7. I wonder if it feels like he’s working too hard to us but to him it’s super enjoyable. I know the complaints aren’t bad but I can’t imagine he didn’t enjoy making SDV.

  8. I think we will be extremely lucky if it ever comes out on console much less mobile. But honestly I don’t blame him for not touching mobile. He’s been vocal lately about the negativity about the delay and how’s it’s effecting him. I know a lot of fans understand and are supportive, but the very vocal minority has such a bad rep. Between them and the headache he’s had with the other developers helping him port, I wouldn’t want to do it either. Unfortunately I think he’s going to get a lot of shit from salty mobile only players who won’t be able play HC. Upside though, if he decided to port it later on I’m sure it will be easier because he learned a lot from stardew. I don’t think HC will be held together with string and paper clips like stardew so it might be easier to port.

  9. Honestly if 1.5 never comes to mobile, I’m really ok with that. I’m just happy the game is on my phone at all so I can play it at work when I’m bored. It’s not my main save it’s just to fuck around because I love stardew so much

  10. Honestly, if I was him and I WANTED to make a mobile port, I'd still say no until it was like literally almost ready to ship on mobile. It's just easier. You don't have to worry about people having false hope of a mobile port, and you don't have to worry about designing the game around any potential mobile restraints. Until I could verify that porting it wouldn't be a huge headache, I just would avoid promising it.

  11. Hopefully he may build it in a way to make the porting easier later. Build it in unity or something to make it more portable.

  12. Honestly? Good. Tons of mobile players have been annoying af when it came to SDV 1.5 and I’m not even involved in the development. Just seeing the entitlement and “wen 1.5 on mobile he owes it to us” type comments is so cringey.

  13. I’m a mobile player, I don’t develop video games but I can’t even begin to imagine how stressful this has been for CA. I’m waiting for 1.5 as well but I know how to be patient and I’ll gladly play when it does come out.

  14. Mobile player here, yeah I’m waiting for 1.5 but I totally get why it’s taking a long time and really just want it to be ready when it does come out. I don’t have Twitter so I’ll keep asking for updates here, but it’s truly me wanting to know if there is new news.

  15. I’ve been waiting for the update and while it’s definitely been a bummer that it’s not out yet, it’s most definitely not worth complaining about.

  16. I personally just don't get why anybody would want to play a game like this on a mobile device. I tried minecraft on mobile once with my nephew and it was a fucking nightmare. Why does every game have to be available on every single platform these days?

  17. Honestly, I feel that. I usually Google “Stardew valley 1.5 mobile” every few months because I was heavy into the PC launch. I haven’t played since because life’s gotten busy but I did buy it for my phone about 2 years ago. I’m stoked for when it does come to mobile, but in no way am I’m dying to have it. I don’t spend all my time on this subreddit so I haven’t spoiled most of what 1.5 offers. Just looking for that flexibility to play on the go for a day or two at a time.

  18. i dont even blame him, games dont have to be on every platform ever tbh, especially with how much of a pain porting has been for him to mobile.

  19. Thank god. I swear some (not all) of the mobile users of Stardew are some of the shittiest, most self entitled people Ive ever seen.

  20. Agreed on all fronts. SDV mobile players paid FAR less than the actual price of the game for a full-fledged and GOOD mobile port. I cannot believe they are whining about not getting more content. Every time I see it I just gawk in disbelief. Poor Eric, he deserves none of this. I hope he charges for the mobile update just to upset the Karens who paid $6 for SDV and expect to be waited on hand and foot. This has really brought out the worst of the stardew community. To all the good mobile players, I'm sorry these people have tanked your reputation so badly, but jesus christ.

  21. I got it for free on my Chromebook with the monthly Chromebook deals. Downloaded because free. started playing later. Didn't even know there are updates until recently. It's fantastically playable for a mobile game. The rabid complaining I've seen about it being a version behind is so incredibly absurd. The only time it's bothered me is when I learned you could move the greenhouse -you can't yet on mobile. My game is still 100% playable though, I just chose the island farm and realized the mistake once you get growing more lol.

  22. If he does end up putting HC mobile. I hope he charges like 80$ on mobile. Just to shut them up and make them realize there are easier places they could be playing the games. That make far more sense.

  23. Of course these comments are totally laughable. As you said, SDV prices are extremely fair, he could have charged twice for the base game on PC/Console and another tenner for 1.5 - these would have been prices that are quite normal for comparable games. And the mobile port is a third of the the PC/Console game, providing the full experience (without 1.5 so far).

  24. The worst part about it is most mobile games are absolute garbage, and I guarantee those people play typical garbage mobile games. But of course they have to offload their frustration on one of the few quality content creators around.

  25. I'm a mobile player and a lot of my friends are too, since its the most accessible for us here in our country. Its a third world country and PC and consoles are extremely expensive. I totally understand if CA doesnt make a mobile version of HC and we dont even pester him about SV 1.5 cause we are satisfied with the current version.

  26. Mobile players in general has a lot of kids and they aren't the most reasonable people around. I haven't checked recently but Terriaria mobile fanbase was pretty much the same a few years ago. The gaps are closing so I hope the whiners calmed down at least.

  27. Dude needs to take care of himself. After seeing how people have treated him over not porting, if the guy decided he wanted to retire from creating games I would not hold it against him.

  28. TBH, I'd drop off the face of the Earth. I'd pull a Hello Games and just send out vague tweets then big updates/games.

  29. Plus if you slap some touch controls on it, we’ve got so many mobile options now even without a dedicated version.

  30. I'll give my spicy opinion. I've been playing mobile games for a decade, before finally leaving all behind and permanently going to console.

  31. Seriously. I have a hard time taking the mobile gaming world seriously, and the entitlement of mobile players continues to astound me. I truly believe they'll never be happy. SDV has no microtransactions, no ads, and hours upon hours of content. I'm sure these people buy $12 movie tickets, but $6 for an optimized mobile port of a pc game?? Blasphemous!!!

  32. Seriously tho. It's an indie pixel game, there's nothing graphics intensive about it. Stardew could run on a literal toaster if it wanted to.

  33. I don't want to assume people have money. I hate doing that. But a used switch lite plus SDV might not get over 200$. That's still a lot of money for a lot of people, but more people who can afford it should

  34. I’m patiently waiting for 1.5 to come out on mobile but I have to say I like the control scheme on mobile more than console or PC. It’s not just about having the hardware to run the game. SDV is the perfect game for a simple touch interface.

  35. I thought the same thing, and I don’t play mobile games, but recently I was looking into some stuff and mobile gaming has gotten surprisingly good! I’ve got a horrible little iPhone but I can hook it up to my TV with a $10 cable, pair my Xbox controller with it, and use it like a console, or stream a Steam game to it from a PC elsewhere in the house. It’s not just Candy Crush and shit anymore.

  36. Agreed even my used 150$ (just barley 4gbram) laptoo I bought for university to run office. Supports Stardew valley.

  37. Also, a ton of big games aren't availible on mobile! And if they are, it's usually a disappointing version of the game.

  38. I hope to see it on mobile (most because iPad is still considered mobile) but I do see why he won’t. The people who have been too harsh on him about the 1.5 update will be the same reason why we can’t have nice things.

  39. I don’t blame him honestly. I have seen the comments on his twitter and it’s just so sad how people can berate someone who has worked so hard on this game for us :(

  40. Unfortunately some people are incredibly entitled and childish - they want the whole world on a plate and if they don't get it they'll scream and shout like the petulant brats that they are.

  41. I would tell us to fuck off too after how some of these people treated him about the mobile updates. Ungrateful assholes very likely killed whatever chance of a mobile game there was for HC.

  42. Regardless of the recent negativity, CA knows his capabilities best. If he knows his capacity cannot extend to mobile, limiting the platforms is for the best

  43. I feel so bad for him... I mostly play Stardew Valley on my phone and can't wait for the update to come out, but I can do other stuff in the meantime while I wait instead of harassing the guy who MADE STARDEW VALLEY!!!

  44. I can’t blame him, the way stardew mobile has went and the backlash from unreasonable fans - it’s probably better for his mental health.

  45. Unfortunate, but understandable. Putting Stardew on mobile and keeping it updated has clearly been a huge headache for the guy. Plus the higher focus on combat and the more twitchy gameplay that comes with that most likely won't work as well on mobile.

  46. ive accepted that the mobile version just is what it is and that's fine. im playing through a game on it rn and it's still fun. i wonder sometimes if he feels obligated or something to keep pushing. honestly the modding community is so strong that i feel like it would be fine for him to retire from Stardew Valley is that's what he wanted to. He gave so much joy to the world i think he deserves to move on if he wants to

  47. I agree, and I think he actually has mostly retired from Stardew and spends most of his time on HC now. The mobile port was farmed out to contractors... and reading between the lines of a couple of his posts it seems like the first person/group he worked with failed to deliver, and after several months he had to start all over again with a new contractor. So it's been an ongoing headache for him as the public face of Stardew and as the person who has to manage the contractor relationship from a business perspective, but I don't think he's at all involved in the actual coding for the port.

  48. Honestly, with how entitled a lot of mobile users act, I don't blame him. I get that you're waiting on the update, but literally no one else has been as rude to CA as I've seen the mobile users be.

  49. The bad attitude CA received from mobile players isn't exclusive to Stardew Valley unfortunately. I've seen the most toxic communities within the mobile gaming space, the whole industry is riddled with it. Not surprising as mobile gaming is pretty much the reason microtransactions are so common.

  50. Honestly, I have respect for him for even putting it on mobile. Coding Games IS hard and as a mobile player (i have SDV on my xbox, phone and tablet), Take your time. Imo its not a big deal bc game developers need rest too. I would get it on PC but controls suck and i would only get it on pc for mods (and sims 4)

  51. if you wanna play with mods but hate the controls just bluetooth your xbox controller to steam and play using that. My fingers and keyboard controls don’t mix so that’s what I have to do for minecraft and stardew

  52. Honestly I think it's a good thing. Mobile players haven't been too nice to him due to the delays in 1.5 (which is not his fault, he's not in charge of it). Some to the extent of harassment. Maybe the lack of a mobile version will prevent this sort of thing, but knowing people it won't and they'll just use the 'When is HC coming to mobile'? argument to go after him again...

  53. I don’t blame him. He’s probably had a LOT of issues, stress, and pain caused by the 1.5 issue of Stardew.

  54. Good, if this community has shown me anything it's that mobile gamers can be toxic as all get out. Not saying all, or even a majority, but holy hell have I seen some grade a assholish fuckery in regards to the port.

  55. The loud minority drowns out everyone else, unfortunately. I’m a mobile player, and if I said I didn’t get frustrated about the update sometimes I wouldn’t be telling the truth. But I don’t put that on the internet!

  56. With how annoying some mobile players are (and I’m talking about the entitled ones that harass the guy) I don’t blame him

  57. I can't blame him. I remember reading that comment thread, and people are just...their expectations are way out of whack.

  58. Porting takes a lot of resources and from his experience with his previous publisher, I can see why he doesn’t see it as something he can promise, at least for now. He hasn’t even released the game yet and I would imagine that he would rather like to focus solely on a PC release to gauge how successful his next game will be

  59. I wouldn’t be planning on it either. Mostly because planning on it restricts what a dev can do and CAN likely doesn’t want those restrictions.

  60. Don’t blame him, from the issues with the 1.5 update I too wouldn’t wanna deal with the porting issues anymore. I do hope he’s okay mentally and it’s not draining him to much

  61. Honestly, it's for the best. Keeps everyone on more even footing version-wise and saves development headaches.

  62. I don't blame him one bit. HC doesn't even have a release date and likely won't for a while (it's still in "early development" and even CA has stated he won't release it until he feels that it's ready) so expecting a mobile version when SV still doesn't even have a mobile port (with plenty of its own issues) seems ridiculous and out of the question for now.

  63. With how shitty some people have been towards him with The mobile update, I don’t blame him for not wanting to put another complex game out for mobile.

  64. Total cringe to watch kids lose their utter shit over this mobile issue. Entitled mobile players that will grow up to be karens.

  65. I genuinely don't blame the poor guy. His port for 1.5 on SDV Mobile has been nothing but a heartache for him, plus all the people talking shit and hurting him for it. Fuck mobile, at this point. He doesn't need the stress.

  66. I would never do another attempt at mobile if I were him. Not only has he tried his best to get it completely updated, people have also been extremely rude.

  67. I don't understand why people harass this man. He made the game they're playing and is working hard, why be mean to him? I understand that someone can get impatient but if I recall correctly the mobile port was handled by another publisher or something. Leave the poor guy alone.

  68. good. not every game needs to be available on mobile, stardew really shouldn't be. Think of all the cool content that couldve been added if CA didn't have tobe bitched at about mobile updates all the time. I bet Chocolatier would be out already in stardew mobile didn't exist.

  69. Man this comment section is a dumpster fire. However long it takes, I hope the man is able to take a well deserved vacation soon, he’s obviously got his plate full

  70. Honestly I feel it's the right decision. Smartphones aren't meant for games like this, simple as that. Wanna buy a game,? Buy a PC or console. I'm pretty sure console costs less than those phones people play these games on, and you can get a used PC capable of running games like SDV very cheap. Mobile users need to stop whining and CA needs to stop stressng about them. He made a great game and it's perfectly accessible on other devices.

  71. Honestly from everything I’ve seen with game ports of any kind I don’t blame any dev that doesn’t want to port to other devices

  72. I can't blame him. I'd think a really solid launch with the big 3 platforms is a big enough task. To expect him to take part in the comparatively small mobile market right away is ridiculous.

  73. Look he might have made it available for mobile if some people wouldn’t harass him for not being able to port stardew 1.5 to mobile even though he is a solo developer working very hard to get it port’ed over to mobile making a new game and still working to fix bugs in stardew or maybe even a new update so so just stop harassing him so maybe he will work on the port without having to be harassed

  74. after the mountain of problems he had with stardew mobile, I understand not wanting to go through it again, and come on, just get a cheap computer, it's not like you need a high end PC to play a pixelated game

  75. Off topic a little bit, did concern ape ever mention about Haunted Chocolatier coming out on the consoles?? Absolutely will not be upset if not, he can do no wrong regardless 💕

  76. Sounds like he had to go through some hell to get SDV on mobile platforms….can’t blame him, it is a pain in the ass

  77. Honestly, good for him! CA has been such an incredible dev, it's good to see him making these decisions on what he does and doesn't want to do based on SDV's experience.

  78. Honestly, if I could go back, I'd have just waited and gotten it for Switch when I got one instead of getting it for mobile. There's so much missing and I know it's not CA's fault, it just sucks that I have to basically toss aside this save with so much on it to start all over.

  79. Some people paid for mobile with promise of the 1.5 patch … I can understand them being disappointed that it turned into vaporware … if really upset, just don’t buy his games anymore :/

  80. If you have a phone, then you can probably afford a computer, it doesn’t need to be high tech to run Stardew valley and I’m guessing the same will be for The Haunted Chocolatier. They’re 2D pixel games, they don’t need high end pcs/laptops to run them

  81. I know no one will like my answer but I'm glad he isn't going to. A game doesn't need to be on every device and I don't think that he is the only one sick of hearing 'when is the 1.5 update going to happen for mobile'.

  82. Having seen people on tumblr admit to sending him suicide bait in order to try to get him to work faster, I'm both supportive of the decision not to put this on mobile and worried that not doing so will generate more harassment towards him.

  83. Good on him. I’ve always hated how entitled mobile players are (with any game). One less playerbase to get a headache over

  84. Some of the people really bullied him to the point of giving the mobile version up altogether 😥 ... I'm quite disappointed though because I really love playing a cozy game like stardew when sitting comfortably in bed. But then I understand his reason. Better not to have a mobile version than not to have a whole game after all.

  85. Its good for him and all of us if haunted chocolatier is not on mobile. The last thing we want is concernedape stop making games because of burning out

  86. Fuck the mobile players who complain about 1.5, but also that shouldn't influence his decision for the mobile players who quietly enjoy stardew and look forward to more from him.

  87. Ah.. Understandable. But sad that I have to break this news to my gf. She's not a pc gamer, and shes been looking forward to the chocolate game. Also, pretty sure our 3rd world country majority of sdv players are mobile only. So, bummer. but hey watchu gonna do.

  88. That’s a bummer, I really like the mobile format for the game and don’t have any other mediums to play for the majority of the year.

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