1. Not gonna lie, I'm really kinda sad/upset that Tala died - I think she was an awesome character and I was hoping for her to survive.

  2. Holy shit Vader using the force like an absolute boss. Him dueling without even bothering to ignite his saber as if it's beneath him initially is everything I've ever wanted from an on screen Vader.

  3. Also he pulled the ship out the sky in the same way Ahsoka attempted to and more interestingly Starkiller did.

  4. That was so satisfying to me. Seeing OP ass Vader got me flashbacks to rogue one and I just started giddy laughing when the transport was taking off and he just flicked his hand and stopped it. Absolutely beautiful

  5. Yeah, that was amazing...maybe the first real glimpse of what an absolute master of the force looks like on camera. We've seen masters duel before, but this was a level of disrespect unseen before.

  6. Damn, what Vader did to Reva was just disrespectful. I mean seriously, he treated Cal more as a "threat" than her, considering he at least drew his lightsaber.

  7. It’s probably safe to say Cal’s more powerful than Reva since he beat the Ninth Sister, Second Sister, and Taron Malicos. Definitely no match for Vader, but still a notch up.

  8. Also cool to see him schooling Reva in a similar manner as Obi-Wan did in the flashback. The need to prove herself and obtain victory at all costs blinded her.

  9. Palpatine tells Yoda that it won’t matter what happens between them, as Vader will surpass them both. I believe he meant that.

  10. That flashback duel was absolutely amazing. Seeing Hayden back as padawan Anakin, then the spar they had, so good, felt like a kid watching the prequels again for the first time. Awesome storytelling connecting the flashback, even now Vader is still trying to prove himself to Obi-Wan.

  11. I felt like the scene where Anakin comes at obiwan hard with several overhead swings was similar to how Luke defeated Vader in RotJ. The multiple angry, aggressive swings in a row. Obiwan just was able to escape it. Vader couldn't.

  12. I was worried they wouldn’t be able to close the last two episodes properly, now I’m excited for how this concludes.

  13. I'm genuinely curious now as to when/how Reva became an inquisitor after the temple. IT's alluded that she was at that safe-house from part III before, maybe she was one of the other's that Quinlan was trying to help escape but something went down and they got captured? then brought to Vader who recognizes her and says to himself have I got a use for you.

  14. “You will be happy to know everything is going according to schedule. One flashback episode with more on the way”

  15. He was literally fighting grievous at the time and then immediately after got caught up in order 66 before going to mustafar. Not much downtime there

  16. Legit, like yea kid you went through some shit but I was literally in the shit okay. You got stabbed and somehow didn't die and hid under bodies and somehow became an Inquisitor "somehow". I had to fight the equivalent of Satan's terminator on a lava planet, and try to protect someone who can bring peace to the galaxy. Until he has a vision and tries to kill his nephew.

  17. Like if this is "weakened" Vader imagine what he would be like if he wasn't toasted. Even in the suit I don't think anyone could take him bar Palpy's force lightening

  18. I was so fucking buzzing for Hayden! How about that shocked, sad, almost betrayed, look in his eyes when Obi-Wan didn't praise him after he'd overpowered him. He just didn't understand and you can already see the conflict in him.

  19. Whatever anyone has said about the series up to that point....that made it all worthwhile, I need a more profound term than nostalgia to reconcile with those scenes.

  20. “I was but the learner” he tells him that his desperation for victory blinds him. He literally misses an entire ship in the background because he’s too desperate to catch Obi Wan he doesn’t take the entire scene into stock before he acts. He reacts as Obi Wan tells him he does years prior. Obi wan is clearly still mentally above Vader even if Vader is one of the most skilled and absolute fighters that’s ever been. Absolutely loved this ep.

  21. Thermal detonators are fucking brutal, like a tiny nuke in an angry metal sphere. You don't fuck around with those. Even if she had rolled it or thrown it towards them it probably would have had enough concussive force to crush her under the Droid. I actually think it was exquisite attention to lore detail that she hung onto it as it detonated for that reason (cuz she already knew she was dying and why prolong it) and because of the possibility of one of the troopers kicking it over to where Kenobi was.

  22. I think there is an innocence to them that makes them particular tragic. Which doesn’t make sense a lot of the time but it might just do with how our brains are wired. Like how it’s sad to see animals die.

  23. I was like "I can sit for a bit at the start, not gonna have anything crazy before I go make food". And then I saw the back of Anakin and immediately paused and went to grab food xD I didn't want to be distracted by hunger.

  24. It's kinda funny that if Reeva revealed vader identity right there he would probably kill everyone in that room including the grand inquisitor

  25. Holy shit. Vader was playing Third Sister all along. Now she knows about Luke. Revenge does wonders for staying alive.

  26. Jokes on them. Reva's been taking a dose of Stabbed By a Lightsaber everyday for 10 years to build up an immunity.

  27. The flashback perfectly displayed their characters and dynamic. Obi-Wan’s just trying to be a good teacher and wants to ensure Anakin overcomes his flaws. He smiles at him after the duel. Anakin doesn’t smile back, because he doesn’t view this as a well intentioned lesson, he feels Obi-Wan belittled him in defeat.

  28. I actually kinda like how Vader is still kinda slow and clunky in his fighting. Makes it match the OT a bit more.

  29. I’m 30, but seeing anakin and obi wan again in that flashback, awoke the kid in me again. I feel like I can’t describe the feeling well enough to do it justice, but I’m left with a feeling of gratefulness to have had such a fresh/new experience in something that is so darn familiar to me.

  30. This episode proves that we didn't want a Kenobi show necessarily, we just wanted to see Darth Vader in a long hallway for 3 hours.

  31. The actor for the Grand Inquisitor in an interview recently said he lived because the character has two stomaches and he was only stabbed in one. It’s 3:45am, I will link it if you demand so (lmao) after sleep

  32. Why is nobody talking about how ridiculous it is that Obi Wan gave Haja his hologram receiver with that Bail message on it

  33. Why would Bail send that message in the first place? I understand that it has to forward the plot, but Jesus lol.

  34. Hey I know we said no comms, but you might have been captured. Lemme just infodump secrets on this possibly compromised device that has no password lock.

  35. That was so dumb, what is even the need to drop Owens name and the planet, Obi would have known what he meant if he just said he'll have to look out for the boy.

  36. I believe Indira Varma confirmed that at some point, Tala was a love interest for Ben but it's not clear if it was cut or never filmed.

  37. How are they going to end it in one episode? With the length of the episodes recently, I just don't see how they can wrap everything up.

  38. Seemed a bit contrived for Reva to be left alive, but I just hope she doesn't make a cookie cutter 180 degree redemption arc that so many are predicting will happen.

  39. Got everything I wanted from Hayden in this episode. The flashback scene was top tier, Ewan and Hayden giving us the best lightsaber fights in all of starwars in 2022 just like they did in 2005.

  40. I've been very critical of this show thus far, but this episode blew me away, this is what I wanted the entire time. I'm happy to be wrong!

  41. Maul/palpatine/grand inquisitor didn’t die from worse. It’s a Sith thing. Gotta double tap them or they come back.

  42. I thought the “There are certain scenes in this episode that viewers may find upsetting” warning was about the NED-B death scene.

  43. Vader only having eyes for Obi Wan rhymes perfectly with him using himself as a decoy so that Luke and Leia can make their escape from the Death Star. Nice touch.

  44. Is it just me or did Hayden throw in a little bit of clone wars Anakin personality and mannerisms mixed with his own take? The flashback weirdly felt like a clone wars scene mixed with live action. Absolutely loved the interaction, god if only the entire prequels were like that

  45. Nope not just you, he has been getting in tune with his character by watching clone wars and studying his character as he along with the majority of SW fans feel that the clone wars character more accurately depicts Anakin story wise.

  46. Using Reva and using empty ship as decoy are just so General Kenobi in the good old clone wars era, absolutely love it

  47. Vader actually knowing Reva was playing him all along actually fixes SOME of the problems I’ve had with this series.

  48. My thought was that it is Vader's memory of that duel (it cuts back to him after each flashback). We're not seeing it literally out of his eyes, because first person filming is super weird and would have been jarring. Instead we're seeing a representation of how he views himself. Like when you think back to a memory from a decade ago you don't perfectly visualize a younger you-- you're just you, with whatever key features are associated with that memory (like a blue lightsaber and a functioning human body, in this case). I think the takeaway is that on a certain level, Vader still sees himself as Anakin and that potentially problematic view is tangled up in his obsession with Obi-wan.

  49. Vader absolutely dunking on Reva has gotta be my favorite scene in this series so far. Man just kept serving L, after L, after L at her.

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