1. Wade makes a surprise return and defeats Reva in a lightsaber fight even with no lightsaber experience. Obi wan returns leia and heads back to Luke only to find him playing around in the sand with his good friend Din Djarin.

  2. I hope Grand Inquisitor comes back, revealing he has not died and then kills Reva off for her insolence, just to show anyone could die at any time and subvert our expectations.

  3. Really just want to see more of Vader tbh. Would love to see a good depiction of his inner thoughts and his interpretation of his past and how this all fuels his anger. They need to make it more emotional. I want to know that it is Anakin inside the suit. Don’t have high hopes however as this is Disney we’re talking about

  4. That’s literally the one thing this show needs. We got Kenobi’s perspective and internal struggle, now we need Vader’s. Everything else is secondary. I can forgive a lot of the issues if it just gives us both halves of what fans wanted. We know both of them are going to throw down in Episode 6 most likely, so we need that Vader introspective moment. Also, Reva’s backstory should come out in Episode 5, and Vader will probably kill her for some reason in Episode 6.

  5. But…why? We already know his inner thoughts and feelings - rage, and probably a little shame that he tries to repress, until Luke shows up and reminds him he can be better than that. We don’t need a nuanced Vader here, we need Vader at this point in time to be a near-unstoppable killing machine, which is what they’ve given us.

  6. Vader on Tatooine…. “I sense something out there, maybe Obi Wan, but something else too, like a part of me…. But I hate sand. It gets everywhere. Im out of here!!!”

  7. I'm having terrible flashbacks to when I laughed my ass off at the Rise of Skywalker leaks on 4chan, told myself they were obviously memes, just to find out the leaks were true. Fuck

  8. These are all so hilariously plausible it hurts. The only thing you got wrong is the last point because, based on the logic of this show so far, Vader can’t hop in a ship to follow anyone. He’ll just reveal that he put a tracking device on Reva and go after them at a later time. Last shot of the episode, Reva’s eyes turn red.

  9. Your plot is too fluid. You need more jumps to fuck up the pacing and under-develop the characters. Skip parts 2 and 3 then remove 5 and jump right to 7. This is the way.

  10. Actually, if Reva saw Qui Gonn's ghost appear to Obi Wan, she, as a former Jedi would understand immediately that *this is serious shit and these people are special", and make her willing to die killed by Vader in order to protect his children from him

  11. Lol that is a solid prediction. Just the shitty kind of story I would expect. Guess you could be a writer on this show.

  12. Reva is going to find the path, Empire is going to show up and O’Shea Jackson’s character is going to somehow sacrifice himself to let everyone escape. Grand Inquisitor will show back up and try to kill Reva and for some reason Obi-Wan will save her, turning her back to the light.

  13. I think Leia gets kidnapped and Obi Wan has to find her. He succeeds, but gets chased by the Empire, but they manage to escape.

  14. Somebody put it well and said “if you’re not going to give us a great story, at least give us fan service” and that’s what I’d love a little of right now lol

  15. Reva kills Vader and takes his place in the suit, then Disney releases a new enhanced version of RotJ where Luke takes off Vader’s helmet and it’s actually Reva under there

  16. Excited for the next two episodes about Rokens wife and all the interesting aspects of that story arc which will heavily involve Wade. Good old Wade doing Wade things.

  17. Leia will notice the red color lights on Lola and they'll figure out it's a tracking device. They'll dump the tracker. Leia will go home. Obi may check out the Path and get more hope and strength. He'll also have force zoom sessions with Qui Gon and perhaps Yoda. I would love to see Obi Wan sneak off to Dagobah.

  18. Episode 5: Reva kills rebel lady, Then Obi-Wan fights Reva, Reva figures out she wants to be a good guy. Lets them go.

  19. That would be kinda sick. How old would he be here? 12 or so in episode 2, so around 15 in episode 3. In this show then, mid 20s I think?

  20. I hope something actually happens this episode and we can finally see Hayden do something instead of just be free marketing. This show has been a major letdown so far even though it is arguably the most important in terms of the legacy of the prequels and bringing back the old cast.

  21. It’s gonna be the Reva episode, they will need at least 30 more minutes of character development for her to flip to light side, might as well call this the Reva series by now

  22. I don't know. I'm basically just watching to see if it gets any more absurd. The leaks sound very plausible based on the direction the previous episodes are moving in.

  23. Hoping to see flashbacks of Anakin & Obi, but really doubting we will :( more Vader would be good. More emotional scenes and less action would be nice

  24. The new screenwriter has an oscar and multiple Oscar nominations for writing. So, hopefully good things. But Joby Harold is still attached for these last 2 episodes as well.

  25. Leia kidnapped again, third sister yells her lines, no big lightsaber fight. Ends with Vader breathing heavily, lightsaber on

  26. If I see that it’s only like 36 mins long or something, I’ll instantly lose whatever hope I have left that they can still turn this around. We need these last 2 episodes to go for an hour each!

  27. Qui-Gon shows up all ghost like and sends Obi-Wan to a planet where he meets Ahsoka. Obi-Wan does not get a chance to reveal Anakin is Vader.

  28. I can almost guarantee that Leia is getting her mind wiped at the end of this to “protect her” or some stupid shit like that

  29. I think we'll definitely see Reva's backstory, but she probably won't survive the series. If she did, I think someone would've mentioned her in Rebels. Either Vader or a returning Grand Inquisitor will be the one to do it most likely.

  30. expecting them to go to some resistance rebel base, which will probably attacked by the empire because of the tracker. i could also see Vader being part of this attack since he knows Obi-Wan is at the base, and we might get another fight between the two before Obi-Wan and Leia somehow escapes

  31. I'm holding out hope that Vader being so lenient on Reva is because he knows she herself might be a spy, or working an angle to kill Vader. I suspect that everything that is revolving Reva is a charade that Vader is making to lull Reva into feeling like she succeeded so when she does actually spring her trap, Vader will spring his own. It could explain why the GI only gets a passing mention after he is "killed", to make Reva think she was successful in killing him and blaming it on Obi-Wan. It could explain why he lets Obi-Wan go on Mapuzo, he knows that Reva needs to be the one to "capture" him so she can feel successful when she finally gets her moment with Vader.

  32. Reva pulls out her father's purple lightsaber and almost kills Vader. The Emperor saves Vader by zapping her with lightning and throwing her out a window.

  33. I don't recall the Inquisition being mentioned in Episode IV. Might Ben somehow destroy or decimate it in the last 2 episodes here?

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