1. Holy shit. I just watched that scene, and had to pause to come talk about it. It's genius! If they found out where the money actually went, her whole family's dead or assimilated, and the enemy gets everything she knows. If she takes the money from the mob guy, she forces her daughter into an unhappy life. If they think he lost it gambling without reporting it, it's basically a slap on the wrist, but also it explains why she went to the mob guy, so he has nothing on her.

  2. Seriously. So well built up, both this episode and all season. When it finally does erupt, it feels so much more impactful. Every bit of violence means something. Like that one death where the camera stayed on that guy for what felt like ages

  3. It felt like a perfect blend of spaghetti western and a war/spy movie. The tension as soon as the bands started marching! Cassian on the lookout. The nervous looks. The Morricone-sque soundtrack!

  4. its perfect for her, the season had really built her up as she keeps scoring victories, giving her this sense of power and invincibility, and tears it all down for her in seconds, shes just as mortal as the rest of them, brilliant fucking filmmaking

  5. It was, I almost felt bad for her with how terrified she was acting. Her shaking while talking to Syril really sold it, I really believed that she believed she was about to be lynched.

  6. I was hoping he'd share it and get it spread across the galaxy so it would become even bigger than just inspiration for Cassian.

  7. It's definitely some real high quality costume design, it'd be a pretty penny to sell it and keep it the same, I'm sure people would buy it though

  8. I'm buying as much of it as I can find, and I'm a man. Can't wait to wear it out to Burning Man in 2023 :)

  9. I actually teared up when he said that line. It was so beautiful and perfectly delivered. What a masterpiece of a show.

  10. That and her other lines with Cassian really hit home with me as a new mom. “That’s just love. Nothing you can do about that”.

  11. just another example of the Empire being thoughtless, they never considered that anyone would dare attack them to begin with, so who cares about proper munitions storage

  12. Fantastic, the buildup to the gathering, the band getting ready, the slow banging of the anvil. Fantastic cinematography and direction … I haven't had a movie convey the tension so well

  13. the only thing i can really think of that made me feel that way was the last 15 or so minutes of Last of the Mohicans when they're running up the mountain

  14. It’s a fascinating line the production would have had to walk on those shots. You need them to stick out so the audience recognises them, but not stick out so much that it breaks the believability of the stealth. Same with Luthen’s black robe.

  15. I swear this episode had like 50 different parallel arcs and with little stuff like Syril switching focus to Dedra they always find a way to change and intersect.

  16. Pretty much exactly the only way to convince Luthen as well. Cassian could have killed him, but instead told him "bring me into the fold, or kill me because I have no other reason to live". Luthen knew in that moment he had the perfect ally. Someone committed to the cause and ready to give it all for something real. No longer a loose end but a valuable asset. I actually think Luthen might become fiercely protective of him going forward, and I think witnessing the events on Ferrix may have given him a bit of his humanity back. He'll still do what he deems necessary, but I dunno, he didn't seem like he was coldly watching it, detached from it all. I think he also saw the true potential of a rebellion in that moment, and was reminded of why he fights.

  17. cassian and brasso’s hug, the way cassian was trying to explain himself because of all the guilt he feels (“i told her i would come back. i should have never left that morning”), and how brasso was going to hear none of it with a simple “i know”... god!!!!! and then maarva’s last words to cassian!!

  18. I thought you were trolling but I went back to check. They provided an answer to what they were making in the prison!

  19. The way he taught Cassian to look past the obvious and see what’s really there was such a perfect metaphor for how he outplayed everyone in this episode

  20. i’m shocked at the scale of it (though i guess i shouldn’t be???) but still omg. tony gilroy, you are cruel to have cassian and melshi build the thing that kills them 😭

  21. And yet they still made the empire feel terrifying even if it was only for a short while. Those troopers didn't miss a shot! Is this even star wars? I loved it from start to end! We KNEW they were helping build it!!

  22. Yep, same exact conversation the Imperials had about the Ahladanis. 2 for 2 getting their asses handed to them by the people they're trying to colonize.

  23. 10000%. The condescending, snide tone — and this is about a majority-human city; we haven't really seen the treatment of non-human planets in the SW Universe (I haven't read the EU so my apologies if this isn't the case) but can you imagine how much worse it is?

  24. I was so totally engrossed in the episode that I noticed a few times that I was holding my breath out of sheer anticipation and surprise at what was unfolding. I haven't experienced something like that since I watched the rebooted Battlestar Galactica back in the day.

  25. So many good speeches in a single episode that gave justice to everyone who's no longer there, Clem, Maarva, Nemik. So gooood!!!

  26. Also it knows when to shut up and just let a scene be. Like with Syril meeting up with cop buddy on the shuttle. No dialogue, but the scene says a lot

  27. Also the fact that even with a local spy revealing that Andor might be there, and them looking in the top of that building, the empire never saw him once. He is a slippery guy.

  28. This funeral felt so much more real than what we got with Padme. When the march moved through the central square, staring ice-cold at the Imps in front of them - that is when my pulse starting to race. I KNEW there would be a fight, but I could not figure out WHEN or HOW.

  29. "People don't look down to where they should. They don't look down, they don't look past the rust. Not us though, eh? Eyes open, possibilities everywhere."

  30. clem cleaning the rust off some old parts in the flashback and maarva likening the empire to rust creeping everywhere was so good. this episode is just full to the brim with quotable lines!!

  31. Holy crap that was perfect. When Cassian told B2EMO "You always come through".... dammit the floodgates opened.

  32. I never skipped the credits because I always loved listening to the phenomenal score. The music as always was on point. Then that bonus at the end!

  33. Give B2 the Emmy for best supporting character. Because if you’d have told me I’d be crying multiple times over a droids anguish, I would have laughed at you.

  34. Yeah I shouted "fucking kill him" right when that happened and felt immensely vindicated when he got his shit rocked immediately

  35. I know when everyone says this is the best Disney + series, you mean well, but this show is one of the best shows this year period, regardless of network. It's going to be in pretty much every category for an Emmy next year

  36. I love how Mon Mothma just skipped over everyone's theories and went straight to pointing the finger at Perrin🤣 Also I thought Blevin was out, so glad to see him back. And Mosk! He's so fun.

  37. Already did. But does that solve her gangster marriage proposal for daughter problem? She still needs to move lots of money so I'm guessing no.

  38. Oh. My. God! Lived up to and way beyond the hype. Possibly the best episode of the whole show. Everything just came together so perfectly, then also stepped off for next season.

  39. I love the detail oriented nature of this show, case in point, the IED made by Ferrix shop kid is made significantly more effective because the Imperial forces dont properly store their munitions, they just keep all the hand grenades in a box because they cant even conceptualize that theyll be attacked, leading to numerous secondary explosions and more casualties/destruction (its also symbolic of the start of the rebellion, all it takes is one spark, Ferrix in this case, to cause other explosions of rebellion too occur).

  40. YES this is such an important point! The Imperials are lazy and content in their oppression and despite all the ISB machinations, have not planned for regular people to start taking action. They are focused on INDIVIDUALS like Cassian while ignoring the fact that their empire is hurting countless people who all might want to fight back, and so they let things like proper munitions defense slip by. Because who would fight the Empire, they're huge and scary! Turns out -- a lot of people whose names we'll never know.

  41. Boy do they know how to frame shots and create lasting imagery... The end credits scene is wallpaper worthy

  42. Tigo deserved waaay worse than the kick (even if it was from the big man). It was so comically evil of him to just flip Bee over like that.

  43. When "The Eye" aired I thought that was the best Disney + Star Wars episode to date. Now I'm not even sure it's top 3 in this season. Damn Gilroy and company killed it. It's going to be a long wait until 2024.

  44. That was a great hug. Even the crinkles in their clothes when they grabbed each other made it that much more impactful, like... I wish I could hug that good

  45. But was that really the cause of him? I feel like he had little influence on what transpired and the fact that he was so awestruck was because he had no idea rebellion could culminate in such large numbers. He was playing chess with his pawns but Ferrix…that was a whole different animal he has yet to see. Forgive me if I’m wrong.

  46. Took me a minute, but realized that the kid who built the explosive and escapes with Jezz, Brasso, and Bix was Pax's son. Which heh, that uprising was literally inspired by the Empire murdering Clem and coming full circle with Maarva setting everything in place. Also explains why she refused the medication, she wanted to be alert and coherent enough to write and record that speech

  47. Those two are definitely getting a room in the bombed out hotel after everyone's left. Near death situations and adrenaline can feel an awful lot like love

  48. Stone and sky, stone and sky, stone and sky, stone and sky, stone and sky, stone and sky, stone and sky, stone and sky…

  49. God the marching band and the crowd marching towards the Imperial Blockade was some really powerful image. The music they played was the just the cherry on top. Marva's whole funeral was some of the greatest things I've seen in television. What a way to end a season, can't wait for more of this show

  50. Man, this show delivered on so many levels for me personally. Tuesday has been my favorite day of the week for the past couple months, I don’t think I’ve come to terms yet with the fact that we’re gonna have to wait 2 years for this to continue.

  51. oh no the dedra syril power couple ship came true! :( it's like canon now omg! i thought they were gonna flat out like kiss.

  52. I was surprised to see he did not fuck things up for anyone this episode, he was actually helpful to Dedra for once.

  53. I wonder what happened to Ferrix post riot. It seems that the Empire was able to suppress the civilians and reinstate order. However they failed to capture Andor, which was their main reason to station there. Either they stay because the anti-Empire sentiment has been amplified by Maarva's speech or they leave because mission failed.

  54. Cassian meets with Pegla (junkyard man). After asking where Bix is, cassian comes up with this plan that Pegla has to execute:

  55. Really loved how they made Kreeger's really insignificant. They really just end up as statistics, some kind of power showing just to please the Emperor

  56. i made the mistake of watching star wars theorys reaction to the finale... can't wait to see clips from that stream on here... at one point he calls us elitists for liking the show, and constantly brings up that the fans are only in it for the cinematography and acting. I finally unsubbed from from him after that, he's bitter that he's in the minority

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