1. I think the underlying problem is boba wants to be the crime boss, but also Disney wants to set him up as a hero, or anti hero of sorts. So it's tough finding that balance of making him a "good guy" protagonist but also he's a criminal boss. Like I don't see him selling spice, or slave trading, or keeping women as slaves chained up. So what are the crimes he's committing that he needs to be the boss of? That's my question for the show.

  2. True, I always half expected him to just shoot that annoying twilek. Fennec even threatened him and I was like okay, that should've been Boba's line. AND THEN HES LIKE "that was a bit heavy, right? UwU"

  3. Yes, in the OT we dont see him do very much. But its very obvious that in the SW universe he has a reputation as a badass. I mean, he works directly for Darth Vader, who seems to know Boba as a guy who goes too far (hence singling him out to tell him "no disintergrations") and is also able to talk back to Vader without repercussion. Han Solo is certainly alarmed when told that Boba is on the scene.

  4. I’m not saying Boba sucks, I’m saying he’s not the gun slinging badass that everyone remembers in their head. At least he wasn’t portrayed that way in the movies. The portrayal of Boba now is much more interesting to me. He’s a nuanced, complex character trying to battle his past and create a new name for himself. Everyone wants to see Boba be a cold blooded killer but the very first episode he said he wanted to rule with respect not fear. So it wouldn’t make sense for this more mature Boba to go around icing every fool that looks at him sideways. He’s not that guy anymore. He’s tryin to be Vito Corleone and everyone wants him to be John Gotti.

  5. I saw a video on YouTube and it showed how Boba Fett was responsible for the deaths of Owan Lars and his wife. They were disintegrated, and in the 2nd movie Vaders "and NO disintegrations!" Was a callback to Fetts actions on Tattoine

  6. "Reputation as a badass" yet never hits a single target he fires at and get's taken out by a blind guy. Sorry, but even Lucas himself said Boba was nothing more than someone to throw away, not realizing the popularity the character would generate when making ESB and RotJ. This is why he treated Boba like a sub par character and constantly had Boba missing Luke and ending up in the Sarlaac without even firing a shot.

  7. He didn’t have to be a badass in the OG films because the lack of dialog and backstory made him mysterious. All we knew is he was a bounty hunter who apparently was “disintegration happy”. Then the prequel trilogy added to the lore..then Mando. So to say he wasn’t a bad ass before this season is a bit of a stretch. I don’t hate the show by any means but I def expected more. I can only hope there is a big change of pace and a good payoff at the end.

  8. Badass or not, is it ok to say that having a show about Boba Fett pursuing a career in local politics doesn't make for the most interesting television viewing?

  9. I actually like the show, but I totally agree that the route they went was bound to be off putting for a lot of people. And ya'll have good reasons for not liking it.

  10. Yeah but what do you want then? pew pew shoot everyone stand around cool and have zero character development ? What did you expect from this show? He’s literally building a crime empire, u can’t do that by shooting/threatening everyone you meet

  11. I can definitely see how the series might be not so appealing to some people, but I’m the type who likes the politics in the prequels, so I’m kind of a minority. I’ve found the show to be a little slow at times, but I love it.

  12. I like it, it's got some fun to it and its good seeing Temura back and Ming Na-Wen in a lead TV role again. But it does have a very slow start and I'm thinking (hoping) this is just a matter of them doing exposition/character development before it picks up into more of an action series on the second half.

  13. It’s The Godfather in Star Wars. Snd just like in The Godfather, there’s a lot of talk revolving around what to do with the rival families. I wouldn’t consider The Godfather to have “politics” in it but if you wanna run a criminal empire you gotta get right w the corrupt mayor and police force sooooo what’s the issue

  14. i think youre reading into that scene a bit much to be honest. i think it was just him looking down the hallway to see if there was anyone there, not him hearing luke pull out his blaster. was it said somewhere that the reason he looked was because he heard luke? because id imagine it would be difficult to hear that from that distance with a helmet on with four other people walking with you. if anything i think it was more likely he heard R2 blowing lukes cover for some reason lol.

  15. Boba was mouthing off to Vader when everyone else was getting choked the fuck out. The way he spoke, before his lines were eventually dubbed, made him sound a lot more like a cowboy. Hell, they even gave him spurs.

  16. He took Han Solo as a prize to jabba. Is there anything more bad ass than that? These cringe posts need to stop

  17. Yeah that’s cool, but he didn’t have any dope gunfights and never flew in his jet pack like Mando and Jango did, and I think that’s what people what out of a Boba Fett show.

  18. I can watch ESB right now and I can say he was much more bad ass in that. Not so much in ROTJ. Also pretty awesome in canon comics.

  19. Even in the Clone Wars, he had a moral code that he followed, despite working with awful criminals, which is further shown in the deleted arc with Cad Bane. Jango instilled in him a moral code to not harm innocents or kill people who don't really deserve it or don't need to be killed.

  20. To be fair though. They made him look like the baddest man in the universe in Mando season 2. I'm gonna reserve my judgement until the end of the season to see where it's heading first. I think Filoni and Rodriguez know who the character is and when to when to use his power accordingly.

  21. I love the Boba Fett show right now but we should also get a Boba in his prime and show us how bad ass he was I am a man who can appreciate his younger badass self and his now older more intelligent but still badass self.

  22. Din Djarin did all the cool shit we’ve wanted Boba Fett to do, and now everything Boba does looks like an afterthought.

  23. A thread made by someone who doesn't read the canon comics and forgot about his portrayal in Mando S2.

  24. He wasn’t a crazy uncle that gets his ass kicked every other fight, does not have a clue and hires the Disney club kids as back up either

  25. Hey what about the time he captured Han Solo and Leia by calling Vader pointing in the direction of Bespin and saying "they went thadda way" that was pretty badass right? Right?

  26. Book of bobba should have happened before the mandalorian because that show did everything cool already. They had to force a new direction for BOBF otherwise it’d just feel like mando season 3…poor planning imo and the entire show feels forced so far + the writing is stale

  27. They changed the canon. That's why everyone's expectations aren't being met. It's always going to go this way if they trot out legacy characters and rework them from the original canon.

  28. Honestly I feel this is a weird argument. Yeah Boba didn't have some mind-blowing action choreography in the Original Trilogy but:

  29. Fair points. I didn’t really consider the Jango thing and now I’m wondering how many people consciously or subconsciously attribute Jango to Boba. Jango did a buncha cool action stuff but Boba never did and I wonder if people wanted more of the Jango style flying around and shooting action and are disappointed in the new show. Understandable.

  30. Finally someone agrees with me, Boba Fett was so over hyped as an awesome character before he appeared on The Mandalorian. He literally does nothing, and basically is space UPS delivering the package that Vader caught.

  31. Like for the record I always thought Fett was cool, but more that he looked badass. I made him go on badass adventures with my Boba Fett toys as a kid, but even then I knew in the actual movies he didn’t do much lol

  32. I wish he was more like his first scene in the mandolorian when he wrecked those stormtroopers but the show is just fine in my opinion

  33. So what exactly is the point of shitting on a fan favorite character? Proof your superiority, or just hate on fans who want cool stuff?

  34. To prove that the perseption created for him as a cold blooded badass is not really an official thing and more of a headcanon, AKA an argument in favor of the show.

  35. Yes he was as lame as Captain Phasma. They both looked cool, didn’t do much in the movies they were in and “died” a pathetic death. Well that last part doesn’t apply to Boba Fett anymore but you get the idea.

  36. I just can't get over how a cool bounty hunter, after taking over a crime syndicate, hired goofy teens as his muscle. Aesthetically, nothing is making sense about anyone ever taking him seriously.

  37. He was pretty badass when he fought Obi Wan and survived on Tatootine after being recruited as Vader’s personal bounty hunter there. For the fella about to reply “that’s not canon”, I’ve still got the comic book.

  38. "outside of" all the other amazing media, sure, Boba is simple in Ep 5/6. But the legends are amazing. I still love the Jaina Solo and Boba Fett team up.

  39. Ikr dude just went ahead and told us to ignore basically everything we have seen Boba Fett in just to say he hasnt seen much action from him.

  40. So is this seriously the argument now? That the book of boba Fett is boring because boba Fett is supposed to be boring? Lol WTF dudes.

  41. I don't know about that, over hyped sure but I don't know if anyone actually rates the Knights of Ren very high.

  42. Inb4 fanboys start screaming about comic books. Edit- yeah you. I had the OG Boba Fett figure from the cereal box. Get off my lawn.

  43. I bet it would blow people's minds if they knew Boba actually saves Han during the Yuuzhan Vong series. I know it's not Canon anymore.

  44. The only problem I have with Book of Dances with Wolves is the bullies from Back to the Future II… I mean BoBF and his bodyguard gang.

  45. Star Wars fans made Boba Fett more of a main character than the original movie series did. Boba was just one of several bounty hunters in the background of the main story.

  46. Not saying I disagree. But he was The bounty hunter to catch solo and that's why he's more important than the rest of them

  47. To me I was always kinda confused how he became known as this badass fighter that the fans all loved. I never saw it and there were many more badass and cool mandalorians then him. If you like him that’s great! I just never saw it.

  48. Even as a hunter with a fantastic reputation, nobody is gonna be a master in every form of combat- and surprises can still catch someone off guard. Fett is very, VERY good at what he does- but he's by no means invincible, and he's as force-sensitive as a rock.

  49. I wonder how much of it is a generational thing. Like a lot of fans who were born in the 2000s and grew up w the prequels associate Jango (who did a lot of badass stuff in the one movie he was in) with Boba since they’re portrayed by the same actor. But is 80s and 90s kids have a different relationship w the character. There’s a more defined line between Boba who we grew up w and Jango who didn’t exist were teens so we were able to differentiate the two characters

  50. Regardless of how you feel about the canon, you have to admit this is a poorly written and directed show. Like it is amateurish for a budget as big as Disney. Are we just supposed to get spoon-fed this and Mickey Mouse will think we will like it? This isn't good at all.

  51. I have to agree. I haven’t seen the show yet so I don’t know the context, but it seems that everyone expected Boba to be some badass fighting God, but the thing is he was never really a fighter. Sure, he was a master Bounty Hunter as shown when he captured Han with ease, but in terms of fighting ability he can’t really hold much cake compared to other characters. He literally got one shotted by a blind Han lol, he’s always been portrayed to be the best bounty hunter, but not a super amazing fighter. He’s skilled sure, but compared to his dad and the other Mandalorians he can’t hold up much.

  52. I just need at least some glimpse of his motivation. I'm ok with characters growing, changing and learning, but it seems out of place for a character reputed to be a stone cold bounty hunter to care so much for the tuskans and wanting to be a crime lord, without the crime part(?).

  53. There’s still 4 episodes left, so maybe they’ll touch on it. I don’t understand all the criticisms of a show that’s barely halfway over.

  54. The fact is that after reading the comics, seeing how they built on his character, the huge amount of stories they could tell about boba in his prime, they went with this. And compared to that, he is lame. I wanted to see the boba that could go 1vs1 with Darth Vader and survive, not lose to 5 dudes with shields, while he had a functional god damn jetpack. Or have to hire 5 kids with speeders with a max speed of 2mph for protection.

  55. Yeah but how are your gonna do stories about boba in his prime when the actor is almost 70? I was thinking about that the other day. They could either recast, which would piss off a lot of people, deep fake, which could piss off a lot of people AND look crappy, or cast the now grown up young boba from AotC but then you have to fake the voice. There’s no way to do a Boba back in the day without running the risk of upsetting fans.

  56. Sure we never SEE any of it, but do you think some crappy no skill bounty hunter would be allowed to talk back to Darth Vader? His badassery is implied, but left open to the imagination. Imo, it should have stayed that way.

  57. Yep, in the movies he was in, he stood there in cool looking armor and had like 3-6 lines total. When it comes to bounty hunting, he's really not that good, where the few times he tried getting into a fight either had him missing or end up being taken out by a blind guy.

  58. From what little we see in the OT, the character does give the impression of a silent man with a great reputation who's gonna get the job done, and maybe even over doing it, he wasn't even afraid to talk back to Vader. Now his "death" in RotJ was pretty stupid but could be chalked up to him getting too cocky. Yet I agree these were merely hints rather than big impressive actions, but the hints are legit

  59. Oh I believe it, but i feel like lucasfilm puts the filmed/animated media on a higher pedestal than the written media. Like I love the new book series. I read all the aftermath series and loved how they added to the lore, but also recognized that much of that stuff wouldn’t make it in the movies. Because lucasfilm knows a majority of the general public isn’t gonna take the time to read all the books and comics, and they want to appease them just as much as us hardcore fanboys and fangirls. So loading the BoBF, for example, with a bunch of story lines and references from the books and comics would confuse the average viewer and turn them off to the show.

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