1. I’ll probably get the lion-fish but only use it’s non magic coat while riding around. Kinda glad we are able to change their coats when we want. The goldfish… I think I can do without.

  2. I thought you could change magical coats to normal coats by pressing H on desktop? Did they remove that? (Its been a little while since I played)

  3. Am I the only one who loves them? They look so detailed compared to other magic horses who usually look like they were slapped on the first texture they could find.

  4. Oooooh another bunch of sea/fish themed horses which won't even be able to swim ... Great. When breeds like the Westphalian or the French saddle bred which weren't in gen 2 and are still missing in gen 3.

  5. SSO said every older breed would get updated? I doubt they wouldn’t include an updated breed. Horses make them money so the longer they can drag them out the better for them. I think there is like 11 more breeds to update (not including the shire now since we got confirmation it’s being updated next.) we should have all updated breeds within the next 2 - 3 years at the rate they are going.

  6. These look awful. I'm sure the designers worked hard but Jesus they look like someone used photoshoot to stick a fish texture on them. They don't really fit the games graphics at all from these photos, I was actually excited for these but as per usual with SSO it's disappointing. At least the lionfish's normal coat looks good, been hoping for a zebra like horse that isn't the ponies, they're cute but these are more regal if you ignore the horrendous coats.

  7. Someone just have succeeded on a 2010's graphics course, I see. The striped one is pure joy, it wouldn't even need a magic coat, but what is that fish texture tho? Have mercy on these poor horses.

  8. I don’t care for the goldfish one But I really like the lion fish one I always liked lion fish and I like it’s normal cost as well so if I work Sunday i might but it :D

  9. god i don’t know. on one hand i think the details are amazing, the scales, the fins… but on the other it looks so weird and out of place. like, can you guys imagine riding around on these? making an outfit for this horse?!? a nightmare beyond my imagination. i can appreciate them as a work of art, props to whoever made them, but as a horse i’d be riding around the world of jorvik? not so much.

  10. They look great! Excited to add more appys to my stable. I'm not usually one to use the magic coats but those are stunning, they really did a great job.

  11. They pushing out these horses so fast, that is looks so..weird and off. Also, looks lazy, slapped on some fins and call it a day, recolour it and boom a goldfish.

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