1. Being able to freely iterate your output just adds so much to the creative process. In Dalle2 every prompt feels like a potential failure and risk while in SD it feels more like an opportunity

  2. Dalle2 felt like a cheap slots game whereas I have been able to explore a lot of creative variations with Stable Diffusions settings! It's remarkable.

  3. That sounds plausible. What might be going on is the unCLIP tradeoff: it gives you nice creative results up front, but it increasingly fails on long prompts. There's no inherent reason that these generative models couldn't make good use of extremely long precise prompts (case in point:

  4. OpenAI does prompt engineering before entering the prompt in the model, this is also probably done by Midjourney. Stable Diffusion is just the raw model. When Midjourney will use the (probably finetuned) stable diffusion model in the future, they will probably add their preprocessing tricks.

  5. I thought midjourney trains their own model. Did they say they will evetually switch to StableDiffusion?

  6. Haven't used D2 but I think you're right from what I've seen. SD is more for computer/tech people, D2 for easy results.

  7. I haven't tried dalle2, but I am not sure if I can go to hidden seeds without hating the lack of control

  8. Some ais do better with style prompt modifiers, but mentioning specific artists REALLY helps with SD. It's best with portraits in a digital art style, particularly artists like Greg rutkowski and yoji shinkawa

  9. I would also suggest using the same seed (find one with a composition you like) and then tweak the prompt in stages.

  10. This might be a dumb question, but for those who know more about the inner workings of the AI: does it learn new things with our prompts? What I mean is, does it go "oh a lot of times when they ask for X they also ask for Y and Z, so I guess those always go hand in hand"? I'm asking because I see lots of prompts that seem to include a whole bunch of things that don't really "make sense" together ("painted by Beksinski and James Gurney and Giger and Greg Rutkowski and Rembrandt"), and I'm wondering if prompts like those could somehow end up affecting results in the future..

  11. Stability's big contribution is that your results when you provide a seed, are entirely deterministic.

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