1. So far I think Stable Diffusion is better than Dall-E at replicating artists styles and real people faces, and having the possibility to choose different resolutions, for pretty much everything else Dall-E has en edge.

  2. Agreed that Dalle 2 is better, especially for prompt accuracy. For simple prompts I feel like they can both be more or less on par. But Dalle 2 has the issue of having many censored words and only outputs square images, so in those aspects I like SD more. Just today I played so much with SD that it would have costed me over 35€ in dalle 2 credits...

  3. I think they are three different things and each has their pros, but I find stable diffusion to have much more range and control than midjourney and having access to the seeds is honestly a game changer.

  4. I agree. I stopped using Dalle 2 and Midjourney. Stable Diffusion is free and I can't wait to run it on my own gear. Plus there are so many nice things in plan, like inpainting and so on. Plus the ability to use the seed and alter the prompt, and also not so much censorship. Love it

  5. it stands for cfg_scale, which means how accurately it follows the prompt, the larger the number the more accurate. a lower number allows more "creative freedom", and i found 8 was a good balance. it can go negative too, which makes it produce the opposite of your prompt!

  6. Compared to other AIs SD is a lot harder to use and the prompts have to be way more defined but it can totally make top quality stuff with enough time, and it's open source and free!!!!

  7. It can make some sweet art, but it is merely different. The details are more defined for sure. I am just glad we have both available. Also, thanks for the prompt.

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