1. Where are you in the section where the two dudes almost got in a fight and dude was like I’m about that life 😂

  2. over all good ppv..bummed no ftr..didnt like how jericho, joe and hayter won but im glad they did win..surprised that the elite lost but its doesnt matter now bc its a best out of 7 series..happy for three out of the four pillars (mjf, darby and jack perry)...mox deserves his vacation and tk needs to stay focused...good night to all and be kind to each other for christ sake

  3. Absolutely amazing show. AEW needs to keep this rolling. Let's feature the people that got the reactions today and get a new fresh set of stories

  4. Jack Perry doing something new, the Elite and Death Triangle doing nothing but bangers until January, Jade moving on, Jamie Hayter as champ, maybe the end of BCC and JAS, plus MJF as champ?

  5. Mox can go on his holiday and come back to feud with Omega again please. Not for the title or anything, just for the joy.

  6. I'm fine with that. There was an entertaining car crash aspect to the last scrum, but I rather avoid the melodrama clogging up the promotion. I'd rather just have fun watching pro wrestling like tonight.

  7. One thing I'll say is I've bought the last 10 aew ppvs and never once felt let down. Always got my moneys worth. That's saying a lot

  8. Damn good show tonight from start to finish! I hope this the start of some good momentum swinging AEWs way again. Its been a pleasure yall. Have a great rest of the weekend and see you Wednesday!👋🏻👋🏻

  9. Ooooo i can see that. Regal praising MJF and telling him how he knew he was always a star. MJF starts to get choked up and WHAM to the yam bag

  10. The end was predictable but for the whole match it was pretty fascinating how the two pivoted to the reactions with MJF playing underdog while Mox was arrogant and condescending as the champ and even then they didn't lose the essence of their characters, Mox hubris in a sense cost him.

  11. The only way Moxley would go on vacation was to be knocked out. That was a great match, let's see what the kid can do.

  12. Even though lots of people saw the regal turn coming was still a great choice. But the execution was real weird to me. What’s the point of having him come down, tell max to throw the ring off, then do a second ref bump, and have regal slip him the knucks? Why not just do it on the first ref bump?

  13. Regal has ascended to that tier of respected old timer that him playing a bad guy again isn't something I have a lot of interest in, but this is miles better than The Firm helping him.

  14. Best part of the FITE feeds is always the two second burst of Forbidden Footage that jumpscares you 15 seconds after the show ends.

  15. Great main event, and a great PPV overall. I had a fun time. Left me wanting more, and looking forward to Wednesday, which is always a good sign.

  16. Regal turn was the way to go but the throwing away the ring plus needing two refs knocked was a bit weird. Dont really care though bring on the MJF title reign

  17. This is gonna sound silly, but as a Jewish person, given all the antisemitism going on, watching a new openly Jewish champion walk out of the ring, the Magen David prominent on his gear, makes me emotional

  18. Sounds good in my book, it was making Claudio and Danielson background characters. And Danielson needs a damn title already.

  19. Everyone on here and twitter wrestling predicted the Regal slip MJF the knux for the win spot, but Im not hating it. Just wish MJF had more time to celebrate. Also sooo glad that Firm crap didnt get involved

  20. Honestly it was an amazing ppv. I feel like I need time to process it considering how much of a shit show all out was.

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