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  2. Vince Staples is a real one. I'll always remember his take on the lady that went viral complaining that her daughter heard his songs on the radio.

  3. Vince Staples just stays a Norfy champ through and through. Ramona Park Broke My Heart is my AOTY and I welcome any more love for that man.

  4. It’s been well established that Ronnie is a terrible excuse for a human, and that Saraya has awful taste in men. So while it’s disappointing, this is sadly not surprising.

  5. goes way past her taste in men, she's literally defending alleged actual criminal activities from someone with a checkered past. that kind of makes her a shithead too by extension

  6. I think it was Diamanté who once tweeted something like “There is a 50% chance that your favorite wrestler is a garbage human.” I believe she’s more right than people might want to give her credit for.

  7. Yeah that's true, look I have acquaintances and friends with seedy backgrounds too so I'm not gonna act like some saint. But at the same time she needs a reality check but when your pretty and worked to get the money she has of course she's not gonna change who she is.

  8. And I’ve never hid that I don’t like her. I can’t get behind a celeb who publicly acknowledges they’re a dumbass and make poor choices.

  9. In my opinion, AEW was really lacking the important "spouse of employee sending death threats to female fans" element so I'm really happy to see Tony bring Paige in. We were really missing out on entrance music about how awful cancel culture is. Big moves, Tony.

  10. He wasn't even "cancelled" as you would expect now. He was fucking stupid and broke the conditions of his parole and went to jail, which obviously will stall your career since you can't exactly go on tour while behind bars. But he paints himself in nearly all of his songs like he's a fucking victim when it was entirely his fault.

  11. Imagine she gets her pop moment, doesn't wrestle a single match, then fades away like a ship in the night until we hear she got released

  12. Hell, I said this in the threads the day she debuted, got downvoted and everyone was defending her use Ronnie's music and saying she had a fucked childhood and feeling bad for her.

  13. I don’t know shit about this community but I was in an emo band back when he was in Escape the Fate. Dude is an actual sociopath. Wouldn’t be surprised if he went down as hard as the Lost Prophets vocalist one day

  14. I had a friend who was with another friend and they basically hooked up with him after a show at a nearby hotel. These girls definitely had their kinks, but she told me that some of things Ronnie said and did with the two of them were really extreme. She never went into full detail. He just seems like a fucked up human being in general. So, any sexual allegations against him I completely believe.

  15. I always thought same poles repel each other, but look, somehow Paige always finds pos as boyfriends.

  16. When Saraya's debut was leaked, I was apathetic towards it at best because everyone knows that she brings all kinds of needless baggage with her on a leash. I never in my wildest dreams would have expected her to prove me right within less than a week, though.

  17. I know Paige went through a lot of shit but I wouldn't go near her with a 10 ft pole. She's just an absolute headache to deal with.

  18. Tony just doesn’t learn. This seems like another CM Punk situation ready to happen. Just an overpaid former wwe person with a big head to piss off the locker room and make everyone jealous, and rightfully so, of her paycheck. Just a shiny new toy for Tony to play with for a while.

  19. I agree. She seems like a definite trouble and drama magnet. I mean, I obviously feel bad for her and what she went through, but having a shit childhood only takes someone so far before their behavior as an adult makes it hard to feel anything for them.

  20. She's famous for everything but wrestling at this point. Who knows if she can wrestle again, when that is, and if she's even any good if she comes back. It's an odd signing for AEW considering what they need in their women's division. The last thing they need is another mouthpiece for a stable type person.

  21. AEW is literally still in the middle of the Punk/Elite drama and now they're going to have to deal with this eventually. I don't want to be AEW's PR team at any point soon.

  22. Anyone else old enough to remember when everyone was praising Paige for 'slaying' all the Twitter trolls? It looks like she has weaponized that same social media to not only own the 'haters' but alleged victims. Lovely lady.

  23. It’s an awful look but I wouldn’t call it a controversy. She’s been dating Ronnie for years now and people have known how much of a dick he is.

  24. This is a good look for a company with at least two trans and non-binary wrestlers. I’m sure Nyla Rose will be thrilled to work with someone who supports views that transpeople are sub-human. Saraya is a plague of negativity wherever she goes.

  25. She's been dating Ronnie Radke of Escape the Fate/Falling in Reverse fame. He was involved in a sort of "gang fight" between dick heads where someone he brought to the fight shot and killed another guy and wounded a second. He was put on probation for it, violated his probation, then got fired from his band.

  26. AEW - "We're finally making some positive progress about the whole Punk/Elite situation and moving in a good direction. Let's hope nothing else happens!"

  27. Why would it change anything? The point of the post is to point out he’s a piece of shit. It’s not contrarian to your opinion?

  28. Ronnie was in a fight in 2006 where one of his friends pulled a gun and ended up killing someone. He was convicted of battery and eventually served two years in prison after violating his parole. Ronnie is still an absolute piece of shit, but we can vilify him for the things he's actually done instead of making things up.

  29. Nobody wants to realize their hot goth fantasy girl is human scum. Some people take forever to come around.

  30. Mad thing about this is that she is the best case scenario given the family she had the misfortune of being born into

  31. All that plastic won't hide her obvious mental health issues and just overall shitty state. Imagine defending and loving a worthless POS like Ronnie. Quite a feat, downgrading from Del Rio. Well done! /s

  32. Can the last of the "poor Saraya surrounded by bad apples" crew please turn out the light on your way out?

  33. I mean fans won't boo her on Wednesday and she's been this way for a decade so my mindset is "Whatever. This is what Tony signed up for"

  34. This is why I didn't understand the white knighting when she was with Del Rio. People were trying to act like he had her brainwashed. She just seems like a bad person who likes bad guys.

  35. I'm really struggling to feel bad for a person who gets repeatetley involved with people who are widly known for being not very good human beings.

  36. Im starting to wonder if WWE's doctors not clearing Saraya is because she really can't wrestle or the eternal excuse to not rehire this crazy woman lol.

  37. AEW is gearing up for new TV contract negotiations and they bring in this twat. She got her cheap pop as a surprise entrance. I hope she’s just a mainstay on Dark.

  38. This woman is a human train wreck that shouldn’t be within 10 miles of a major wrestling company. This is gonna blow up in Tony’s face and have AEWs name smeared in tabloid media when she inevitably has a falling out with this loser or worse

  39. Well, if there were any doubt before, there's none now: she's a Knight. Fucking Christ, this family is the definition of white trash.

  40. Yeah fuck that. This really ruined her return for me. AEW should 100% change her song, I’m not okay with putting money in the hands of an abuser.

  41. I mean not defending them or the video but this TikTok is from 8 months ago. Why are we posting it like it’s new?

  42. At a certain point, it isn’t that someone just has “bad taste in men”… it might be that they themselves aren’t a very good person.

  43. She also made a video in the past making fun of being kidnapped in the trunk of a car.....makes you wonder what is going on in her head

  44. I’m honestly not surprised people are only now realizing Paige is kind of a shitty person. They gave her a pass for forever because of her upbringing, her sex tape leaks, the Del Rio relationship as a whole, plus the fact that she’s an attractive person, but she’s always kind of been shitty. She was one of the driving forces for WWE canceling Twitch streaming and other third party sources because she was very openly breaking all kinds of rules (for Twitch and WWE), and most of her streams anyways were “guys, if y’all don’t keep giving money I’m gonna end the stream”. She threatened people who accused her boyfriend of assault. There’s been allegations of bullying and hazing talents. Was fully willing to date Del Rio when Del Rio was not only still with his wife but also at the time cheating on her with Charlotte Flair. WWE was fully willing to release Paige because she was a walking headache but only kept her around for the Fighting With My Family Movie. There’s also plenty of more stuff out there. Yes, Paige has been through A LOT, but still she is kind of a shitty person and has been for a while.

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