1. I was there. The producers should be fired. How the fuck do you not show the entrances on the big screens for the people sitting behind the stage?Other than that it was ducking awesome.

  2. The camera work on TV was also awful. I feel like they missed a lot of key moments and were going to the wide shot waaay too much during the matches. Fire the director immediately. They make Kevin Dunn look competent.

  3. Man watched all that just for mox to win. I get its just to set up the mjf win but God if it wasn't time for something new. I'm tired of seeing mox with the belt.

  4. We are all in agreement that the CM Punk one day title reign didn't happen, yes? Mox squashed CM Punk on Dynamite in Cleveland, and he was never heard from again. Agreed?

  5. I love Mox but it was time for a change, and I get it’s probably so MJF can take it off him, but still I wanted the Dragon V the Snake

  6. The fact they're still calling it the House of Black (unless I missed something tonight) doesn't sit well with me.

  7. They cut to MJF like 20 times. When you do that it definitely makes it seem like they are setting up a narrative in the match so not paying that off is a little disappointing. We already know he’s the number one contender for the title so why do they need to remind us so much mid-match unless something is going to happen?

  8. I genuinely have no idea how anybody thought Danielson was winning. Like I said, the people who watch AEW pay no attention to the product. They put it right in front of you.

  9. Wait, mjf didn't cash in during the match to avoid all this "mox has won the belt including interim 4 times now" or "Danielson shouldn't be a transitional champ" talk? Wth?

  10. The casino chip has never worked like MitB where you can cash it in on the spot. It requires a formal match setup.

  11. Telegraphed the hell out of the finish tonight. I find Tony does that often. He’ll set things up so that you KNOW what’s coming next.

  12. Meanwhile years later we await Jamie Hayter getting a singles push and getting out of Britt's awful shadow.

  13. I really wish Mox would drop the pants look and go for the MMA shorts he wore when he first came to AEW. When he was wrestling with the camo pants it looked ridiculous like he was a Bushwacker.

  14. Tony K: “Let’s put the belt on Danielson right before the Pacific Northwest tour! They’ll never see it coming. “

  15. Seattle show isn't until January. There's time to get a belt on Danielson. Maybe he beats Jericho in Seattle for the ROH belt. Or Wardlow for TNT. Maybe Garcia gives him pure belt in his hometown for giving DG 2 wins over him.

  16. I don't know how Aubrey looks at Jericho and Claudio fighting over a bat and doesn't immediatly call a DQ. Are you saying that anyone can bring a weapon into the ring and use it so long the referee feels like it.

  17. Exactly! And sure Mox is a multi time champion now, and it’s a little off, but man the timeline it took to get there is nuts.

  18. Despite some of the finishes I thought tonight was a still fun show overall. Beyond happy for The Acclaimed and interested to see what happens with Saraya and Mox-MJF. See everyone for round 2 Friday!

  19. AMAZING match but damn I'm bummed that Danielson didn't win. I love him but Moxley held the title long enough recently, I was hoping for Bryan's moment.

  20. The ending will probably get posted on AEW’s Youtube. Bullshit way to show the ending of their televised show

  21. Having MJF beat Mox makes more sense. Why give Danielson his first world title in AEW for him to just lose it in a few weeks?

  22. I love Mox, I truly do. But I feel like AEW was very careful with how many times a guy won the belt. No one was a two time champ for a long, long time. And then boom suddenly within a few months Mox is now a 4 time champ? Again I like the dude a ton, but that part is kinda hard to wrap my head around

  23. Yeah but, and this is a big but. But he got it the first time because some idiot got an injury being dumb, and he got it the second time because some dude was a prick. To be honest here BD winning would be stupid. Oh yeah Bryan got the belt yay, and new champion at full gear is MJF? Do people really want Danielson’s first AEW title to be that short?

  24. Mox didn't ask for Punk to get injured then get himself suspended. He's simply being a reliable flag bearer for the company in their time of crisis, yet again. He carried the belt for the majority of the pandemic. Then filled in for Punk, then again now twice.

  25. Literally all the matches except for Orange/Pac went the way I want, so I'm a happy camper. I didn't really want Danielson to finally win the belt just to immediately drop it to MJF, anyway.

  26. A lot of “strike while the iron is hot” talk that ignores that Mox is probably the hottest thing in the company right now save for MJF.

  27. Really wanted Danielson to win here, but they were already laying the groundwork for MJF vs. Mox last week so I figured this was where it was going.

  28. Plenty of time for Danielson run be patient, he needs to be heated up again after coming off his injury. If Punk is gone with all the BS expect a run within a year.

  29. Will after MJF takes it off him at Full Gear, this is better than Bryan’s first reign being a transitional deal

  30. Wrong answer, but I guess we're stuck on the way to getting MJF the title and you don't wanna give Bryan a transitional reign.

  31. Why the fuck do they rush off the broadcast after such a big moment like that. So god damn annoying. Excalibur just talking about rampage after a world title match.

  32. Because they had to. It's live tv not a ppv. As much as they say they'll stick with it as long as it goes, it almost never actually works like that.

  33. Hmm I feel like maybe I get to pumped up for big AEW shows. It was fun, but quite sloppy and outside of the Acclaimed winning lots of meh booking IMO

  34. Great match, wish Bryan won for a fresh run, but Mox is my guy too. The seeds were planted for Mox v MJF anyway.

  35. Fine with the choice, MJF takes it off Moxley and have Bryan be the one that avenges and gets his big title reign after chasing down the heel champ. Beats having his first title be a transition thing.

  36. I think AEW needs to learn not to push their matches right to the buzzer. They never let the endings fucking breathe. They always abruptly end the show and pretend like it wasn't a big deal.

  37. You’ll get downvoted but agreed, so many times an important or joyous celebration gets cut off before it really has a chance to happen.

  38. ughh they need longer overruns! 5 more minutes. 3 more for gods sake. fuck even 1 more and you fit that DB/Regal story building in...

  39. Daniel son hasn’t even been champion yet why put it on the guy that has had the belt for such a long ass time???

  40. I've never seen Young Sheldon before, but just looking at this preview there sure are a lot of fucking old people in this show.

  41. Tbh this feels like the right call. I think mox has a chance to ride last weeks promo and the renewed fan support to incredible heights. I know he was going to go on vacation but momentum is a limited rare resource in wrestling and it feels like we might have lightning in a bottle here

  42. So Mox will not have his vacation afterall. I would rather have Bryan have a run with the belt but i dunno.

  43. I think the broadcast cut off, but Danielson grabbed the title then put it around Mox’s waist.

  44. Every time there’s been an interim champ they’ve put the belt on the person they were going to fight every time, so it’s lame to see the title go right back to Mox after it got vacated.

  45. Man I remember a few occasions after I started back to watching in 2013 where they went like 10-20 minutes overtime, shit was insane lol

  46. They don’t want to waste the first Danielson run as a transitional champ to MJF. Makes more sense to let mox have it til Full Gear

  47. Did they cut the show too soon? Danielson looked pissed or something. Goddamnit AEW. Waste of my time. I wouldn’t have watched had I known Mox was going to win again.

  48. It could just be that Danielson puts the title on Moxley...hope they give us the extra footage on YouTube.

  49. I’m tired of Bryan being a dork in AEW when he should’ve been the spotlight coming in. It’s not quite “Bret to WCW” vibes but his momentum since coming in has diminished.

  50. I think putting the title on Mox was a reward for him stepping up during the drama. I wanted a Dragon run too but Mox is carrying the company banner right now.

  51. Am I the only one thinking that finish was kinda flat? He kicked out of the move on the ramp but then passes out? Great match but just felt like it was Danielsons time to win, am I wrong?

  52. I think just about everyone thought Bryan would win, especially because Mox was looking forward to a vacation. But I just don't know where they go from here. Is Mox gonna lose it to MJF soon, which is why they didn't put it on Bryan? In which case it still looks kinda bad because Mox will have yet another short reign. The situation with their main title has been so sloppy this year tbh, although a lot of it was due to circumstances out of their control (injuries, injuries, and backstage drama)

  53. Would love to see the aftermath of that with Bryan taking the belt from Regal but unfortunately these people cant time a show.

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