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  2. I was at an indie show and shouted 'gut wrench that motherfucker' and one of the wrestlers pointed at me and then did. I have to say it felt very fulfilling.

  3. CHIKARA had a magic move match at a show I went to where if Chuck Taylor or Ashley Remington hit a German Suplex, everyone in the crowd would win a prize (it was a sticker)

  4. Did this at a GFW show. Our group took up most of the crowd (not that many people there). During Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Masters, as they were going home, we started chanting "TEST OF STENGTH. TEST OF STRENGTH". Rest of the crowd joined in. So in the middle of all of their near falls, they stopped and did a test of strength and we LOST IT like Hogan just slammed Andre. Then Shelton hit a quick T Bone Suplex to win

  5. I think it proves that even though Vince Russo has a lot of terrible, shitty ideas, if you sift through garbage like the "who's hipper" match and matches starting with shotgun blasts long enough, you can find a nugget of decent gimmick such as that

  6. I dunno, you’d have to find some pretty skinny jobbers. I’d bet Yoko is probably less than 300 pounds these days.

  7. I think it would be even better if whilst on the scales Yokozuna was cramming as much food as possible to keep upping the weight and they had to desperately search for even more opponents. And then by the time the match started Yokozuna projectile vomited all over his opponents and it just went on for ages like when Brian Griffin in Family Guy finds out he's slept with a post op former man.

  8. Small modification. It's a falls count anywhere match, but every 2 minutes, someone new becomes legal. The longer the match goes for, the less likely it is for one particular wrestler to win the match, so they're all rushing to get the win.

  9. It could work but it'd be hell to book. I could see it as a lead-in to a triple threat at the ppv. It'd be too chaotic to have it go longer than 10 minutes imo. That is, unless you do some stips on how long each interferer could be out there. Too many stips make for confused fans though. Better to keep it simple.

  10. The Flashlight match could’ve been cool for like Bray Wyatt with everyone just using their phone flashlight

  11. Especially if it was always the title match. You don’t just have to beat the champ, but you know exactly how ping you have to do so.

  12. If these ideas were presented in WCW or TNA, then we most likely would have seen them play out on screen. WWE had the benefit of Vince McMahon saying "were not doing that pal" to stifle Russo's lunacy

  13. The funny part is some of these are pretty tame compared to what actually happened on that show. On one of the episodes it was implied that Sunny was about to have sex with Elmo from Sesame Street in a thong. They had the badges, Honky Tonk was kicked out of the Mirage, they had pole dancers during the match etc. etc.

  14. Shotgun Saturday night is that one show where you just tried anything and everything. Especially back in that time period

  15. I could see the Yokozuna weigh in/jobber match working a couple of times - bonus points for working it into an angle. The Sable one would have worked for the time period but I doubt it would have worked for very long.

  16. Right? The Shotgun Saturday Night badge actually sounds brilliant. If they came up something like that for Dark, Elevation, or Main Event, it would play.

  17. The Stone Cold/Pillman and their wives match sounds ok if you taught their wives how to wrestle and worked around them. It's not like involving wrestler's non-wrestling spouses in wrestling hasn't been done before

  18. The clock bit, which I'm assuming Russo had no idea about, is actually a play on what old territory TV would do. The last match would be announced with a time limit of "TV time remaining".

  19. That flashlight match sounds like something a small indie fed would do and I'm all for it. I think it could be fun if done right.

  20. An indie here in KC recently had a match like that because the power went out right before the main event. Journey Pro wrestling, there are probably clips on their twitch of it still.

  21. The problem with that is that it would be awful to watch. How do you keep track of something you can't see for the most part? And then comes the problem of holding onto the flashlight while trying to wrestle safely. Just not practical.

  22. Honestly, I can now understand why Cornette wanted to kill Russo in booking meetings. He claimed Russo would sit there and rattle shit off that made no sense and it drove Cornette up the wall.

  23. ....I think these all sound kinda awesome...especially since SSN just turned into a D-show eventually. Would have been fun.

  24. They actually did a couple of Striptease matches on Raw in December 1999 and June 2000. They were called 'Over The Top, Off With The Top'. If a wrestler was thrown over the top, his representative female would remove an article of clothing until one was topless.

  25. They sound very Russo-esque. Which is to say completely wild, they don't have any sort of purpose, in some cases mean spirited racist and sexist, and like 1 out of every 10-15 ideas could actually be kind of fun to see.

  26. None of these ideas are racist. And having a hot ref or the stripping thing isn’t sexist. You can’t just call stuff you don’t like racist or sexist.

  27. Regarding the 'Whose hipper' match, this might have been ahead of it's time. At the time, I wonder if the camera quality was there to make it watchable. Now, I mean, two youtubers could do this as a challenge.

  28. A lot of these ideas either suck or wouldn't work in a big stage like WWF. The Yokozuna vs equal weight of jobbers I think is cool for a month to get him over and Saturday nights with Sunny isn't bad since it's just a talk segment.

  29. The Yokozuna weight in jobbers is actually a really good idea. Having him squash 4 dudes at once that make up the 560lbs would have gotten any giant big man over

  30. Some of these sound like things you could see on the indies today like the flashlight match, match the weight of the opposing wrestler, and uhhh that’s it. The rest is just typical Russo wanting to see women half naked because that’s the only way he could.

  31. I guess I never realized Russo was a 14 year old homeschooled boy who didn’t know that women are also human beings.

  32. Well Vince Russo always had ideas. Clearly not always good, but if needed to think of something to fill some time, he would have something for you.

  33. I was watching recently an episode of Thunder from 2000 with my friend. I was told it's so bad, it's good and 100% Russo got his wild card wish. There was a match between Flair and Kidman that was won by Mike Awesome after Nash jack knifed him. I made none of that up.

  34. Does anybody remember when they had Shotgun (after it was taped at Raw) and another show that aired on weekends? They had the same matches but in different order and with different commentary. I'd watch one Saturday morning and the other Saturday night.

  35. This is the most Russo list every - maybe 2-3 ideas that could possibly work if filtered/fleshed out and then the rest are absolute useless garbage

  36. Some of these are pretty clever. Particularly the Yokozuna match, the last match having a clock, and I could see the two minutes with Jake the Snake thing working with job guys. I'm also all for having brand-specific titles as long as that rule is strictly enforced. It gives people an extra reason to tune in and makes the show stand out. Sadly, knowing how WWE operates they'd eventually promote having "the first ever Shotgun Saturday Night title match on a Monday!" and then it'd become a regular thing.

  37. A Shotgun Saturday Night exclusive Title which would be a badge, and could only be challenged for on SSN

  38. Russo is special either amazing ideas or some the worst! You just need to baby sit him to get all the great ideas and get rid of the lunatic ones

  39. I'm guessing some of this is embellished and some of it Russo would say is just plain not true (for whatever that is worth), but I get the vibe from this list of what everyone has said for years about Russo in the WWF - that he worked well there because he had Vince as a filter. Some of this stuff would have legitimately worked - the Yoko scale thing even today on a one off episode of Raw for example would be a fine and interesting segment. Some of the other ideas though of course are not as high quality.

  40. They did a couple of these. I remember an “over the top, off with your top” match between Jerry Lawler and Perry Saturn - I think - on Raw. It’s how they debuted Right to Censor.

  41. Most of these are garbage. But there are three that I think would have worked at that time on that show. The shotgun Saturday night title that can only be defended there can get rivalries and storylines going. Giving Sunny a Pipers Pit type segment would have been good at the time. And considering the audience, if you had sexy referee, the audience would have approved.

  42. maybe knowing the year this was pitched would help, but isnt that one Jake the Snake gimmick just a burial of Jake? like implying anyone currently in the WWF can pin Jake in 2 mins or less? or was it supposed to be played like every week, someone was in big danger of losing their job... but still win and pin Jake in 2 mins?

  43. Most of these would've been fun as hell in 97 or 98 on Shotgun. Say what you will about him, but Russo was absolutely the right guy for that era.

  44. Alot of these sound magical. How funny would the flashlight match be just beams of light flying everywhere while dudes get punched. I would be on board for a lot of these, bro.

  45. The exclusive title/badge idea isn't the worst idea I've ever heard, I guess. The name was dumb though.

  46. He does have a few interesting ideas. The main ones being the Jake the Snake one and the Yokozuna jobber match. 2 min with Jake the snake could be a good way to boost someone's standing after jake goes on a streak, but it would be better if you tweaked it by saying they have to last 3 minutes with jake or so. The Yokozuna weight scale thing could've been a fun one time segment.

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