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  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If I can't get tickets and some Chicago bastard gets tickets and comes up, I'm fighting them in the parking lot.

  3. Hahah I was just thinking I remember someone promising this a while back I wonder if they're still around and bam saw your comment. Hope you score this tix!

  4. If you can't get good seats when they go on sale, keep checking they will eventually release more tickets closer to the event, usually the hard cam side which are actually some of the best seats in the arena.

  5. Probably still airing Friday and just being taped Thursday so they stay in Canada a shorter period of time. We'll see though.

  6. Here's hoping it's just a test run to justify more later. I expect so, we have a good record of showing up and showing out when WWE comes to Canada. That Toronto crowd is going to tear the roof off the place. I'll help if by the grace of god I can get some tickets.

  7. Honestly, seeing what arena they picked killed my excitement for them coming here because getting tickets at a building that small is going to be impossible.

  8. I know people are saying it's a test run but we have a Canadian branch where I work here in the states and a few of my colleagues up north are in to wrestling pretty good and they tell me all the time how many other people they know that are dying for an AEW show.

  9. Likely the only arena they could get in Toronto. WWE pretty much have a lock on all wrestling bookings at the Scotiabank Arena and AEW ain’t going to attempt to run the Roger’s Centre, especially seeing that there’s a solid chance of the Blue Jays making the playoffs this year. This was probably the largest arena they could book.

  10. I think a lot of people here are overestimating to be honest. Toronto is around the same size as Chicago and the NOW Arena where they have All Out fits around 11,000, and that's for one of their bigger PPV events. People can point to the live Rampage in 2021 and Forbidden Door being at United Center but the former had the return of CM Punk and the latter was a huge crossover event with one of the largest promotions in the world.

  11. They chose the busiest sports time in Canada. NHL starts that week, Jays might be in the playoffs. CFL is running, MLS is still going. Lacrosse probably. Just finding venue might have been a challenge.

  12. They’re running two nights because the venue is small (8K cap), gotta double up on those ticket sales to make the trip worth it.

  13. I know it's dumb (and coincidence) but I can't help but feel smug about everyone saying they won't be coming to Toronto any time soon in

  14. I'm hoping for Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria, I feel like they would be surprised at the demand out west.

  15. Finally they're coming!! Looks* Oh it's at the Coca Cola Coliseum. Chances of getting a ticket drastic go down.

  16. OMFG IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!! Sad we didn't get a PPV too, but fuck it I'm so happy right now and cannot wait for both August 26 and then the October dates. LFG! Toronto better turn-up and have energy all night, loudest crowd, don't fail me Toronto.

  17. While I’m mad it greatly decreases my chances of getting tickets, I’m psyched the first Canadian show is in a smallish arena. It’s going to be an INSANE crowd and we’re guaranteed a kick ass episode of Dynamite.

  18. The last time I was at that arena I saw Bob Dylan and they were having a horse show the same week. It was the first time I ever smoked a joint lmao a nice old white couple offered it to me

  19. They're playing it way too conservative running Coca Cola Coliseum. That's going to be a 5k crowd. I guarantee they could have sold 20k minimum at the ACC.

  20. They fucked up with that venue choice for their first show here. Way too small. What a waste. So much money left on the table doing a building that small in a market like Toronto.

  21. Given the nightmare I had getting Grandslam tickets, this is selling out of everything available during presale. Whatever is left over for general sales will go next.

  22. they finally come here and its not in ScotiaBank cmon bruh lol, they would do fine in that arena.

  23. Unless they really couldn't get any larger venue, this seems like "playing it safe" almost to the point of parody. They surely could've easily doubled or tripled the 7500 capacity.

  24. Please come to England I’m begging you Tony Khan lol, happy for the Canadians, probably will be a banger for it’s first show.

  25. I would just like to say that since they changed the name to Rogers Centre, it hasn't hosted a big wrestling event. Even AEW is having an event in the Coca-Cola Coliseum.

  26. Two nights at this smaller arena is still more total tickets than one night at ACC, assuming they could even get availability there in the first place.

  27. I know it's not toronto, but for a canadian debut that they know is gonna sell well, shoulda went to firstontario in the hammer

  28. No one in Toronto wants to travel like 2 hours both ways on a Wednesday night out to fucking Hamilton. I am much happier they're just running it at Coca Cola Coliseum.

  29. Yes, for other options they have around Southern Ontario areas. It still technically is Toronto that even Toronto Rock indoor lacrosse team is playing there. Fans will follow anyway as well.

  30. Glad to see they're making the trip to Canada! That was pretty quick turn around time from talking about it to announcing it. Hopefully they can book more regularly to visit international spaces

  31. If there was more seats I'd try to go, but at that capacity? Tickets are gonna be gone before I even have a chance to try.

  32. no named event? no Maple Syrup Massacre, Loonie Lash Out, Rob Ford Riot, Moose Mayhem, or even a Butter Tart Beatdown?

  33. Tony Khan Entering the building only for the canadian Fans to sit there and say „Took you long enaaaf“

  34. i just read moxleys book and he has a chapter in there about wanting to bring aew to the ricoh coliseum and not the acc because he likes it's atmosphere better. i have never been to the ricoh, but went to the nxt takeovers at acc and had the time of my life. I'm going to this hell or high water!

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