1. Super fun match! I really like this Fallon/Kiana dynamic. Interested to see what they do as champs.

  2. I'm excited to see them develop as a team. I like the idea of Fallon and Kiana trying to win matches their way (clean and decisive for Fallon and with cheating for Kiana).

  3. You're not wrong; that michinoku driver/ powerbomb move from fallon and kiana was clean; carter and chance have good tag team offense as well. The control segment from fallon and kiana could've been stronger, but I did like the finish.

  4. I've been a Briggs & Jensen fan since their NXT UK stint and Fallon's bar storyline won me over again. Looking forward to them all doing big things.

  5. This was the first time I've seen Katana Chance since she was starting out in NXT and holy SHIT was she amazing along with Kayden Carter.

  6. I'm expecting they'll probably do this match again on NXT TV or the mania PPV. KC² is probably pulled up in the draft tho.

  7. Chance and Carter are the only true women’s tag team in WWE. Their move-set and chemistry actually works as a signal unit rather than two individuals.

  8. Chemistry and personality wise Gigi and Jacy have become a true duo that I can't imagine one without the other at the moment.

  9. She tried to strong arm Fallons family bar from her and drown her in lawyer fees she couldn't afford. What a great friend but hey she keeps cheating in her matches knowing that Fallon wants to win honorable.

  10. I like how the enemies turned friends tag team with Fallon and Kiana was built up over months and got Brooks & Jensen involved. Great way to develop a story with everyone having a part to play.

  11. The current era of storylines is dope, it's nice to see the men and the women of WWE being involved in the same threads. Before Trips took charge, the last ones like it I remember are Becky/Seth Vs Corbin/Lacey and the weird Nia Jax/Ambrose feud they teased.

  12. Good Match but not sure if i like the decision. KC is definitely ready for the Main Roster but feel like a record breaking reign should have been broken with a bigger setup.

  13. Expected but good match. I really like a heel face tag team. I expect Fallon to eventually accept and adopt Kiana's ways tho.

  14. Kinda figured that was gonna happen. Hopefully this means we see Chance and Carter on raw or smackdown soon. Crowds gonna eat up their move set

  15. The way I manifested a Fallon Henley title feud in 2023 not expecting she'd become champ???? So happy for her she deserves it so much. Glad to see that WWE actually is putting some stock in her

  16. Good match by the end. As far as Katana/Kayden go I kinda wish they retained then lost in a rematch but I'm glad the titles got a PLE for the first time in a while. Katana and Kayden getting the longest reign is good but I wish they got more content. It feels like they were in 10 second backstage segments more than they wrestled. They should build some good teams to go against Fallon and Kiana, they've been building a division more and more (adding Fallon/Kiana, Valentina and whoever she sides with, and Alba/Isla) but I hope it's more solidified. Their story was pretty good building up to the title shot and it wasn't completely random so good for them on winning. I hope they can still have good matches without Katana/Kayden there as the best team in the division though, but they're both improving so there's not too much to worry about. Also I randomly liked Kiana from the moment she debuted compared to the other girls from the breakout (from the vignette and good match with Roxanne) it's cool to see how she progressed from that to being included at Deadline to becoming a champion)

  17. This match was really good. Absolutely loved all the innovative tag team moves from both teams. Kayden and Katana are the bar when it comes to women tag teams.

  18. Ok, they did the title change to continue the Kiana-Fallon storyline. Doesn't mean KC Squared is ready for the main roster, as the tag division is thin for the ladies now.

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