1. NXT Vengeance starting out STRONG with this match god damn. Really good match, that top rope Huricanrana spot looked BRUTAL, and the false finish that followed had me. I also really liked that the story of the match earlier was Wes trying to lift Dijak but it only happened after he clocked him badly.

  2. He was shaking his hand out earlier but I guess it popped back in. Then on that super kick it must have popped back out 😬

  3. I've loved every second of HHH handling Wes since MSK disbanded, the idea of Wes being this kind of Solo act seemed like something out of fantasy booking, but his overall likability and good booking has really made him a standout star imo.

  4. Can you believe Dijak was wasting away on the main roster for over a year as a guy named T-Bar when he could have been putting on banger after banger instead.

  5. It’s surprising that he never had any interest from Vince, he’s a big guy with a good look. Usually he’s the type that Vince would give an early push to

  6. Seriously, seriously impressed by this crowd. Not just how they’re reacting, but the amount of people! Pre-Takeover vibes finally after so long

  7. The crowd was energetic, diverse, and psyched. Really fun crowd, as hyped as I've seen for some big-name main roster shows I've been to.

  8. I honestly did not expect these guys to go this hard in this match. This felt like a Takeover match of old, from the impressive spots and going to a point where you could argue they did a little too much, lol.

  9. I wouldn’t even call it a spot fest. At least in person, it felt like there was still story happening. Wes trying to lift Dijak but needing to weaken him, Dijak trying to use his power to overcome Wes’ speed and high flying, Wes’ heart in kicking out time and time again, etc.

  10. Watching this great match in front of a big crowd going crazy takes me back to when NXT was at it's peak. I think NXT is a good underrated show now but hopefully they gain momentum after tonight.

  11. Damn, that was some hyper indy shit right there. Could do with less false finishes and people getting dumped on their head, but otherwise a very fun match.

  12. I mean what can you say two of the best wrestlers getting to wrestle. Poor Dijak with another loss. Dijak vs Lee vs D'Angelo is still my guess for Mania weekend for whatever they're calling the PPV.

  13. I always underrate Wes Lee but I think it's safe to say that the guy is great, and they clearly trust him

  14. Fantastic match, my only complaint is that they kicked out of the Spiral Tap to end on a (admittedly sick looking) kick. Wish those two were flipped but otherwise shit ruled

  15. God I seriously missed seeing a larger crowd for NXT shows. They were on fire and so into that match from the start all the way to the finish.

  16. This kinda reminded me of Dijak vs Lee for the NA title. Was rooting for my boy but by the end of it I wasn’t mad that Lee won because I started rooting for both.

  17. I think they should have done the D'Angelo run in earlier, not to take away from the finish. Kind of makes it look like Wes Lee needed help to survive. Though I do get trying to protect him.

  18. When you haven't seen someone wrestle in a while, you forget just good they are. I had that moment with Dijak, Wes and him had an incredible match.

  19. Great performance from both here. Dijak with a bit of polish on his character is close to main roster again. Wes Lee solo run has been great, happy to see it continue.

  20. Crazy match, did not expect it to be THAT good. Wish he'd hit the chair spot. Was that finger broken? When did that happen?

  21. Holy shit. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Wes Lee wrestle and I am 100% bought in and sold. This kid is special. Haven’t loved one of Dijak’s matches this much since his series with Keith Lee. Wes Lee just made him look like an absolute monster.

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