1. Yea I was there. Idk if it was cuz the rumble went pretty long, but the crowd was fucking dead from the moment Cody won until Becky made her entrance in the rumble

  2. There’s only five matches on the card, so this was pretty clearly the bathroom match. Sucks for them but don’t think it means Bianca is done

  3. I don’t think either match would have been much better even if they were given more time. In fact they could have been much worse.

  4. That's the reason, but this subreddit needs to blame Bray (and Bliss by associate) at any opportunity.

  5. Who would have guessed that having two Royal Rumbles and a main story championship match would leave the remaining two matches to be hastily done.

  6. 5 match card where 2 of the matches are pretty much guaranteed to go an hour and there’s also a title match… and it started at 7pm local time.. so…

  7. I feel putting the Men's Rumble first sucked a lot of the energy out of the event. A good match, but a mild crowd reaction.

  8. I am so fucking tired of spooky ookie Alexa. She's so fucking phenomenal as just a bitchy heel who makes up for size with viciousness. Just have her do that.

  9. Took the words right out of my mouth, verbatim. I begged for them to keep him away from her. Never found any of his shit even remotely interesting. She can handle herself. Though she’s been bland as hell during this face run too. But going back to this shit? Rock bottom.

  10. That was fine, maybe a little rushed but pretty okay. Though we all know it's all about the two royal rumbles. Some of you are guys are really overreacting.

  11. It was eh. It wasn't great, it wasn't bad. Felt more like a Raw match intended to further Alexa's coming change rather than a championship match.

  12. Alexa has been wrestling at half speed since she came back. She has never been the best, but that was just bad. It felt like Bianca had her work cut out for her in that one.

  13. The only issue with Bianca's title reigns for me is that she's had a fair few "yep, this is certainly a match" title defenses. Not bad, not outstanding, but they just happened.

  14. That was getting good and then just ended. Wonder if we're going to hear after this event that the men's Rumble was too long and the other matches were shortened for it. That and they want to make damn sure the Roman vs. KO stuff gets the time it needs.

  15. Am I the only one who's utterly sick and bored of Bianca Belair? Her gimmick and attire is so irritating and bland. She's clearly talented and strong as hell, it's wasted on a gimmick that's essentially "girl skips to the ring like a child and does a squash match and leaves"

  16. The match itself was genuinely good, but idk if PPV caliber. It was fast paced and pretty hard hitting. There weren’t any glaring mistakes, almost all moves went smoothly

  17. Those last two matches served their purpose of being come downs between the men's Rumble and the women's Rumble and Roman/KO really well.

  18. Definitely should’ve been one Bray / Howdy drama match on the card, and maybe if the repercussions of this one figured into that, it would’ve given that match more meat upon its bones. As it stands, it feels like we got two half-matches, and we haven’t gleaned too much of anything from either of them.

  19. Alexa is my favorite wrestler on the whole roster. I enjoy her in-ring work and promo ability. She has the ability to make even the weirdest most unconventional gimmicks work. Beyond this, she’s also a really authentic and kind person irl. For someone who didn’t come up in the indies and is only 5ft tall, she’s proven herself as an unstoppable underdog time and time again. I really hope she receives better booking in the future

  20. Loved this shit too. It's not about the match, it's about Alexa losing herself after denouncing that fool Howdy.

  21. Five years ffs 🤦‍♂️ humiliated by Ronda Rousey and nearly had her career ended and doesn’t even get one last thank you run despite being one of the most popular females in the company and one of the highest merchandise sellers in the company.

  22. Just like Bray vs. Knight, It was also just okay. Which isn’t a bad thing, but not anything to write home about.

  23. I've never seen what people see in Bianca as a top talent. Idk I don't get it. No denying she's super talented but there's tons better.

  24. Can’t blame her when she one of the most popular females in the company and they treat her like crap

  25. Bliss doesn't have it anymore and Belair is possibly the blandest champion since the origninal Reigns run.

  26. I’m bored enough of the Wyatt/Howdy stuff without it also spilling into the womens’ division. Doesn’t help that Alexa’s also looked rough in the ring since her return.

  27. I mean, what did you expect? Wyatt wasn't losing his first match back, Bianca wasn't ever going to lose to Alexa, and Cody was always the favorite to win the Rumble and is probably the right choice.

  28. This was clearly the cooldown match we usually get at Rumbles. It was decent, nothing great, but much better than their last match a few weeks ago.

  29. Honestly I have a hard time with 2 rumbles you could do 2 separate events with a men's and a women's rumble and move the chamber ppv to before SummerSlam to spread it around

  30. I was more thoroughly sports entertained by the Wyatt match. Belair is meh as a champ and will probably lose the title to Bliss at Mania

  31. I have not watched WWE since last Wrestlemania. Has Pat always been like that during commentary? He's making the show look bad and it's hilarious.

  32. Short but sweet. I think they redeemed themselves from their Raw match. Chemistry was there this time.

  33. I am amazed that Alexa is still so average "barely" as a wrestler. She's been doing this for so long now, and she's still MEH! She had a very athletic background, so she should be so much better by now. I look at someone like Liv and I see her make leaps and bounds since she left NXT. Feels like Alexa hasn't improved at all.

  34. The match itself was whatever. Still teasing spooky stuff with Alexa and Uncle Howdy after the match though.

  35. You're supposed to finish or start stories at PLEs... Not continue them. WTF? I guess Howdy shouldn't have thrown himself off the top until after he spoke to Alexa. Ugh.

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