1. LA Knight has the record for lasting the longest in a Mountain Dew Pitch Black™️ match vs Bray Wyatt.

  2. I suppose that this is a time to go follow the buzzards to let him in…to enjoy the refreshing taste of Pitch Black™️ grape!

  3. Didn't see the match but am into Shudder and horror, so I feel if you could just rattle off some movie titles I can get an image of this match and I kinda wanna try.

  4. Here's the real test of whether LA Knight has that Rock factor where he can keep losing and still be super over because of the talking.

  5. Bray looked cool, but basing a spooky gimmick match around an ad for Mountain Dew just kills any chance of being able to buy in.

  6. Flashbacks to the Undertaker of all people doing the full 'Wrestlemania ... the ultimate thrillride' spiel in a promo.

  7. They could’ve worked it into the storyline with LA Knight negotiating to get the sponsorship to show the lack of seriousness on his part and his desire to advertise himself.

  8. Bray fans have been criticizing naysayers for not having patience when it comes to Bray's character and that it's a slow burn that's going to have a worthwhile ending. So let me get this straight. Bray has been monologueing for months about his demon, all for it to culminate in a quick match with the Mountain Dew logo plastered everywhere in the arena. If this is the payoff for his months of long-winded, nothing promos, then I can do without him. Bray Wyatt is the George Lucas of wrestling.

  9. The match was underwhelming, but fuck me the presentation was incredible. Every time I think Bray has nothing left to show me, he comes up with something.

  10. His best work ever was his cinematic match against Cena, he should just stick to fighting people in segment and cinematic matches because he just doesn’t look scary enough when he wrestles

  11. Dude really isn't that great a wrestler. How all his characters end up with a no sell gimmick is beyond me

  12. I think his character work is shit too. The only part I've enjoyed about this feud have been LA Knight's promos and the commentators barely hiding how stupid they thought this match was.

  13. Underwhelming match - a visual treat though. Even the fucking KENDO STICK was neon. I am sports entertained.

  14. They keep saying this is the "first ever" MTN Dew Pitch Black match, that implies there may be additional MTN Dew Pitch Black matches.

  15. I have never drank a pitch black before. I did tonight. The soda lasted longer and was more satisfying than the match.

  16. LA Knight is definitely one of those guys who can make chicken salad out of chicken shit. This wasn't that noteworthy or anything, but he put his whole ass into this.

  17. He really did - I didn't see him in NXT at all so this angle was my first exposure to him. Despite him being a (to me seemingly) traditional superstar type he dealt with Bray's experiment really well.

  18. Roman said something similar about a Bray feud, its just corrosive all round. The guy does have a cool moveset albeit not great in ring skills, at least needs more actual wrestling.

  19. It's honestly difficult to suspend disbelief when the commentary is treating this blacklight show like a demonic invasion. "I've never seen anything this dark! What the hell is happening? What is that glowing green material? What the hell is going on?"

  20. Yeah, I just don't think wrestling is the place for Bray's ideas. He has had enough chances at this and it's just not clicking for me.

  21. Bray can present himself like nobody else in WWE, but he can't wrestle well or turn his angles in to good reasons to fight in a ring

  22. I want more fucking pitch black matches if it means I get to see more of that body paint aspect of Bray that shit fucked

  23. Cool-looking match, if nothing else. I loved the reveal of the blacklight paint on Bray. Not much to it other than the visuals, though, even the post-match nonsense didn't add much

  24. LA Knight carried this feud and got what, 2 total offensive moves in? Get this guy the fuck away from Bray I don’t wanna see him ruined like Seth was

  25. Y’all have been clamoring for Bray Wyatt for so long, and I never understood why for the life of me. This is what you get with Bray Wyatt, this is always what you get. Terrible matches and incoherent promos.

  26. That match would have been amazing if they didn't play it straight. It was hilarious the black light popcorn and the Wrestling Society X fire. People compare this to the Broken Hardys stuff in AEW but Matt knew he was silly. Idk if WWE knows it's silly.

  27. agreed. you cant go from bray telling knight that his actions "will change the rest of his life" and follow up with a 5 minute, campy, glow in the dark match

  28. Wyatt with another amazing gimmick where everyone is afraid of him and he can just absorb infinite damage. It’s like a ten year old’s CAW in repeat.

  29. they need to stop doing serious supernatural gimmicks, they never work in the modern era (undertaker is the only exception in the past 15 years).

  30. You're not a real wrestling fan if you don't love months of not wrestling building up to a mediocre match you can't even see where the only thing that goes over is a drink no one wants.

  31. Already so very tired of Bray Wyatt. He's probably the worst rehire that Triple HHH has done. He's so prominent in every show and PPV, and all his story lines are rehashes and trending the same note and storytelling every time. He stopped being entertaining years ago and honestly was happier when he was laid off and I thought I would never have to see him again.

  32. I think we just need to sort of accept that Bray Wyatt isn’t a wrestler. A creative and a good actor yes, but I don’t think this is his medium really.

  33. Stop trying to make Bray Wyatt happen. He has to have dumb gimmick matches to make the crowd give a damn, and every one falls flat.

  34. Bray should never have been more than just a creepy cult leader. He doesn’t need the hypercomplex lore and stupid gimmick matches to be compelling. Just have him control a group of brainwashed people and let them run wild.

  35. So people are calling the presentation great but was it? Like Bray looked cool, but they were litterally fighting in a mountain dew commerical like idk face & body paint is cool but the ring ropes were mountain dew green. Like I cant be sacred of spooky bray when i can see 5-10 mountain dew logos in shot at all times.

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