1. People are going to rightly say the Spider Sense, but I think in a world without super heroes, the ability to lift ten tons would maybe get you further.

  2. That's what I would choose myself. Spider Sense is good for being aware of danger but there is so much you can do with more than enough strength to lift a car over your head.

  3. Being super strong would be awesome for lifting things, but terrible for human interaction. "Let me give you a hug. Oh my god, I snapped your spine!! 😱"

  4. His healing ability. He has a type of healing factor. Not all enhanced like Wolverine, but enough to allow him to not be down for long periods.

  5. I feel like his reflexes would be a better choice for boxing. He could dodge bullets with it. A couple of fists would be nothing.

  6. Wall crawling would absolutely be the coolest. But like Ottomaan said without super strength would be hard, and without near-indestructibility would be sketch.

  7. Does the genius intellect count? As great as super strength, precognition, and stickiness are, I'd love to be smart enough to feed myself and survive independently.

  8. Cant have super strength without super durability.... same goes for agility and speed.... cant have that without super strength. So if i cant have 2 powers then id have to choose spider sense

  9. How can no one be commenting web swinging???? I know it’s not technically a power considering he creates his we shooters (exception of Raimi’s version). But you know how cool I’d would be to swing around buildings and transport yourself swinging around?

  10. Without Spider Sense, how you will tell where you can shoot webs. Imagine if a part of building is weak and you shooted web there, it didn't support your weight. You are falling.

  11. You wouldn't be able to swing without his other powers, but you COULD still use your webs in other ways! You could cover some dude in webs, you could tie things down pretty well, or you could make a nice hammock

  12. I would choose Spider-Sense. I know it’s the most basic and popular choice as an answer. But I feel it would be the most fun ability to have from Spider-Man. I’d be aware of my surroundings at all times without even having to look. It would make any situation I’m ever in 10 times more fun. I would be able to see things coming from a mile away, literally lol.

  13. Either his agility or spider-sense. I'd love to be that agile, or being able to sense danger before it happened. Someone above said Spidey sense with no agility is useless, but I disagree. With enough warning, you could still avoid the danger.

  14. The stickyness would probably be the most fun. I could just crawl around on ceilings and climb on anything. I could try and figure out web shooters and swing around sticking to stuff like a hooligan.

  15. i'd say his intelligence honestly. you don't have the power to help others the way he does so no moral responsibility. if i'd have his intelligence, i've got enough resources to do a lot with it.

  16. Healing factor. I think just having a vastly superior immune system and the ability to heal from things faster would make for a significantly better life.

  17. Honest to god. I’d wanna have webs like tobey. Where I just produce em naturally. Do you know how helpful those webs would be. Fuck the spider sense and super strength. If I can stick a web to a ceiling and pull myself up to the place I need to be to get something down from a back room in a store. I’ve thought about this so much. The webs would be perfect

  18. I feel like much of spidey’s abilities, like super strength and agility, are abilities that a normal person could build up to an extent. Webbing isn’t necessarily a power, it’s just chemicals in a shooter which could be developed in time. The only thing would be spider sense and wall crawling, and if I had to pick between the two I’d say Spider Sense

  19. It's the Spider-Sense or so called 'Peter Tingle' as it helps in sensing danger and therefore helps in life. The Mechanical Web Shooters can be made artifically.

  20. I’d say web slinging but without the spidey sense and durability to use it I’d die immediately. So his durability probably. I could survive getting hit by a bus, falling off a building, etc

  21. His strength and agility. Being able to shoot webs is obviously the coolest Spider-Man ability but without his strength, agility, reflexes and balance you won't be able to do it anyway

  22. Superhuman agility, make a bundle in the circus. “Oh noooo, that trapeze sure is high up. However will I manage a backflip? Oh lord how difficult it is.”

  23. Spider-sense is cool but without other strengths it's pretty hard to do anything with it ill take web shooting

  24. Having a healthy body. It would be so nice if I could walk around my house without feeling pain in every step

  25. Does Spider-Man’s superhuman intelligence count? I’d love to have his insane level of intelligence since I can breeze through school with ease lol. Also you can make a lot of money by selling web-fluid devices and gadgets to the government so that’s also a plus.

  26. His enhanced healing. Just would be nice to have that cushion against everyday things that might harm me. Might even cure my adhd too, assuming it affect neurological stuff.

  27. Probably his durability. Most his powers work in tandem with another. He’s super strong but durable to not hurt himself. He can web sling but he needs spidey sense to know where to shoot and strength to hold on and sticky hands to climb still.

  28. i feel like most of his powers would be pretty much useless without having other powers, so i think i’d go with his strength

  29. I was just asked this question the other day and I think if anything it'd be the intellect of Peter Parker, the ability to make web fluid/shooters and also develop other high tech gadgets would be half of spiderman alone in my opinion.

  30. ... I want the proportional strength of a spider. That level of strength I could probably grip onto surfaces and climb them without the sticky fingers.

  31. Enhanced reflexes - and agility if that comes with it. It’d be useful for everyday mistakes and self defence. Plus it’d be great for boxing and MMA.

  32. I see a lot of people saying “his intelligence”. Peter was already super intelligent before getting the powers so, I hate to be that guy but, that is not an option.

  33. Super human strength. I don’t care to be able to fly or web sling because I’d probably kill myself doing it because I don’t have super strength

  34. I live in a small town (well it’s not that small, it has about 20,000 people, but still), and there’s no tall buildings, so web swinging would be pretty useless. I’d say either super strength or the ability to climb on walls

  35. I'd say his strength, because with that comes next to everything else. Other than slinging webs. That kind of strength would give you the ability to travel just as fast as swinging by jumping, and you really wouldn't have to worry about getting hurt.

  36. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the time Spider-Man played poker with the Fantastic Four and Kingpin, and his Spider Sense's ability to protect Peter from threats to his wallet, potentially making him the best poker player in existence.

  37. the power of having multiple serialized animated TV shows made about me with every 5th or 3rd one being one of the greatest piece of art the world has ever seen

  38. His webshooters, if we're going with the Tobey Maguire version of moves. I have dreams where I'm spider-webbing myself through buildings and parks. They're my favorite dreams. :)

  39. Super strength. Super jumping is included because strength means your overall limb strength. Wall crawling and web slinging is cool too but strength gets you further than organic adhesive ropes and crawling on walls. Besides, super strength increases the strength of your fingers and since Spiderman can carry x10 his weight, that will be handy.

  40. I’d probably go with the stickem powers. Probably wouldn’t be that useful, but it would be extremely fun and something my body could probably actually do strength-wise. Swinging would probably tear my arms from their sockets and plus that isn’t usually a power anyways. So being able to stick to anything sounds good enough for me for fun purposes and never dropping anything again purposes. Super strength or agility is probably more useful in the long run but like, I don’t know, I’ve always wanted to climb up buildings and on ceilings like Spidey lol >_< great question OP! 🤟😊

  41. strength. I’d figure out the webs and climbing on my own. with strength I could probably figure out a way to climb on walls.

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