1. The man who helped out the family is local. That's how he knew which tow company to call & which repair shop to send the car to. He said he intended to contact police chief regarding what he witnessed. As I have only the name of the good Samaritan not the names of the family I'm not sure how/ if the news would report it. Remember this is the state where the a.g MURDERED a man & faced zero consequences.

  2. I work at a hotel on the other side of the state and there is no way they found a room on such short notice haha all of 90 was full af

  3. Because I live in South Dakota, and because I know enough about cops to understand this is very possible, and because I have a sense of class analysis and have the scope of vision to see how society is breaking down, I believe you.

  4. My parents were both Army MP's and said the exact same thing all my life. Dad had planned to be a highway patrolman and rancher when he finished the Army. To say the least, he did not after his service. I would hope this couple files a complaint against those officers. Power must always be checked.

  5. I definitely do not & never will trust a cop. No offense to your dad, I'm aware that there are some that are trying to do good, it's just that they are the exception that proves the rule & I don't know which one I'm gonna get...

  6. My BIL was a cop, firefighter and an EMT at different points in his life. He quit the police force due to all the awful other cops be worked with and went back to EMT and firefighting. He also told me to never trust a cop. He said if possible to never allow them to search my vehicle, never allow them to take a single step inside my home.

  7. Pursue this. Work with the guy that actually witnessed this happen (not your very wordy sensationalist retelling of the story) and the family in order to start a civil case. The police officers bodycam footage can be used to confirm the events that transpired.

  8. So, they were arrested, then, not arrested? Wrongful arrest lawsuit, but, doesn't sound like they can afford lawyer.

  9. Get your community behind this story and push public pressure.. the first comment had it right.. get it on the news.. organize… that family will get an outpouring of support..

  10. This reads like a copypasta. I believe that SOMETHING happened, but it seems like it's either very embellished, missing context, or both.

  11. Especially if you weren’t there to see any of this go down or get the full story on each side..

  12. I'm inclined to err on the side of caution, until I see definitive proof this story sounds like that, a story. I'm sure there's some kernels of truth to it but this is the sort of thing our local news outlets would absolutely gobble up if it were even partly verifiable. That's not to say we don't have shitheap power-tripping cops who deserve nothing short of a trip to the forever box but this post seems fishy.

  13. I drove through Sturgis on my way to Rapid City for vacation with my family, from ND. Literally, the entire way from my hometown, to Sturgis, there wasn't a decent truck stop to stop, to eat, and change baby diaper. We decided to just keep driving till we got to Sturgis, because we thought we would find a truck stop, restaurant, or diner there. I guess we were wrong. All we found was a cenex station. No high chair seats for baby, it just was not family friendly.

  14. When I read something like this, I feel very strong feelings. No, there are heroes in the police who help people and even sacrifice themselves sometimes. But this power that the police feel in the USA, it is similar to the power of a person in relation to a thing, not a person.

  15. Last week, I was traveling back home from Florida and two officers in the airport about went crazy at my expense. One of them grabbed my shirt and the other got into my face until our foreheads tapped together. He then proceeded to say “I’ll knock you out” if you don’t get out of here right away. And this was all due to me saying the TSA has no need to pat me down. I’ll just take off my shirt and prove it. Minutes after this incident I dialed 911 and recommended that two officers get arrested. I doubt that will happen.

  16. I'm pretty sure most of the retired officers who worked the event, officers brought in from hundreds of tiny towns all over the state, etc, don't have body cams.

  17. Sturgis is not exactly the best town the rest of the year either. Ive always gotten that 'deliverance' vibe each time ive been there.

  18. Doesn’t change the overall point, but there’s a good chance the police in question are not Sturgis PD. Sturgis brings in police from all over to work the rally, so good chance they’re not local police. Secondly, it’s the rally. It’s not like the family was rolling through a big city or something, they were in the middle of a massive event. And thirdly, if they were just passing through, they would not be on Lazelle street, the interstate completely bypasses Sturgis, so they chose to go in to town to see what what was going on. Overall the cops could’ve handled this way better, but this post is a bit melodramatic for my taste.

  19. Who gives a fuck if they weren't local, they were brought in by local p.d., and they were law enforcement. If it looks like a pig and acts like a pig........

  20. God bless you and the Good Samaritan who.helped them. As you know, many these days think it's illegal to be down on your luck. I'm so distraught that these kids were exposed to.these nasty threats. Prayers for their success and healing. There's a reason social programs exist. Too many don't realize the soup kitchen lines in the 30's and the millions who lost everything. Not everyone has backup.

  21. Aren’t we supposed to be progressing to not throw groups of people under the buss for what some group members do?

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