1. I don't care either way tbh. I prefer listening after it's been officially released but I'm not gonna rain anyone's parade for listening to the leaks. Do what you want.

  2. Half of us here are gonna pay the obscene price for pit tickets too. Plus it’s well known by now bands don’t make shit from album sales anymore either.

  3. Its gonna be on Spotify and every other free streaming service on the 30th anyway. The only thing you're stealing is airtime for advertisements

  4. Favourite take so far, love laughing at all the people acting holier than thou just because they haven't listened to the album yet. It's not like pretty much everyone who's listened to the leak hasn't already bought the album, I've got 4 copies coming on the 30th 🔥

  5. Well to be fair some have a good point, the audio quality isn’t in its best shape. Some just don’t wanna spoil it for themselves with shitty quality

  6. This is a real good take. And that's coming from someone who bought all 9 of the band member CDs, an OG copy of the cd, and a special vinyl. Do what you want, who cares?

  7. ESPECIALLY these days, a release date is so arbitrary at this point because it’s literally so easy for people to listen to it while contributing nothing at all to the band. At least a majority of us are getting our legit listening in once it IS out still too. As with any leak I’ve always deleted the files once it’s out so I can play shit the normal way.

  8. I haven't bought the album and I don't intend to since I can't afford it right now so I'm waiting for it to come out on Spotify since it's the only medium I have for listening to it

  9. To think a slipknot fan cares about the music. There are enough posts on here of bootleg stuff people have bought so its no surprise they would pay some guy 20 bucks to listen to a leaked copy. Mad respect to the guy who made bank off the idiots and props to the people who paid and didn't share it with the people who were on their knees begging for free copies.

  10. fr i’m just waiting for it to release like a true fan, if people listened to it, tbh i don’t think you lost anything but your dignity.

  11. The only one you are saving money is roadrunner records, not slipknot, they dont earn a penny with the albums. I wanna wait til the album release, but only because i made a promise with friends to react to it together and im excited. As i like to say, if it doesnt affevt me or others in a negative way directly or indirectly, do whatever you want.

  12. I would listen to it, I’ve heard good things I just feel a little bad about listening to it unofficially, so I’ll just wait. That’s just me, I couldn’t give two shits about what others do

  13. Makes no difference, I'm sure those who have listened to the leaked album will still purchase/stream the album when it's released, I know I will for my collection so what does it matter, going to shows and buying their merch is what makes them money anyway.

  14. The band doesn't make anything from album sales so it doesn't really make a difference. Buying T-shirts, going to shows and shit like that supports the band. Listening to the music doesn't.

  15. Leaks really don’t matter anymore in the digital age. It used to take away from album sales but that is barely a thing anymore. What is everyone using to download the leaks? Limewire? Napster? Kazaa?

  16. I’ve listened to the leaks and I’ve pre-ordered the limited edition pink vinyl, before the leaks even surfaced. I’m just a big fan that supported the band.

  17. ive already bought four copies of the album, one digital, one cd, one vinyl, and the casette. i listened to the leaks and do not feel bad about it.

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