1. Help! How do you get rid of strawberry legs? I'm a 23 y/o kinda feminine boy and I've been trying to get rid of my strawberry legs for a few months now. I wax/epilate every couple of weeks and my hair isn't really thick, but even when my skin is smooth and hair free, I still have a crappy case of strawberry legs :/ For a few months I've been using "First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub Exfoliant" weekly and "First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream" daily and still haven't really noticed any change. Does anyone know what I can do next or what else I can try? Please let me know!

  2. Hi everyone, I went to a dermatologist for acne a few months ago and she put me on a benzoyl peroxide wash, Clindmycin Phosphate gel in the morning, Tretinoin cream at night, Cerave Lotion and Sunscreen.

  3. Not really the regualr type of question here, but I figured I would ask. The tops of my 2nd-4th toes are so dry and the skin is thick and rough. I've tried applying lotion every day and also tried using a ped egg and nothing seems to help.

  4. I bought Olay Complete facial lotion that I have used before for years off of Amazon, and within the last 3 weeks of using it I haven’t had this many breakouts in years. I just realized that it must be counterfeit? Or maybe they have changed the forumula.

  5. Amazon does have a problem with counterfeit products, so it's possible it's not the actual product.

  6. Looking for something to lessen hyperpigmentation “freckles” under eyes and also some redness. Skin is still pretty oily. I’m 50…using Paula’s choice cleanser and 1% BHA currently, cerave moisturizer.

  7. I'm guessing you have sunspots, which in my experience are really stubborn. Sunscreen and tretinoin are probably your best bets (there may be laser and other treatments that would be quicker and more effective if they're in your budget).

  8. Really needing help. I used to have a really good routine but i think i used my LHA face wash too much and now my skin has a lot of closed comedones and dry, similar to using too much acid.

  9. I’m looking for a facial sunscreen that won’t make me feel like my skin is burning off while still being affordable. I am currently using the neutrogena facial sunscreen for sensitive skin and it makes my skin BURN! I have sensitive, acne prone, combination skin. Thanks!

  10. What is a good vitamin C serum for sensitive skin and a newbie to vitamin c? One that won’t leave me feeling oily.

  11. I am looking for a post that was made within the last week about someone’s holy grail LRP cleanser that they liked better than CeraVe’s SA formulation. Searched and cannot find it! The thumbnail was of the LRP bottle, IIRC it had a pump…anyone?

  12. Hi there :) wondering if it is okay to use a salicylic acid face wash in the morning followed by vitamin c serum. I use differin at night with a gentle, all-purpose face wash and moisturizer. TIA.

  13. It really depends on your skin. Some people could handle that but for a lot of people two actives in one routine would be too much.

  14. Any advice for a damaged moisture barrier from differin? I was using it every other day with great success and then got cocky and started using it every day. My skin is so so dry, red, itchy, the lot. I’ve been using only a gentle cleanser at night and a ton of moisturizing products (hyaluronic acid, snail cream, cerave in the tub) to try to heal. But will this completely set back my differin progress? I don’t anticipate being able to use it for a week at the very least because of the irritation. :( Will my skin reset from this and I’ll have to purge all over again?

  15. Hi everyone! In 4 months I am going to a beach themed bachelorette party and I suffer from Backne and I get acne right before my period. I don’t do any thing and I’d like to start a regime to look and feel my best. I’d like to wear a 2 piece but I have suffered with backne my whole life. I wear my hair down a ton and I work from home so I’m mainly indoors and don’t get a ton of sun.

  16. Your skin might just be really dry, or you could be intolerant to one of the ingredients. Have you tried Stratia Velvet Cleansing Milk? It's the thickest, least drying cleanser I've ever tried.

  17. This is my problem! I just started using a rosacea treatment from Apostrophe that a lot of people swear by so I'm hoping it helps!

  18. I need help :( and def not judgment rn, I'm giving myself enough of that. I have a giant scab on my face from using plasma pen on myself too aggressively. Normally you wait for the scabs to dry and come off on their own. Last night I panicked because that's the opposite advice to regular large scabs. I covered it in Neosporin and Saran wrap. I've been using red led a few times a day. Any other advice to a- make this go away as quickly as possible and b- hopefully not scar my face for life?

  19. I'm looking for recommendations for a moisturizer with mineral SPF. I was using Aveenos and I really liked it, but they discontinued it. I have fair, normal skin and live in a hot and humid climate.

  20. Hi 18f here. I’m just confused on whether i should see a derm or not. My acne isn’t too bad but hasn’t cleared up since September ‘21. I have dark spots and i break out. The sun also doesn’t help. I’ve tried products from the ordinary, inkey list and cerave but still nothing has been working since september. The acne is mainly on my cheeks and forehead, so not awful, but still not going away. Should I see a derm?

  21. So I(m18, about a III on the skin darkness scale) ask this now, because i will go to Australia in Winter, so i will have effectively 3 summers one after another.

  22. Broad-spectrum sunscreen also protects against UVA. As long as you wear plenty of sunscreen, I wouldn't worry about that. I'd recommend reapplying after your run because sweat can wash away some of the cream. You can also wear a hat, sunglasses and UPF clothing to add further protection if you want to. But basically sunscreen is protecting you quite well in my opinion if used correctly.

  23. These little bumps are really common, and I promise you there is no reason to avoid wearing sleeveless items because of this. Absolutely no one is looking at your armpits that closely or judging you for it if they do notice.

  24. Why do people say you CANT use retinol if you're in your early 20s? At most it would be a "don't need" type of situation, but I'm reading some people say you cannot, and I'm wondering why do they say that.

  25. I'm not sure where you're seeing that, but retinol can be used at almost any age, depending on the skin situation.

  26. Hi I am new here and wanting to start a good skincare routine but don't know where to start. I am 22 and tried SO MANY things from my 13 as I had a horrible acne, it is so much better for the last 2 years but my skin is still very oily but also dry so I am stuck. Most acne prone places are chin, under chin and cheeks. I tried natural products, chemical, medical and nothing a dermatologist fucked me up even more as her products were very drastic. I am aware that my skin fluctuates depending on food and stress in my life but still...

  27. Looking for a sunscreen for the body (SPF 50 or more) that won't get on clothes or other objects. I also have sensitive skin, so something that isnt too crazy would be nice. I am in the US.

  28. ISO vitamin C serum that would lighten my freckles brought on by skin damage. 26F with fair skin who’s never has a skincare routine and never routinely used sunscreen (lol), and now regretting it. I hate these random asymmetrical freckles on my face. They keep popping up and sticking around and getting darker, especially over the last few years (I live in Colorado).

  29. I used to use Timeless but hate how it oxidizes so fast! besides, it sort of stopped working for me (prob due to the oxidation). I switched to an Asian brand -

  30. Recommend Timeless vitamin C. I've been using the 20% and within 2 months there's noticeable result from lightening one of my dark spots.

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