1. Nothing to lose. Watch the first episode and see how you do. Everyone’s mileage is bound to vary. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. Thank you for saying that, I watched the first episode and thought it was really well done. The writing is brilliant straight away and I instantly was intrigued by all of the main cast, looks like I’ll be in this for the long haul now

  3. No better time than now. At its best, media helps us access and process our emotions in ways we can't manage to do by ourselves. Just open yourself up to it.

  4. I’ve always kind of wanted to be a writer and I couldn’t agree more. The best media helps you put things in perspective in ways you didn’t think of, or at least demonstrates externally and gives you and outlet for thoughts and feelings you’ve been dealing with internally but haven’t been able to process. I think I’ll enjoy it if that’s the case with SFU :)

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. Six Feet Under came to me at a point where I was just going through my own grief, in fact it was when I lost my own grandfather. I was 13 at the time and I don’t think the show came to me at a better time, you get so attached to these characters and you learn so much about how people cope with death, and more importantly, life. 100% recommend.

  6. That must have been so hard to deal with at such a young age, I’m really sorry you had to go through that. I think it sounds like the show’s perfect for me right now; I watched the first episode and thought it was excellently written and I was instantly interested in all the characters. I’ll probably end up binging this quick lmfao

  7. No one knows how it will affect you. Some episodes just hit different. In total death is a part of life and i think if anything over time/episodes you will come to an understanding that could be useful for you now and moving forward.

  8. Thank you for saying that! I watched the first episode and thought it was really well written, and all the main cast seem pretty intriguing right off the bat and it’s interesting to see all the different ways they react to the same experience of grieving. Think I’ll be in this for the long haul now, it instantly gives me Mad Men vibes where you’re living with the characters, which is a great thing

  9. I watched it for the first time not long after my mom died. It helped me in ways I can not explain. I suggest giving it a try.

  10. I recall rachael Griffiths saying people used to approach her and thank her for the show because it made them look at things like death etc as part of life and helped them deal with grief and how it addressed some of the greatest taboos in society.

  11. That must be such an honor to know you were part of something that touched people like that, from the responses and having now watched the first episode it seems like the perfect show for where I’m at right now, I loved the writing of the pilot and thought all the characters were instantly interesting.

  12. You’re going to have some experiences in your dreams. She’s going to visit you. Don’t worry. You’re asleep and there is absolutely no reason to be alarmed. Just understand that she’s on the other side where we can no longer communicate with them. I was very close to my Mom’s father, and really to that whole side of the family. As the years have gone on, and they’ve passed, I’ve had these experiences.

  13. Started the show on a recommendation a few months after I lost my dad also in a sudden manner, and being the same age as Claire. I found it helpful and interesting, and when storylines went elsewhere it was a good distraction too. Edit to add, I’m sorry for your loss.

  14. You can try, but I tried watching it about a month after my mom died. I was 25 and her death was very unexpected. I couldn't handle it. I've been through some shit in my life but her death rocked my world and completely changed who I was. Everytime I tried watching it, I just count handle all the behind the scenes of the funeral world (morbidly picturing her body going through what they did on the show, feeling the feels of the mourners on the show).

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