1. I read an article on this, apparently a guy invented and patented a system for it back in the '70s but struggled to sell them for a quite a while. It was considered "unmanly" to not carry your luggage. Apparently the key was getting flight crew to adopt them and then people saw them gliding around the airport and started wanting them too.

  2. I remember when wheeled luggage was starting to become popular and you had people making fun of those ~weaklings~ who couldn't carry their bags. They even made fun of children who were starting to use wheeled school bags. Such an odd hill to die on.

  3. You can thank the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) legislation. Before that, any small elevation changes would only have stairs.

  4. Part of it was that foreign holidays started to become more affordable, so there started to be a lot more people who were travelling and having to carry their own luggage rather than rely on porters and other staff.

  5. I'd wager that the disability act may have played a role. Until the disability act such wheels add weight and awkwardness when you are likley to still need to lug them up and down stairs. Far more of us have access ramps along our routes today.

  6. My husband and I traveled to Scotland in '95. Our luggage consisted of 2 duffel bags on wheels each. We arrived in Heathrow and had to do a full-on sprint from our international flight terminal to the 'domestic' one. Thank Baby Jeebus In The Manger for those wheels. It seemed like everyone there was staring at us not because we were running (we were in a lot better shape back then) but because of those bags. It was like they had never seen them before.

  7. I'm guessing if you were rich enough to fly prior to the invention of the wheely luggage in the 1970s, you were rich enough to pay someone to take your luggage from your car to the gate. Real wages have declined significantly since then so we're all doing the labor ourselves

  8. I suspect it's because prior to a few decades ago, before air travel devolved into being crammed into a Greyhound bus with wings, the rich had porters and skycaps to handle their luggage, and the poors seldom used air travel so wheels were seen as an unnecessary expense.

  9. It depends for me. I dont like 2 things about wheels. The noice and the difficulty on certain surfaces or when there are obstacles. On the other hand if i have a lot with me obviously there isnt another choice. But i try to travel light with only the absolutely necessary when possible

  10. Also, why did it take so long for postage stamps to be self-adhesive? (Young'uns, we used to have to lick those things.)

  11. I remember my parents had this giant old school suitcase made of heavy shoe leather with the teeeeniest tiniest castors. It would roll, but not in any particular direction. There was also a leash, but the entire bag would tip over, killing a child, if you tried to use it.

  12. My first job at 16 was bellboy. I hated every guest who did not have 4 wheels suit cases as i could stroll 4 toghter across the lobby (in case the cart was taken).

  13. It's not for me. I use a carry on with backpack straps. It's far easier to get on and off all kinds of transport with something on my back instead of with something dragging next to me or behind me.

  14. Travel was different. Airports were smaller, less crowded, and airlines didn’t shaft you with bag fees. The super long terminals you see now were just not that common. Most big airports had lots of small terminals and/or a hub and spoke design. Your carry on bag was really only something you used to bring things you really needed on the flight.

  15. Much of it has to do with materials science. Back in the day small wheels (like those found on skate boards or modern luggage) would have been made entirely from metal or mostly metal with a little bit of natural rubber or clay which didn't roll well and where very bumpy. Once urethane was developed and formed into wheels it became possible to cheaply manufacture reliable wheels that were easy to pull and smooth rolling. My grandpa had a really old (70s or 80s) suitcase with wheels made from metal with metal ball bearings. The wheels sucked and it basically needed to be carried anyway.

  16. When I was traveling a lot. Like 1/3 nights overseas, I bought myself a roller like stewardesses had back then. Approx 1997. My coworkers made fun of me.

  17. I didn’t get my first roller until like 2015. I was dragging around my grandpa’s suitcase from the 80’s. I 100% understood why I got made fun of/looked at though.

  18. Also getting dressed up to fly. My mom used to dress us for the airport like we were going to church. Now it’s the opposite.

  19. Ha! My mom did this too, because “you never know who you’re going to meet on an airplane”. Not sure who she thought we’d run into flying from one tiny regional airport in the southern USA to another…

  20. When flying was in its infancy it was a method for the wealthy elite to travel. Now they're flying busses.

  21. Well..yeah, you used to pay a lot to fly on a plane. Now Frontier will haul your sweaty, t-shirt wearing, unshaven ass halfway across the country for $29.

  22. occasionally when I'm boarding a plane wearing gym shorts and sandals I wonder if I'm too casual, but comfort is paramount

  23. Sometimes its because you had to, they had policies on what you had to wear. First class had even stricter requirements. I remember we were eligible for an upgrade once and some dude came out to basically inspect us and while they ultimately let us go he whined about our shoes not being clean enough.

  24. I've made this argument to friends before, the ones that wear sweats and hoodies almost always get pulled aside. The ones that dress nice, skate through easier.

  25. Apparently dressing up nicely increases the chance of getting selected for an upgrade when you seat unintentionally becomes unavailable due to something like double-booking, flight cancellations, etc.

  26. I fly with a backpack and a carry-on sized Barbour duffel when I fly for work. If I'm flying with my wife, there's a rolling suitcase.

  27. And my go-to is the Osprey Porter which has the build and shape of carry on luggage, but with backpack straps on it. Haven't rolled luggage in 15+ years.

  28. Yea I don’t think I’ve ever owned wheeled luggage. I prefer to bring one bag that I can fit in carry on and just shove all my shit into that so I don’t have to check a bag.

  29. but those seem to be small carry on bags, not the ones where you can put a whole closet of stuff in.

  30. Yup I’m 33 and backpacking until I physically can’t anymore. We might have smooth floors and escalators everywhere in the US, but overseas, rolling a suitcase on a broken sidewalk or pulling it up stairs is no fun.

  31. They also don't know how easy it was to get through security or the fact that you didn't actually need a ticket to do so. You could just wait for someone's flight to arrive at the terminal and greet them as they got off the plane.

  32. My brother was changing planes in Atlanta once when I was at school at Georgia Tech. I bought him food at the varsity, went down to the airport, greeted him at his gate, walked him to his next gate, and visited with him while he ate until he boarded.

  33. So many people under 35 will remember this. Anyone born after 2001 when airports beefed up their security won't.

  34. Apparently, you can still get a gate pass from the TSA. Of course, you have to go through the usual security screening.

  35. Technically you don’t need a ticket now. If you go to the checkin counters and ask, they’ll typically give you a “ticket” that’ll let you into the terminal.

  36. Right? Like they just stopped making luggage without wheels 35 years ago. I use a sports duffel bag that I can easily carry on with me

  37. Right? Like has OP ever actually been to an airport? They literally have giant conveyor belts full of all sorts of luggage without wheels

  38. 30 here. I backpack like once a year, so, no wheels for me almost ever. I use my backpacking pack for short domestic trips, too. So easy.

  39. If you think this thought is absurd it’s proving their point. They aren’t referring to carry ons. We used to literally carry suitcases from the car into the airport to check the bags.

  40. Yeah I actually kinda hate the rolling luggage. Backpacks are quieter, less awkward, and it's easier to move through airport crowds with one.

  41. It's say that depends on how much you're packing. If you're talking about a long trip, you'd look like the guy in Death Stranding.

  42. Yup. I’m 33 and all my luggage goes in a rucksack. I guess I’m used to staying in places without lifts/elevators and I prefer to have my hands free anyway. The only bags with wheels I have pulled around the place are my partner’s. I find them annoying.

  43. My family has always been a “no checked bags” family. You take everything you want in a backpack. Let me just say, getting a suitcase was so nice. I wear a backpack for nearly everything but when your back already hurts, a suitcase is so much nicer than all your clothes and books on your back

  44. Tried this once, wore a 50lb backpack when I went overseas to japan for 3 weeks and it was absolute hell. Walking from the airport to the subway to the hotel with all the weight on your back the entire trip was fucking exhausting. Now I have a backpack and a small luggage with wheels when I travel

  45. I haven't used wheelie luggage in 20 years since I started traveling more extensively. Unless you are going car>airport>car, they are completely useless and an encumbrance.

  46. Template seems to be: People under [arbitrary age to isolate newer generation] ‘probably’ have never dealt with [problem older generation think only they dealt with].

  47. Anyone in the American military has. The duffel bags they issue you are awesome for shoving a ton of stuff into, but they still stuck for transportation.

  48. I find it more efficient, and I had a travel companion lose a wheel on their monster sized roller and the rest of the trip was a shambles.

  49. 20, I mostly use a duffel bag that doesn’t have wheels as my carry-on. Can fit more in it than a wheeled suitcase and I can just sling it over my shoulder to free up a hand

  50. Lol this is so dumb , most of my flight I use a duffle bag or sports bag to fly with. Unless going on a long trip why use huge luggage that requires wheels or checking your bag.

  51. Very wrong. I'm nearly 32 and I've never had luggage with wheels. That's for people who can afford luggage and aren't using a duffle bag or backpack.

  52. Uhm… backpacks, duffel bags… ever head of them? They don’t necessarily have wheels. That’s what I’ve brought the last few times I traveled and I’m under 35.

  53. Yeah but you only had to carry all of your earthly possessions in 3 giant bags while you sprinted across the airport to your next one way flight after getting frisked an extra 3 times by TSA.

  54. Lol what? Ofc I have. Often all you need is a backpack & a sports bag, + the last thing you need on a vacation is a bag going missing

  55. usually old people say this cause they think us younger gen have too cushy. but the wheel has been a thing for generations upon generations. y’all just fucking stupid

  56. I mean, that just seems like a failure of the previous generation. It's not like the fuckin wheel was invented 35 years ago

  57. I can't tell you how many times my husband (who is older than me) has had to check his wheeled carry on due to lack of space, when my backpack (that is overall larger in every way) gets totally overlooked.

  58. 34 here, I remember. Depends on when your parents decided to upgrade to wheeled luggage. The poorer you were, the less likely you were to have wheels, I'd say.

  59. As someone who travels with duffle bags I have experienced this despite only being 26. Two very large duffle bags, and a backpack for carry on. I was (at the time {age 20) able to fit everything I owned in those.

  60. We’ve also never experience decent health care, an honest media, affordable housing, or a non-compromised federal government, but yeah, at least we have roller luggage. That’s the real American dream.

  61. My dad would travel with an unwheeled suitcase in one hand and a f*ing HUGE Compaq "portable" computer that was about twice the size of his suitcase in the other. It also weighed about 80 lbs., and had to be a carry-on because it was too delicate to check. If you have not seen the early Compaq portables, they are strange. The entire thing would rest on the keyboard that was attached to the bottom, and behind the key board was tiny (9" or 10") green CRT, and a floppy drive. The computer case part was thick metal.

  62. After recently flying for a quick weekend trip pushing my mother in a wheelchair and carrying our 2 big bags without wheels on each shoulder with a jacket around my waist and a crossbody purse, and our tickets in my mouth... yeah. Never again. Gimme all the wheels!!!

  63. I travel with a 75L backpack that gets checked, and a 30L backpack that goes in the overhead compartment. I own zero suitcases

  64. With my army kit I’ve experienced carrying two duffel bags slinged on either shoulder and a barracks box in hand. I really should look into getting wheeled luggage and not using the duffel bags for personal travel.

  65. Dude, I fucking hate wheeled luggage. Even that high pitched squeal as it transitions under load is awful. And if you suddenly find yourself in gravel or an uneven surface you may be unable to carry all your shit because - surprise! - your fat and sedentary self got used to packing extra and now you've got a bulky uneven fifty pounds you were unprepared for. Pack light, save money, don't be a customer if you can help it, get a large backpack or a seabag (duffel bag to you non sailors?) for those long trips.

  66. I just use backpacks because it’s easier to lift those when they’re 45 lbs or something. Carrying a 50lb suitcase is a hassle but a 50lb backpack is just walking

  67. I’m 30 and have never used luggage. I use a backpack every time I go through the airport. If I can’t fit it in a carry-on, I don’t need to travel there.

  68. And this year, people will be turning 21 and buying their first beer, having never been allowed to just waltz into the airport and greet their peeps at the gate.

  69. I'm under 35 and I have experienced it. My younger brother has experienced it too. My 12 year old niece has experienced it too. She never had wheels on her luggage, she takes a backpack with her, as do many other people.

  70. Sounds like the duffle was badly packed. A weeks worth of clothes are maybe 3 pants/skirts/dress, 4-7 varying shirts, one nice set of clothes in case, sneakers and 1 nice shoe pair, 4-7 underwear and socks, bathing suit. Appropriately packed this would easily fit in a normal sized school backpack. If you don't mind my asking if you remember, why didn't you just use a backpack? Much easier to carry with the straps on your back.

  71. Mine still doesn't have wheels. I am firmly of the view that if your luggage is carry-on, you CARRY IT ON. This forces people to think about what they're bringing into the cabin, dissuades people from trying to stuff what is essentially a suitcase into an overhead bin, thereby taking up space that exceeds their allotted proportion of the bin and taking a bunch of time to lift something they can't carry over their head, delaying boarding and therefore takeoff.

  72. This is a dumb take. Most people my age that I've seen traveling take 1 or 2 carry-ons (usually a backpack and a purse/duffel) and no checked luggage. I don't even own wheeled luggage. That's definitely an older generation thing.

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