1. My dentist was charged for buying and using a rape drug on his wife, her body was later found in his yard however he was never charged with any murder or manslaughter. He ended up being deported for the rape drug he plead guilty to if I remember correctly.

  2. I know I have, I went to a funeral of a lady who had been brutally murdered and left in the woods. I gave my condolences to the husband at the funeral and the next week he was arrested for the crime.

  3. Interesting tidbit that I have no idea how true but a detective said people who are guilty are too good at playing the sad spouse. A normal bereaved person still have moment where they forget and laugh at a random conversation even if it’s very brief.

  4. Same. I worked with a lady whose kid stabbed his classmate a few dozen times. Brutal, gruesome, and premeditated. The kid liked me but hated nearly everyone else in the office. I never understood why, and it bothers me often.

  5. Yup. One of my best friends in high school, literally hung out with this guy a couple times a week for 6/7 years, we fell apart, just life ya know, a year later he killed his ex girlfriend and then committed suicide.

  6. I met a guy at a bar once who was openly bragging about killing someone in self defense. Apparently his neighbors were partying and he didn't like it so told them to knock it off and a guy went over to his yard to fight or something so he shot him. I tried not to be around him after that until the pool tourney was over and we could leave. Something just seemed off about him even before he told us all that story

  7. One of my dad’s best friends that I grew up calling uncle had killed someone that had abused his mother. I only found out about this after he had killed his wife. My dad told us when he found out his friend was on the run.

  8. Yup. Had a co-worker snap and kill his girlfriend and he still came into work. We were shooting the shit in between calls when cops suddenly grab him tell him not to resist and walked him out. Also knew a kid who in middle school got into a fight, pushed a kid who fell back head first into a boulder, died almost instantly.

  9. I'm a criminal defense attorney who mostly represents people convicted of murder in post-conviction matters. Most of my clients have killed somebody.

  10. My boyfriend is a criminal defense attorney too so my first though was “damn, my boyfriend knows a disproportionately high number of killers.”

  11. Great that you do that btw, they need people like you. Espescially those of them that didn't do anything. I was thinking of going into that or like criminal justice social work

  12. Sometimes they're even your family members and you do it together😬 there have been cases like that. Like the CA freeway killers. They were cousins. Or you meet them and marry each other, like Bernardo and Hamolka

  13. Damm acording to the news a truck driver got to the accident when she was still alive but 911 told him to not touch them. I can't imagine how heartbroken that guy might be

  14. One of my brothers high school friends was killed by her husband. She was holding their child and slammed a door shut during an argument. He responded by shooting his ar15 at her through the door. Somehow the baby survived. He claimed it was an accident and got probation. He was also military.

  15. I worked with a guy who "accidentally" ran over his ex and killed her in a parking lot. He only lost his license for a few years.

  16. I was friends with an artist for a while, photographed some of his paintings for a website, etc. He gave me one of his paintings as a thank you. Some time later addiction got the best of him, and one day he was in the news for shooting and killing a guy in the street. I still have the painting, I call it the “murder painting”.

  17. That's fucked up, but also I am jealous of your painting. Finding good art with a larger back story than "I thought it looked neat" is hard.

  18. When I was homeless, I met a dude who seemed really cool. After several months of knowing him, he told that dark secret. Then a month later, he disappeared

  19. My friends and I were hanging out doing molly years ago and a guy that who had come over with some friends told that same dark secret the first night I met him. The molly had made him emotional and it came out.

  20. I had something similar happen to me.. I know I did now, but not then. He had a teardrop tattoo under his eye. I was being stalked at the time, AND I was in a homeless shelter. He was actually really pleasant, and I really appreciated how kid he was to me. Even though he was really rough, from a rough background, it was comforting having the conversation with somebody there.

  21. I don’t like talking about it much, but we did shelter a homeless dude. Dude was a bit weird and I didn’t like being around him too much, but he seem well adjusted enough to potentially turn his life around.

  22. One crazy thing about the Uni-bomber is he was a subject of the CIA’s MK Ultra program. The man literally had the government fucking with his mind

  23. My dad was not a good person before he had kids. Like a really not good person. He was really hesitant to tell me about his past when I was a kid because he didn't want me to think what he did was cool. Which because I was also a really bad kid I definitely did think all the stuff he did was cool. After I got my shit together and had been doing really well and went back to school and hadn't even been pulled over for like 10 years I finally asked him if he ever killed anyone. He told me that he had shot a guy a few times in the chest and stabbed another guy in the neck but in his words he never stuck around long enough to actually find out if they died. This was back in the late 60s and early 70s in the outlaw motorcycle group. He died when I was 28 years old. 3 months before I graduated college with an engineering degree. He was a bad guy when he was younger but he had been sober my entire life and the only time he ever hit me was when I was 15 and he told me he was going to call my probation officer if I didn't stop doing drugs and went back to school so I hit him first. I ran away and a cop picked me up walking on the freeway in the middle of the night. I had a black eye and he took me home. While I was in the cop car and the cop told my dad he was going to take me to jail my dad lied and said he hit me first so they would take him and not me. I have my own sons now and miss him every day. I wish so bad I could tell him how sorry I am for being a POS and wish he could meet his grandsons and wish they could know the man who raised me.

  24. Your old man loved you. You were his redemption arc. You turned out good, man, and you know that would have made him very happy.

  25. Im an uber driver. One time a passenger asked me if I was afraid of picking up a serial killer. I said “what are the odds of 2 serial killers being in one UBER?” He laughed, I laughed, we watched each other through the rear view mirror the rest of the ride.

  26. I'm a uber and lyft driver too. I picked up a very kind respectful older man from Wal-Mart. After getting stuck in traffic and making small talk for a while he opened up that he recently got out of prison for manslaughter

  27. This dude i knew has been in prison for a while because he killed his dad. Some native dude i was buddies with that was drinking with his dad when he just got out of jail. He hadn't seen him since he was like 3 years old, and i guess a bunch of bottled up resentment exploded and they got in an argument. He stabbed him in the leg, and since his dad didn't want to get him in shit he told everyone about to call an ambulance to fuck off. Ended up dying from blood loss, and buddy took off 20 years of his best life and has to live with the fact he killed his own dad. I think he's due out in a few years. Oh and this other dude i know bashed his GF to a pulp with a baseball bat and jumped off a bridge after.

  28. I was FB friends with a guy I'd met from hanging around some of the same people. I didn't "know" him know him, but we often ended up in the same spaces and chatted a few times. Then one day, someone else posts from his page that he killed his wife and baby and would basically be in jail for the rest of his life. It was a weird feeling inside.

  29. the local mega church preacher is well known for stabbing an older woman back in the early 70’s. He served his time and then came out fresh as an evangelist, now he’s a multi millionaire. His son (who not surprisingly is a complete up his own ass self righteous fuckhead) now is the leader of said church, while dad goes state to state preaching at different events around the country. Ive met both of them and i truly believe the world wouldve been slightly better off had they not been born at all, but what can you do

  30. Having been raised by bible thumpers and dragged all over the world as a missionary’s brat, I’m insanely curious if I’ve met them.

  31. Have you watched righteous gemstones on HBO? Its a comedy about a mega church family who are all just terrible, bottom of the barrel human beings.

  32. I found out much later that one of my best friends from high school's father killed her step-mother - he was nice enough to let me help disassemble a car when I mentioned that I was interested in that, it's really creepy to know that he would then go on to take a human life.

  33. My grandfather used death threats to keep us from telling anyone about him. Claimed to have killed a kid in the neighborhood decades before we were born. I'm assuming it was a lie. But a kid did get hit by a car in front of my grandfather's house and died in the front yard.

  34. I know this isn’t exactly what OP meant, but there’s a whole lot of us gen x kids that were raised by Vietnam vets. I’ve met a lot of people that have killed someone.

  35. When I worked in a plasma center I was having a chat with a donor in the waiting room. I’d seen him as a donor a few other times. He was going on and on about being with a couple of “hot girls” the previous night. He said I should meet up with him that evening to “hit the bars.” (That was not going to happen…he was creepy.) I lived in a college town at the time.

  36. My mom technically killed my grandma. She was dying of cancer and my mom was splitting taking care of her with an inhome nurse. We got a new nurse that didn't believe in painkillers for religious reasons so my grandmother was in great pain. My mom ended up giving her more painkillers and she overdosed

  37. That nurse angers me. If your religion is an obstacle to you doing your damn job, get a new fucking job because you aren't fit for this one.

  38. I used to sit next to a kid in high school that would later go on to steal an officer's weapon, kill the officer and then kill an innocent bystander.

  39. I worked at a college and knew a student who eventually went on to kill his mom. He was like, a theology major. It took me a second to remember lol

  40. I did too. Then I remembered that a girl who I was in choir with in high school got pregnant, delivered her baby in her toilet, and drowned it.

  41. In my masters program, there was a guy in my class that I thought of setting up with a good friend and I would often drive him home after night classes. In the end I decided not, my friend like to drink and this guy didn't. About a year after we graduated, I found out that he has just been arrested for murder. This was not his first murder either. He had also been planning on more murders, had murder kit. So so so happy I didn't set him up with my friend because he was just his type.

  42. Statistically speaking, by now I've probably killed someone just by spending five years in the late eighties/early nineties asking customers whether they want fries with that.

  43. Well...the president of our country admitted that he killed a few and our office met him so yeah this checks out

  44. Surprised this was so far down. Anyone who has a grandpa who was in Korea, Vietnam, WWII..fair chance they were the cause of someone’s death.

  45. Guy in my neighbourhood when I was 12 to my teen years got shot dead. Police said he was suspected to be involved in up to 16 unsolved murders. (Involved, not necessarily the trigger man for all) Back then, he was the scary older kid, his little cousins would drop his name if you crossed them. As a kid, it was like 'Ya sure, he's a killer'. To see it confirmed in the news.....

  46. I met two when I was a taxi driver and my friend’s nephew whom I knew as a child is serving life for murder. It’s a truly horrible feeling.

  47. Went out with this guy once and he was weird. Wanted me to jump into a lake alone at night. Then wanted me to go play some game out in the woods with him at night. I didn’t. I was young so I brushed it off. Went back to his place. Had 2 bathrooms. Told me to not ever go into one of them. Not for anything so I didn’t. Never seen him again though. Makes me think he even gave me a fake name and stuff. 10 years later and I still wonder what the hell was up with that.

  48. When I was in middle school I was “dating” this girl that went to another school like fifteen minutes away. One time I went with her and like 4 of her friends to a waterpark and everyone seemed normal. Except this one kid that was just kinda quiet and seemed mad but I didn’t really think too much of it. About a week later, my stepdad who was a cop at the time asked me if I knew this kid and I was like “not really but I let him at the water park why?” and he said that morning at like 5am this kid went into his parents room and stabbed them with a kitchen knife. He killed his dad and thought his mom was dead so he left the house but his mom managed to get to a phone and call the cops and they found him down the street playing basketball by himself.

  49. Maybe not killed someone but i know of at least 4 pedos, my boss married a 15 year old... I don't hang out with them nor consider them my friends, but we did exchange some chit chat and they brought that shit up. All of them. Kinda fits the joke "how do you know someone is a vegan?"

  50. I've met multiple. One was a schoolmate who killed his brother and best friend while driving drunk but then I also sat in a room with about ten murderers on a psychology class field trip to Clinton Correctional facility lol.

  51. Was going to make this comment! My boyfriend and I were on a hike one day and met a veteran. Somehow got in this topic about how anyone you meet could have killed someone. The vet we met definitely did, my bf (also a vet) did, I did as a medic. That’s three people who have killed on all one random mountain top together. Although maybe medical negligence or failed treatment doesn’t really count as murder

  52. I know damn well that I have... I know former military who have done and seen some shit... I also work with a guy that shot a man in the head when the man tried to reach into his car and grab his wife.

  53. The first time went shooting was with my friend and one of his friends that I had met once or twice. A year later that guy murdered his wife and teenage step-kids and then shot and killed himself. I haven’t been shooting since and the thought of going again honestly makes me sick to my stomach.

  54. My college lab partner was convicted of killing a senior citizen while hopped up on bath salts. He pled guilty for manslaughter and only got 6 years. Its terrifying to think that hes free now.

  55. I know someone who got to go to rehab instead of prison because they committed the crime off drugs, it’s really ridiculous. If I ever do anything bad I’ll just claim I’m on lsd or something else that can’t be proven

  56. That was my first thought as well. We just had ANZAC Day yesterday, so I shook hands with a number of people who have definitely killed someone.

  57. As a veteran I know a guy who killed his wife when he went home. Shot her twice in the face, accusing her of sleeping around on him. As National Guard, 2 of the arresting officers were in our unit and deployed with him.

  58. I know a couple of people who worked in the military or of that sort. All of which work behind the scenes. Pretty sure their work has indirectly gotten someone killed

  59. Yeah I’ve known several people who died by suicide. Also veterans. Lots of overlap, actually, which is such a tragedy.

  60. My mate met a serial killer when he was a kid. The killer worked in a cinema in Wales, he invited my mate and his sister upstairs to check out the projector. Nothing happened though, just showed them how it worked.

  61. The majority of veterans have never killed anyone or even been in the position to need to. The majority of military personnel actually serve in support roles and never really see combat. The us army is about 70% support troops and 30% combat troops.

  62. I’m not, but I’ve had a few veterans as friends that had all been to Iraq and/or Afghanistan and while most didn’t go into detail I did have one friend who I know for sure killed more than a handful while he was over there. He was a super nice guy but definitely had some demons.

  63. One of my friends when I was growing up was named B for anonymity’s sake. His dad ran the golf course and country club East of town. A few years ago his dad walked into his house and shot him. Wish I hadn’t known that guy.

  64. I have relatives that were soldiers in both sides of the Bosnian war. I know for a fact at least my cousin and uncle killed people.

  65. I live in SoCal, so I expect that I currently live within a mile of a few dozen killers, if not more. Folks are dangerous out here.

  66. Depending on how old you are yes. The statistics are you'll meet seven murderers in your lifetime I heard that a while ago kind of just stuck with me. Feel free to fact check I might be wrong.

  67. I worked with a guy who would go on to kill his adopted son. He was lame but nothing about him indicated he was capable of what he did. You never realy know people.

  68. I have met someone who killed someone I knew. He was convicted, ended up being a serial killer, sentenced to life, still there after 39 years. The woman he murdered had been my baby sitter when I was younger. Our parents were friends.

  69. No I did not, never interacted or was aware of someone who is also a killer. There’s probably a chance I walked by the street where there was a killer, but that’s not really ‘meeting’

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