1. It also ruined the sorority Kappa Kappa Kappa, which I think was a nursing unit? Awkward to say the least now, especially since they were established after the KKK

  2. I was at a minor league game as a kid and I got upset and asked my mom why nobody else was upset at the KKK openly hanging their signs in the stands. Was very relieved at the explanation.

  3. Many years ago, a buddy explained that getting struck out three times in one game was known in some circles as “The Hood.” I asked why, he explained, and I told him how awful that is.

  4. Simon Fraser university in BC recently changed the name of their sports teams from the "Simon Fraser Clan" (named after the literal Gaelic meaning) because people were confusing it with the kkk...

  5. When I was young I joined a clan on Delta Force 2. I was so excited I told my mother. She wasn't happy.

  6. You joked, but SFU of Vancouver Canada have to drop "Clan" from the Athletic team, when it was used to celebrate the Scottish Aspect:

  7. They also ruined the Filipino revolutionary group known as the KKK. Their red flags with KKK written on it are always taken out of context on the vexillology sub.

  8. I went to see Iron Maiden in concert a while back. They were about to start the song, "The Clansman". Dickinson stopped and said, "just to be clear, clan starts with a 'C'."

  9. My daughter is a member of a Scottish re-enactment clan and I can't get her to stop calling it "The Clan". Especially in public. As a guy whose grandparents were in the KKK, it just makes my skin crawl to hear anyone refer to the clan. Even if it's not _the_ clan.

  10. I once knew someone who claimed to have drank an entire bottle of Clan MacGowan and then dreamed that night of bagpipe playing Scotsman hunting him down

  11. Until recently there was a Bar in my hometown called The Clansman (we’re relatively near the Scottish border), which blows our American pal’s mind. 😆

  12. That's what weird about western world. Because a fail art student with funny moustache use swastika and now all the world think swastika as bad thing. Some hillbillies who love to wear white dresses name themselves clan and now the world think all clan is bad.

  13. Yes when the slaves were freed the Democrats had to hide their identities to continue the persecution. It's hard to accept other races as equals. We still struggle with it today. In today's culture non whites are flooded with never ending sympathy and leg-up opportunities and convinced that without input from well meaning people, they're destined for failure.

  14. Honestly, existing clans, brotherhoods, and legions have sullied my desire to join or form a like-minded group around a common goal or interest. Well, a real-life thieves guild also probably wouldn't be like the games...

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