1. Check out Zip trader Charlie! If we get above $1 shits on! Shorts are seriously severely screwed RIGHT NOW! And about to cause massive upside to the $3 area! Cant stop now, almost to the other side of the rainbow family! Gonna be a great Christmas for our families!!

  2. Literally none of these are good squeezes but I see you all are putting your COSM winnings into REED this morning. This does not have the same set up as COSM. I don't see any FTDs and the only short volume of any note for the last couple of months was yesterday. Please explain your thesis on this. Are you thinking value play here? I don't think they had great earnings. If you want to go for a value/squeeze play with FTDs, high SI, and recent great earnings, ZEV is your tickets. I could give you at least 3-4 others with even better set ups than ZEV but you would have to keep an open mind as you all just seem to see the 2-4 week old SI data and then mock the plays. If you check my posts/calls or follow me here you probably can see that I make pretty good at calls.

  3. Lol 😂 I feel ya. No this will go back up kinda knew we were going to get it cause there was massive short covering on the initial run which puts more shortable shares in play and ppl with more liquidity jumped on it.

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