1. If you're a man, choose gay sex! You can't accidentally impregnate a woman who will be forced to carry it and force you to pay child support!

  2. They seem to forget what happened at places like Stonewall: you can’t oppress an angry minority who has had enough of your bullshit. Especially not when they are armed.

  3. Forgoing sex altogether is another legit option. There are plenty of options for orgasms that don't require another person to be present.

  4. Yeah because its not like men have fingers, hands and mouths is it?..or access to penis shaped strap ons..oh wait..

  5. much more enjoyable because women actually know and care about whats going on down there. you dont know how many straight men ive talked to dont even know where the cl!t is.

  6. Lmao. So I'm not gay (but hey I could end up being gay one day, who the hell knows), and I've actually thought this as a reason why I should try dating a girl. Dating guys has not worked out for me so far so if the opportunity presented itself one day to try dating a girl maybe I would.

  7. Easier said than done. My life would probably be a lot easier if I enjoyed fucking women but it’s just too weird. I love Dick, always have, always will.

  8. Just ask a couple straight men any question about vaginal anatomy, and then tell me if you think a high percentage of them know how to pleasure a woman.

  9. I no longer will be involved romantically with woman for fear of pregnancy. Transgender woman on the other hand, howdy doo 👋

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