1. I see this posted a lot on this sub. I think I was lucky and never saw the game over screen of this particular fight when I was a kid. But looking at this again, it reminds me of a close up of the moon from Majoras Mask. Something that terrified me as a kid, and left such a lasting impact, even to this day, it still creeps me out.

  2. been thinking about how scary this game would’ve been to me when i was a kid, the mysterious and eerie feeling of this game alone would’ve traumatized me if i had it so i’m kind of glad i had never heard of it. though the fact it’s horrifying without really trying to be i think makes the game beautiful

  3. You should see the ps4: I fell off Agro, Dirge came up and killed me and I got his game over screen before I could even process what the hell had happened

  4. Dirge is my favourite colossi because I love the thrill of the chase he gives you but I never got his death screen, I got one for Gaius though when he blasted me off the ledge into the abyss trying to sneak around under him.

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