1. Seroquel makes me sleepy. BUT omg my thoughts are so much more logical and organized and I am coherent. Before I was completely disorganized

  2. I’ve been on seroquel for a few months now to help with my Borderline personality disorder and insomnia. Medication reacts differently with everyone, so I can’t say anything in terms of sleepwalking because i’ve never had that problem. I take 200mg every night, and it makes me sleep like a baby, and in the morning I feel pretty good. Again, it’s different for everyone thought.

  3. Late to the game. All I can say is that this medicine is amazing and helped me get my life back. Makes me feel like myself without any weird side effects (feeling ‘out of it’ or super drowsy all the time) so thankful for this med.

  4. I would stay optimistic but tread lightly. I loved Seroquel when I first started taking it, but as my dosage increased over the years, the side effects became intolerable. For reference, I was taking 900mg/night when I told my psychiatrist I wanted off. In retrospect, it was an aggressively high dosage, but I didn't question it at the time. 100mg sounds pleasant. I hope it's going well for you.

  5. I take all three now actually! It works great. I've gained a bunch of weight on the quetiapine so I'm wanting to get off that

  6. Are you taking Slow Release (SR) or regular? SR seems to work much better for me in terms of sleep and grogginess as you say.

  7. Improved sleep, improved cognition. Took a few days to get used to mentally and physically. It’s not my only med but after the initial adjustment period, it works for me. I had debilitating insomnia and it helped with that. It helps me function normally. I had tried other meds that were horrible for me. I think if it’s right for you, you’ll know and your life will get better.

  8. Seroquel has worked very well for me. I take it before bed time and it has helped me sleep more than anything I could have hoped for. I've relied on sleep aids for years. I'm on a low dose however, along with citalopram.

  9. I'm on a lot of meds at the moment (which are good for mood disorder), but my physical health is worsening after high doses of Seroquel for 4 yrs now. Gone from normal BMI to overweight, very high cholesterol and hypo thyroidism, which I now need even more meds for. I'm funding my local pharmacy. Any one else have these health issues due to meds?

  10. Depends on your dose, i have been taking 5,6 12,5 25 50 and now 100mg a day. 100mv sucks ass. You feel psychologically a little more stable but your tired and drowsy all the time and you still can’t sleep well. 50 is best for sleeping. Between 12,5 and 25 you just get sleepy. 5,6 and 12,5 you don’t feel much.

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