1. Sekiro has the best combat system From has made. It's not my overall favorite game by them, but that combat...just so very, very satisfying

  2. I love how the game can be completed perfectly fine without needing any combat arts or prosthetic tools. Just your sword and some deflection.

  3. In my experience ,sometimes its better to forget you even have prostetics… i love them and use them a lot, but trying to use them too much againts bosses only resulted a lot of death, firecracker is awesome tho

  4. Sekiro is my favorite of the series by far. The boss escalting difficulty curve is something that is fantastic as well. Bosses feel like they get more challenging until the end when the final 3 bosses are absolutely brutal. In the other games, bosses tended to have weird spikes in difficulty throughout and then go back to normal.

  5. Hell yeah. I've never played anything From Software or anything this hard. I'm 110 hours in on my first play and this is hands down my FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME... HAVE FUN!!! ITS CHALLENGING BUT SO WORTH IT!!!

  6. Its easyier if you havent played any FS game before, having houndreds of hours in all of them fcked me over, the hardest part was recalibrating my brain to not jump or dodge unless i have to

  7. Hah! I was at the same spot of you, OP. Souls veteran here, it's so different that i wasn't having a good time with miniboss after miniboss and thought it wasn't simply designed for me. Quit for a month then came back to give a new try. With strength of hate, went through the fucking bull and got to Genichiro. There, the game clicked lol.

  8. Sadly This is how many Soulsborne veterans feel, i just wish that they’d atleast try it before they shit on it

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