1. If I board an enemy ship and see a tall tale down and nothing else then I usually leave them alone but if you're flying an emmisary flag and doing a tall tale then sorry im still taking that flag.

  2. At one point I ran into a sloop doing a tall tale he had a load of loot on his ship so I spent the last few minutes unloading his loot onto mine leaving just the tall tale stuff

  3. Haha, I think the honorable thing to do is leave tell-tale people alone. I believe most people try to be honorable.

  4. Yep, pretty much. People are free to sink players on a tall tale if they wish, and I'm free to think they're a weak, power-hungry, trash human being for doing so.

  5. This happens to me every time I play. I never provoke anyone. I love this game for the PvE. I like the open sea battles. But most people just troll as sink my boat while I am on an island. Nothing fair bo challenge just trolls sinking my ship while I can’t fight back. I have been playing this game for 3 years now and probably only had a fair fight we’re ships are battling 5 times.

  6. I can't help but laugh sometimes. This game honestly feels like a social experiment on whether people would willingly screw over others just because they can and the majority of people take it by a long shot.

  7. It is but I've spent the last 3 days having people chase me down for literally hours for my tall tale quest items for some reason. I always tell them I'm just doing tall tales but they just chase and chase and chase. One went on so long I ended up having to go to bed so I sailed off the map, a total waste of everyone's time. I don't really understand it.

  8. This was happening to my brother and I EVERY night. We’d do a few forts to get supplies and some basic loot (like 100k worth) and then just get chased for hours until we were so bored we’d quit.

  9. IMO if you are just gonna sail into the Red Sea and have nothing ob your boat why not battle it out instead of running for an hour. You could easily win and continue or lose and start from the last save point. Either way you are most likely able use most the time you have to play for what you "want" to do.

  10. Tall Talers should be protected as much as possible, and you can end up in a supply to gain deficit by wasting time and resources sinking them.

  11. It is worth checking ... if they really do only tall tale, than it "makes no sense" to sink them. You can not gain anything from it, and you can only cause frustration for another player. Dick move, to be avoided.

  12. I mean do whatever you want I guess but I personally wouldn't. Any time I see someone doing a tall tale I just turn the other way and look to pvp somewhere else.

  13. I wish there was a special flag that can only be flown while a tall tale is active. Boarding to check the loot/voyage table can be a bit cumbersome just to check. But yeah, I try to avoid being aggressive with tall tale crews as much as possible.

  14. I mean, I quit the game for nearly six months because I kept getting sunk during tall tales. My crew sunk a tall taler by accident once. We tracked her down and returned whatever piece of Briggsy she had at the time. This was before there were checkpoints. Now at least you can get your quest items returned.

  15. I mean you will get nothing out of the tall tale stuff as I'm pretty sure you can't sell it or anything.

  16. Yeah, nah. Tall Tale folk are to be left alone, especially if that's all they have. You can't even really use their stuff.

  17. Dude. Yes that's frowned upon. that's like douche city. There is no value for you to take their Tall tale items other than "hur hurr pirates go steal stuff" which is the same thing as "it's what my character would do" in roleplaying games. Douche canoe to the max, that

  18. The simple answer is yes because you have no use for it unless you are actually doing the tall tale and even then I don’t think theirs would count towards your own

  19. Ive had multiple people shoot down my parked (?) ship on a tall tale island and I wouldnt know until it said the item was lost, and most of the time I never even have loot doing them.

  20. Yeah I think so, if I start jumping someone and I see they're j doing a tall tale and nothing else I'll usually apologize fix any damage to their ship and leave them alone, that said it is a pirate game so they're really more like guidelines

  21. If all they're doing is a tall tale and have nothing else then yeah thats toxic. The checkpoints help a bit but they aren't in great spots and it can still take awhile to get back to that spot. Recently had this exact issue where people tried to sink us and we were 1 island before the checkpoint. Sailing and solving the puzzles takes time.

  22. Generally yes. You don't get any value out of them unless you're doing the same tall tale. All you're really doing is making it harder to complete an already tedious questline

  23. It's an unspoken "rule" in the community that you shouldn't sink tall-tallers unless they have an emissary flag or are aggressive to you.

  24. Well, technically no, cause it's a pirate game and stealing is normal but in my opinion, leave tall tale players alone, their items are not worth it to ruin their story game :/

  25. Not like you can even sell anything besides the ancient chest which they can still do their tall tale without that. You can't even just start the tall tale and turn in stolen tall tale items to finish it. Only reason to steal tall tale items is to prevent someone from completing their tall tale.

  26. I consider it as impolite as sinking someone who has no loot nor Emissary, to be honest. People in this sub seem to be ok with that, though, for some reason.

  27. I’ll fight someone who has no loot or flag because I like a good fight, but I won’t chase them down, that’s no fun at all

  28. I like to help new friends or even randoms with tall tales; white flag, default ship set and raised cannons meant that the crew is doing tall tales but I noticed people don't care anymore. Though, it happened that a couple of players helped us with buckets after almost sinking our sloop and noticing there was only tall tales relates items on board. For me it's 50/50, even if you show them you're doing tall tales sometimes people don't care...thank god for the checkpoints :)

  29. Tall Tales do not mesh at all with the shared open world idea, leading to buttfrustration when a tall taler encounters a crew doing typical adventure stuff and vice versa.

  30. No problem. You can't sell the items that are necessary for the tall tale. Yes, you can sell a themed chest, but that's it.

  31. Our group tends not to intentionally sink ships that appear only to be doing tall tales. We might tax their supplies if we're feeling cheeky, but let them go on their way. Now if they've got a bunch of non tall tale loot onboard, then we're going for it. Firing on our ship (regardless of who shot first) is also taken as a sign of consent to battle regardless of what may be on their ship. Ultimately we have fun and make a reasonable effort to ensure other pirates have fun encountering us. (Sometimes that looks like drinking grog at the tavern with another crew, and other times it is all out naval warfare)

  32. its kind of a dick move, i mean obviously you wont know they're doing a tall tale but sinking them to steal their story item is pretty douchy, though i would sink a guy for the bone version of treasure chests so perhaps im no better

  33. Honestly, sinking tall talers or fishers is just a dick move. They're literally no threat and you can only lose time and resources. You may gain some petty loot, but you could have spent the same amount of time hunting people doing voyages to gain far superior loot

  34. Absolutely, you can't turn that in for gold or anything. It's just a dick move intentionally ruining someone else's fun.

  35. With the checkpoints they can just cancel the tall tale and the item will disappear, then when they start at the checkpoint it comes back on their voyage table.

  36. I think it’s pretty lame to sink tall talers (pirate game, yadi yada), they usually don’t have real loot and are usually new players since all of them have been around for over a year so you usually don’t even get a good fight out of it

  37. Scummy. I get trying to sink someone for loot but tall tale items literally give you nothing so youre just being a dick for the sake of being a dick.

  38. If I see a ship and we bored and they have no loot no flag, just a skull from captain Douglas, i will just grab the chainshots and leave them be. People on tall tales are just vibing and usually are just wanting to do commendations. However a grade 5 flag is a grade 5 flag, but ill still feel bad for sinking them.

  39. The further into the tall tale they are, the worse it is, it's not as bad now with the whole checkpoint system but it's still a dick move.

  40. If they only are doing the tall tale than yes, it’s very rude. We are a community, and we know tall tales take time, so there is basically no reason to sink someone who is just doing that. It’s common courtesy.

  41. yeah, its a dick move. You cant do anything with those tall tale items, but now they have to restart their tall tale which they have been working on. Its just senseless griefing since you arent getting anything at all from it. You are just ruining someone elses day.

  42. Even as an avid reaper, sinking people doing Tall Tales is just a dick move. I’ve been on the receiving end of it a couple of times and it’s annoying. Usually I just climb aboard, see that they are doing one, and if they’re within eyesight I will quickly ask them if I can take some supplies from their boat (generally a few cannonballs and chainshots) and then be off. Let them enjoy the adventure if it’s their first time or be as quick as possible with it if they’re going for completions

  43. If they fire first then it’s free game otherwise I leave them alone. When I’ve been doing Tall Tales people usually leave me be after a talk.

  44. I recently finished the Tall Tales. I made a habit of never carrying anything of value. In all the time, there was just a single occasion that a pirate boarded me and then left me alone. More often than not, I’d get killed, lose all supplies, and/or the boat.

  45. Yes, it is, but also...why would you? Outside of a very small number of them, they can't be sold so the only reason to do that is to ruin someone's day. That's just you being an asshole.

  46. One time I was solo slooping a tall tale and a galleon of reapers fired on me while I was parked at an island. I surrendered with the megaphone and offered my supplies, they came aboard and patched all the holes they'd made and gathered all the treasure from the island and put it on my ship.

  47. I think it's kind of a dick move, but this is a pirate game where dick moves are totally fair game.

  48. Used to be before saving your talk tales was a thing. Now that they have so many checkpoints on them it's not that bad if you end up sunk. Now hunting someone knowing they're doing a tall tale is a dick move because you can't even say you wanted the loot because none of the tall tale stuff barring a couple items sell for much if at all. Just use common sense and don't be a jerk

  49. Yeah it's a toxic move. I can see stealing their chains and meat, but sinking a tall tale goer? That's some needy ego play.

  50. I’m all for ruining people’s voyage but if I board and see they’re on a tall tale I’ll help them repair, but take their curse balls if they have any.

  51. I leave both tall tale and merchant players alone. Merchant loot goes to crap when you sink them plus I refuse to deliver anything. That and it’s genuinely one of the toughest to grind. I’ll usually ask as I pull up “peace or combat”. If they don’t have loot I leave. If they do I likely won’t. If they’re at the dock with a basic ship I leave them alone as well. Most players don’t do this though.

  52. Depends on the crew. Once sunk a Galleon that was rather toxic over voice, And i was having fun with it. During that whole encounter they never mentioned them being on a TT. Once they sunk they had some loot and low and behold a TT item(this was before check points, GG).

  53. Every time I try to do a tall tale, there's always someone sinking my ship and spawn camping me. I just don't do tall tales anymore - it's incredibly frustrating, and (in my opinion) short-sighted of Rare to allow your quest items be lost.

  54. Some guys (reaper Emissary 5) sank me just after I finished the last fort of the legend of the veil voyage (solo). They took all my loot and the last veil stone. That failed the voyage.

  55. It's still just annoying to have to switch server an start your checkpoint again and the person who sinks you gets literally nothing at all.

  56. It’s honestly my one rule. Never attack people on tall tales. I normally try to get a view of their table just to check and if they’re doing one I just apologise and leave.

  57. When I was 100% all the tale tales, at least once a run (5 runs each tall tale) I was attacked and or sunk, so anything's fair game I suppose. Even had one person doing the same TT as I was and sank me because they wanted to be the only ones actively doing it.

  58. ...Why? I don't understand that mentality. There is literally no exclusivity to tall tales, why prevent someone else from doing it?

  59. I would never touch a tall taler, even if they were flying an emissary flag (although I'd raise an eyebrow at the flag). I think respecting people that are doing something wildly different in terms of gameplay just leads to a way nicer community, and chances are that they will remember the kindness they were offered, and then pay it forward, creating a nice culture.

  60. It's a dick move to sink someone on a TT but if they have an emmisary up then I think that's fair game

  61. I wish I had more comportments on my ship. It would be so handy to be able to store cannonballs at the ready instead of having to go belowdecks for them.

  62. Sinking people for the sake of sinking them, which is what sinking a tall tale really is, is a dick move however you look at it. Getting some big payout from someone who has been running emissary quests is fine, or getting revenge or even just fighting over rights to dock on the outpost, but sinking someone who has worthless story items just to flex over how your 3-man brig crew sank a solo sloop doing a story mission who was probably not even on the ship at the time? C'mon.

  63. Eh with the checkpoint system now sinking during a tall tale really isn’t a huge deal. It is annoying but it’s better than how it originally was

  64. If you're on the seas, I'm sinking you. I don't care if you're baking grandma a cake on the pan or doing a tall tale.

  65. You have no idea people are doing tall tales unless you board them. Being on tall tales also does not mean they have no treasure worth stealing as they will likely find some along the way. They can cancel mission and reload the checkpoint which spawns required quest items back on their ship although some tales are not as generous with checkpoints as others are. Why steal the quest items though? Another players quest items are useless to you its best to just steal the other valuables

  66. You can do whatever you want as long as you stay polite. For example, you can say: I politely forbid you to do any tall tale in my vicinity and I will spoil every attempt at it.

  67. Yes by most. As someone who got gold curse before checkpoints I would say its oke to do. Its not much progress people are losing.

  68. It’s sea of thieves…. It’s like bitching about getting bumped/demo’d in rocket league… it’s a pirate game

  69. Piracy was a business with risk Vs reward. You get no reward for sinking someone on a tall tale, so you're actually not even acting like a pirate.

  70. Piracy was a business with risk Vs reward. You get no reward for sinking someone on a tall tale, so you're actually not even acting like a pirate.

  71. Yes. If they have tall tale items, and their resistance is futile then you must save their ship and give back their quest items. The rest of the loot and supplies are free game though. However if you sink them you must go to where the item can be obtained and put it back so they can find it again.

  72. Being in a position to sink someone doing a tall tale is my absolute favorite! I sit on their ship with a gunpowder barrel and then tell them that if they don’t eat all the worms in their inventory that I’ll detonate it.

  73. Basically the story mode, I suggest to do it because it's cool, you can find the first one in every tavern near the mysterious man and the location for the others can be found in the tall tales menu in "my reputation" (where you can also check your level with factions), then other than the base arch there's a couple of other mission which I suggest to do it after the base ones (they are the last in the order of menu). There's also 5 about Pirates of the Carribbean which can be activated at the green/blue tent in every outpost but for enjoying them at the best I suggest to do them after the base arch and the extra ones.

  74. I'm of the opinion that, if all they're doing is a tall tale and have nothing else on the ship, then I leave them alone. On the other hand, if they have loot on the ship or are flying an emissary flag, then engaging them is fair game.

  75. I leave them to it, most of the time they just want to experience the narrative or get some commendations and I've got very little to gain from taking that fight

  76. Nobody gets a pass. Just kidding I totally have a guy a pass the other day because we were getting off and he was just tall tale grinding.

  77. If I feel like boarding their ship, I’ll check to see what they’re doing. If it’s a tall tale, normally they live. If they’re dicks, I sink em anyway

  78. Yes, I think generally it's frowned upon. I don't know it just feels bad to me personally. My crew has actually gone as far as sinking a player and taking their loot, realizing they have a tall tale item and finding/meeting them on the map to give it back to them.

  79. If you chose to raise an emissary then expect to be attacked. If you don’t have an emissary up and are doing a tall tale, I will ask you if you need any help. It’s all about keeping the vibe.

  80. Generally I do my best to leave TT ships alone once I know they're doing a TT, and have had to tell crew mates off for being too bloodthirsty before. But, if they attack me, I will retaliate. Don't keg my ship then complain about me sinking you because you're "just doing a tall tale," you started this.

  81. I think it's a pretty scummy move, yeah. Aside from the Gold Hoarder Skull, and the Chest of Everlasting Sorrow, Tale quest items are worthless and serve no purpose to steal, other than to be toxic and ruin the tale purposely. Now obviously most would agree that if someone is flying an emissary flag, that's fair game as well, and I agree. But unprovoked, purposeful sinking of Tale ships is really shitty and scummy in my book.

  82. Well I think, correct me if I am wrong, tall tale items that you take from other players once you sail far enough from them they might be automatically returned to the player and disappear from your ship. I say this because I had someone give me a tall tale item before, it was like a gem, and once they sailed away the item was gone. We were in an alliance, they had not left the game, so other possibility is that they canceled the tall tale. I don’t know, but here are my two cents.

  83. I'd say if you know they're doing a tall tale then it'd be a dick move. But, imo, if you have an emissary flag up at all, you're fair game, no matter what you're up to.

  84. Is it nice? No. Is it a big deal? Not really no. Most tall tale items can be re obtained by closing the quest and restarting. A lot of people seem unaware of this, so if you do this you may get some hate messages or people begging for their items back.

  85. Personally, if I am chasing or attempting to fight a boat who claims to be tall talers I ask them to anchor and allow me to board. If they do and I verify that they are telling the truth I take a piece of treasure (if they have any unrelated to the tall tale) or whatever supplies fit in my inventory as a tax, and leave them be. Most tall talers accept this offer, and when crews don’t accept this offer we fight them. If possible we will board and check if they were tall talers. If they were we will keep them floating while we steal all their supplies and treasure (unrelated to the tall tale), then we repair their boat and be on our way. Usually, if a crew refused the board, they weren’t actually tall talers and we got a bunch of loot from them.

  86. depends. if the items is needed for tale progress, it’s not cool. but if it’s the Gold Hoarder Skull, I see no issue with stealing it as you’re not required to sell it in order to complete the Tall Tale.

  87. Yes... unless they are carrying a buttload of treasure. Dumb idea, doing a tall tale and carrying treasure around.

  88. You'll get mixed opinions, if theyre clearly new players and avoiding a fight, I'll leave them alone, if not it's always good training.

  89. My best friend and I have a personal rule that, if you are doing a tall tale, or so obviously new that you are a legit noob, we won't kill you. If you come at us though. We will defend ourselves.

  90. I'd say its a dick move to sink someone doing a Tall Tale knowingly, but in most cases its more or less just an unfortunate by-product of Rare's game design.

  91. Yesterday I while solo slooping on a Tale got sunk by two gold hoarders, I met them again at the outpost and they very nicely handed me the quest items back

  92. I endeavor to always avoid sinking tall tales. that said there was one ship that was aggressively hounding us and stealing our loot, and when I killed the guy thinking he was making off with our chest, it turned out it was the Ancients chest from the shroudbreaker with the totem still in it. we took it and ran. fair play if you didn't start it

  93. In my opinion, sinking someone who is just doing a tall tale and has no emissary is just a dick move. I've been the guy that's been sunk doing a tall tale. I didn't even fight back because I wasn't in the mood to fight that session, just wanted to experience some of the story the game offers. I just got off for the night because what's the fun in being harassed to do a tall tale? I really don't get the people that think sinking someone like this is fun.

  94. I was tucking on an outpost once waiting for a ship to dock. Someone jumped in the water and started swimming an item to shore. So I murdered him and checked out what he had in his hands. It was a TT item. I felt bad. I left it for him in the beach and went to hide. He cannoned over and found his stuff. He spun around in circles and jumped for joy when he seen them on the beach. I felt good.

  95. Yea literally was doing tall tale #7 and some dude leaves a skull I found but took the tall tale piece I needed. 😣 I even told him he could have the skull which made it that much more frustrating.

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