1. If this was dagger tooth I'd be down to destroy it. Otherwise I don't want one less outpost. I already never use dagger tooth.

  2. I only rag on dagger tooth b/c it's meta SoT to say it's the worst outpost. Old Faithful though ... my contempt is real. Bulldoze that whole place.

  3. if we are leaving it then i feel like there should be a new outpost in the Shores of Plenty, its a big region, too big for just one outpost

  4. Literally it’s the easiest choice ever, just side with Merrick and rebuild one of the main selling areas. Or you can destroy it with no purpose whatsoever

  5. But you don't know if there's no purpose. You also don't know if the outpost will come back. This is all speculation right now. I'm choosing Reapers, just so we have something different.

  6. There is no conclusive evidence that indicates we will not receive a new outpost if the trading companies were to win. Just like there is also no conclusive evidence that suggests that nothing will happen if the Reapers were to win. All we know so far is that the community will choose an unspecified outcome for Golden Sands Outpost.

  7. Yeah but considering there's only two weeks between the end of an adventure and the start of the next one, that's not a lot of time to change the whole narrative, create the content itself, and bug fix it. So Im doubtful that it will change in a major way.

  8. There is also no evidence period that we will get a new outpost, that's made up based on nothing. I'm going to run under the assumption that we will not, because I have no reason to think otherwise. That being the case, I want golden sands rebuilt.

  9. I do find it funny, I’ve looked at many comment sections in support of burning Golden Sands, everyone assumes something cool and Reaper themed will replace it, but so far, the only thing we know is we all permanently lose an outpost. There’s no evidence of anything else.

  10. I just want a outpost removed, there is too much outposts in the game rn, 1 per corner is what we should have. A lot of more interesting situations have happened In shores of plenty because they can’t just run to a outpost 3 tiles away

  11. Tbh I'm just sick of never spawning on that side of the map. I'd be fine with another outpost/spawn location over there even, I'm just sick of starting at dagger tooth or ancient spire, my two least favorite outposts.

  12. I’ve always wanted a completely different map at some point, obviously with the huge entertainment of the story that has a 0% chance of happening, so I’d be down with destroying Golden Sands so long as another outpost is created. Personally before I choose what side I gotta see what Rare is actually going to do w this decision. Destroy it and it’s permanently gone? Destroyed its some reapers thing? I’m curious nonetheless

  13. I hope no matter what happens, the outpost is significantly changed and doesn’t just turn into “everything reverts back to normal as if nothing happened and they lived happily ever after” or just turn into a second reaper selling spot

  14. I wanna see a full on reaper v company war, with players able to pick sides. Like 5 reaper hideouts acting like normal outposts so it doesn’t impact gameplay massively. You could even do outpost wars, with players on either sides meeting to fight for the outposts allegiance

  15. With the new season there's going to be an in-game event that'll let players choose to side with one of two factions in game. One is trying to destroy the golden sands outpost for some nefarious purpose (it's currently shrouded in green mist and no NPCs are there) and another is trying to defend and re-build it. We don't yet know whether something will go in it's place if it's destroyed, nor if it'll change in any way if its rebuilt.

  16. It depends on how you look at it. From a pvp perspective if you catch someone off gaurd on that section of the map it's one less ace for them to run to.

  17. Actually I've heard you're gonna get a title and cosmetic exclusive only to siding with The Servant to show dedication to vengeance or some shit

  18. Reaper hopper here, golden sands is one of the closest outposts to the hideout. You can cut off more reapers if golden sands exists.

  19. You all really think about the future. There will come updates where things and the map changes. This time the only change we can vote for is rebuild golden sands or leave it an empty island. If you think "if we leave it blank they could make change in a future update", you can as well think "if we rebuild it, they can change an other island in the future". Just destroying it because "i WaNt ThE mAp To ChAnGe" is plain stupid

  20. Dude, the villains never win the second act. it's a lot more interesting when the heros win, then at the top of the third act the villains do something even more drastic that puts the heros on the backstep.

  21. Ever since Golden sands have been lost to the reapers and Flameheart, Merrick wants to rebuild the area back to a useable outpost. The reapers caught news of this and want to keep Golden Sands destroyed as is. The players will decide the outcome in the new adventure in a few days! We actually don’t know much but people are speculating a lot.

  22. We recieve change and something new to happen, which is interesting and exciting. The alternative is everything goes back to how it was... which is how its been for 4 years.

  23. I thought it was relatively obvious. Even though it was not confirmed, I assumed we would either get another outpost if Merrick wins or another Reaper's Hideout if the Reapers win.

  24. It’s pretty close to the current hideout would we need it? It seems like itd just make it easier for reaper runners or multiple reapers to coexist

  25. well on the other hand, I don't want golden sands to have the same ugly grayish filter as the reapers hideout, merrick has been my one true love ever since the hungering deep, and reapers bones players are the worst

  26. Aren't you even slightly curious what'll go in it's place though? Why wouldn't you want to encourage something new? 🤔

  27. Bro we dont even know what they will do with it why would they just do literally nothing with it? I feel like its going to become the spot for the pl type reaper thing and something instead of just getting golden sands back

  28. Some of us like the idea of cornering someone where they cannot sell and have to either fight or red sea their loot.

  29. Hindering? You mean one less place to go buy items access the legend hideout buy voyages customize my ship and spawn. Also screw flame heart he has a micro penis and never shuts the hell up about supplies.

  30. I bet either choice will give us a new golden sands. The old one is gone, and the choice we make picks what will replace it. Either a new, changed up outpost, or some form of new reaper outpost.

  31. Either let the Reapers destroy the outpost and keep it in ruin (ord don’t as they please with it) or rebuild it with Merrick and the villagers we freed in the other adventures

  32. Golden sands was my favourite. I was going there and my friend told me “don’t go to golden sands” I asked why and I googled it and almost cried

  33. Reapers benefit from giving people less voyage selling spots, making camping other spots easier for them.

  34. I was solo slooping vaults and lost about 3 hours worth of loot thanks to golden sands forcing me to the next outpost over which happened to spawn a galleon right as I got there that killed me instantly while I was on shore. Hmmmm wonder who I’ll side with

  35. But how do you know that we wont get anything of we destroy GS? The only way to know is to destroy it! They might put something there

  36. How do you know Golden Sands won't be rebuilt differently if we rebuild it? The only way to know is to rebuild it.

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