1. Sometimes I wish they wouldn’t have removed the game mode were everyone PvP’s also not saying that would fix the problems and yes they were being assholes, but there there is no other easy way for people to get players in one central area to fight

  2. As a pirate who literally only plays this game to PvP, if you camp ANY time limited content, you're a bitch.

  3. theres 4 hours left and i literally cant get near the Killer whale theres literally always someone there who attacks on site.

  4. Intentionally hunting people who don't have an emissary flag up and no skin at all is a bitch move. 99% of the time they're new to the game and will never play again after being hunted for no reason. I was one of those. I no longer play the game for this reason. The one sloop kept following us and sinking us, and we had literally nothing, hadn't even gotten to our quest island, and we kept getting murdered by the same people

  5. I was trying to help a sloop do it bet a galleon full of double gunners never tried to sink us just be real toxic. Wish they brought arena back or a pve only thing so you could either get better in arena or just do pve if thats your kind of thing

  6. Anyone that purposely prevents people from participating in the time-limited adventure are honestly scummy as fuck. I love PvP, but doing that is cringe and not something that should be supported.

  7. I agree. This also needs pushing to rare. Designing this system that can be easily abused is their design problem. But they don’t generate things that force or even encourage PvP

  8. I'm told PvP is part of this game, and that this therefore means we're not allowed to complain about sweaty tryhard assholes.

  9. The problem is the design of the Killer Whale. It offers up a huge sum of very good fruit and basically infinite cannonballs on top of being an unsinkable, stable platform. This makes getting people off there virtually impossible. If the location didn't have the food and cannonball barrels it'd be pretty simple to clear out.

  10. Just spent 4 hours with all megalodon souls collected, waiting for someone to come by wanting to complete the event with it basically handed to them. My friend and me aren't going to get to complete the event. This is our 3rd time trying. Very disappointing

  11. This is exactly how it went for me. I solo sloop so getting all 4 was hard. Add to that a dead server when I did finally get it done and well…. I hung around long enough for a sever merge and it wiped the effigies off the table. Rip.

  12. I love how even PvP’ers will jump in to say that this behavior is garbage, but any time that anyone suggests something mechanically to prevent stuff like this in this sub they get crapped on.

  13. Too bad you're not on my server. Me and my buddy have been sitting here waiting to finish it and nobody has come to help

  14. as a solo slooper im amazed i managed to find a nice gally willing to do it with me, i didnt get to do all the meg fights because they were already done with that just waiting to summon the shroud and i got to beat it with them, real fun

  15. I mean, in all other situations the game being based around stereotypical piracy is a true point, but I'll agree that doing it just to stop people getting something time limited is a shitty move.

  16. In case you don't know, you can report those griefer assholes. Get them on video and send it to rare, they will take action.

  17. That sucks. People camping a time limited event is kinda pathetic. If they want to fight, they could wait until the adventure is competed and the shrouded's loot surfaces, because that's what a "pirate" would do (probably?), and it doesn't put your enjoyment at the expense of ppl finishing the adventure.

  18. Arena was for people that wanted a fair fight against others who wanted to fight which is why it was so underused. These people camping the Killer Whale wouldn't have been in arena anyways because they just want to kill people not looking for a fight.

  19. I don't have much time to play during the week. This adventure is long and requires a lot of time. If someone comes and continuously sinks my ship (which I assure you had little to no loot at the times I was sunk) and no one is willing to help in the adventure (which forces you to cooperate) it becomes an issue and bad game design. Especially considering it's a game where you spend hours upon hours just sailing where the actual content is.

  20. I like Sea of Thieves for PvE. It won’t happen, but if there was a way to play only co-op PvE, I’d definitely do that. One of the main reason I don’t play as much as I used to is that PvP exists in the game. I’m just not a fan of the mechanic. It prioritizes someone else’s enjoyment over mine. (See also: Playing Elden Ring co-op).

  21. Nobody, and I mean nobody who does this will look at your post and have a change of heart. All these posts do in essence is virtue signal. Nobody is going to stop being an asshole, no you won't make a spawn camper stop spawn camping, you won't change any toxicity in any form sot with a reddit thread. Stop giving negative shit attention and feel the need to bring it up as some sort of crusade against toxicity in SOT. If anything you make it more prominent by telling them that it gets to you enough to make a thread about it.

  22. Well, at least I as the reader now know that I'm not the only one who finds that these guys are douches. Not saying anything isn't gonna change anything either.

  23. Never have I ever attacked anyone doing this adventure. I am a bastard PvP machine, but I am here on Reddit a lot. I saw so many of you struggling to get the thing done, it would be so low to poach on people already having difficulties.

  24. I understand your perspective, but don't you think the blame should fall on Rare's design choices, rather than blaming the players?

  25. "that this is a fail on rare's design choice". What bigger cue than "this is a lore event that does not embody any loot or rewards to contest" does one even need? They literally stated that unlike the past adventure(s), this one would not have items one could intercept for some gold, and that the shrouded ghost would not drop loot or count for commendations.

  26. Yep. I got some campers the other day (I wasn't even chasing the Belle and Merrick tale but a gold hoarder quest in that territory). Wish I'd recorded as they were pretty toxic too. Sank and killed me with the "you're sh*t bro", "suck my c*ck" and all the rest.

  27. Remember people, camping an adventure/tale key point just to sink people trying to complete said adventure is a bannable offense get them on video pulling this shit and report them

  28. Have a similar story from two nights ago. My last night off I had before the adventure ends. (Sorry it's so long)

  29. Kind of annoying to change servers after getting all the items. Just because some douchebags feel like sitting on a time limited event. I had it happen to me and fought them because I’m fine with pvp and have a good crew.

  30. "pvp is not griefing" this is only true when pulled out of its context. It is griefing when you knowingly do so without the intent to win or gain anything, and only act to prevent others from being able to play the game. Like I said in the post, they're not there to hunt players, they don't 'go for them', they're there to prevent players access to a limited event.

  31. When there's only one location to complete the adventure, it's time limited, and progress doesn't save across servers, it isn't an easy fix as this if they simply are better. (Also the killer whale restocks resources, basically giving the camping crew infinite resources.)

  32. Camping the killer whale is a perfectly valid way to get pvp right now. I did it at the beginning of the adventure and im doing it now since its ending soon.

  33. May be "valid" but it's scummy, and toxic behavior. Doing so, you're effectively preventing other players from participating in a time limited event, which imho, is a smaller form of service denial.

  34. Yea I dont pvp for the gold or rep I do it cause I like to rob people. If I can rob people of a time limited cosmetic all the better. Gold is cheap.

  35. As rarely as I see competent PVPers, I just can't believe it's that hard to just roll a new server. We actively look for fights and often go through a dozen servers before finding anything like this.

  36. Most of the time I don't even find them competent at all, just obnoxious. Competent pvpers have their eyes on the prize, not 'do whatever'. If you want high intensity PvP, raise reaper or raise a FOTD, making people want to come to you rather than a place somewhere within your vicinity.

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