1. “Linus, I’m not as dumb as my brother. He might still think Lucy will let him kick the football, but I know we aren’t seeing the Great Pumpkin.”

  2. “The Iron Throne is weak, and our armies swell with cutthroats and mercenaries by the day. The Lord Commander has fallen ill of a pox from his dissolute whoring. There has never been a better time for us to strike. And yet we needs must delay another fortnight. Little Aeron’s costume isn’t finished yet - he wants to be a Myrish slaver - and he’s so looking forward to trick or treating.”

  3. "Okay, here me out. THIS time, we put the Fonz in a shark costume, and put the shark in a Fonz costume."

  4. That's the genius of it. It's meta, and we'll go against the grain. Instead of scary stories, we'll have comedy skits and heartwarming tales about puppies.

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