1. i dont feel like all bounty hunters should be neutral either example: IG 88 a evil assasin droid that wants to kill everyone

  2. It'd be cool if they could make a team out of Boba Fett Scion of Jango team with the sand people and rework them. They are useless otherwise.

  3. Kind of feel like they could add alot of the smugglers and bounty hunters in there also. Not to mention cloud city Lando.

  4. Ewoks should be Neutral as well perhaps. They did after all want to eat Han Solo, Luke and Chewie. They likely only joined the battle because the Empire encroaches on their territory.

  5. Not to be a debbie downer, but to what end? As of right now, the Neutral tag makes characters worse, and there are no upsides except for being usable in LSTB/DSTB.

  6. Make light side and dark side effects apply to neutral as well seems extremely easy, but I’m sure it would break something

  7. I think there will be a series of updates with leaderships, datacrons, etc. all rewritten. I could easily see this as CGs way of making terrible characters at least viable, if not OP.

  8. Well I figured since it’s a mass-manufactured droid model, rather than a specific droid, there were probably some ‘good‘ and some ‘bad‘ aligned ones.

  9. Everyone should be neutral who is just living his life without actively choosing a side to fight for in their respective time. So Jawas and Tusken meet this criteria as well as Wampa and Hondo.

  10. I don’t think tuskens only murder if you invade their land. They raid settlements, kidnap people, were taking shots at the pod race, attacked Luke for… being there…

  11. Bounty Hunters don't actively choose a side, they fight for the money. It's just that often it's the dark side that has more money and/or is willing to spend it on hunters.

  12. Yeah, I wish bounty hunters were neutral and could be used anywhere. This could be helpful in territory battles

  13. They are. They will kill everyone who invade their territory, so they are neutral because they would kill Stormtroopers as well as rebels. Otherwise they are friendly if you are ignoring them.

  14. Do people really think that bounty hunters should be neutral? If you pay them they are ready to bombard village full of innocents people just becouse someone good can also hire them dosn't mean they should be neutral

  15. Even for the ship ones. If you complete the final tier, you get everything, even if it's not consistent.

  16. How do you not have T3-M4 on there, when it's the first character they originally wanted to make neutral? (They couldn't get the code to work at the time.)

  17. They’ve backed themselves into an interesting corner by not using the neutral tag until now. They could go back and change some characters to be neutral, but it would ruin certain synergies and exclude characters from Territory Battles. Unfortunately it’s just easier to only give the neutral tag to new characters. And we all know that CG loves taking the easy route.

  18. Someone with better legends knowledge can correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a thing I. legends where wampas could disguise themselves using a dark side force ability and that was the explanation as to why Luke didn't sense one sneaking up on him?

  19. I've always had this thought that they should make some sort of generic 'Galactic Beings' tag to dump all these guys into.

  20. Its just a wild animal. It lives in a desolate frozen planet where life is sparce. There isn't really another way for a non sentient creature to survive in that situation. If the wampas didn't kill they wouldn't live. Plus they're carnivorous creatures anyways, its not like they can live a different way.

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