1. 100% agree. Imo datacrons should be more focused on C tier style squads as a boost to make things interesting and encourage diversity.

  2. Monitery Expenditure Transfer Actuator. Or how to make mugs pay you loads of money for pixel kudos.

  3. It is an auto kill DC. DV taking multiple turns and boom your whole team is dead except for LV.

  4. Why not? In many cases, like in my arena, it's used as the only available kind of "sandbox" we have, to test counters on each other. So if a counter works, you will see the numbers increased because others see it works and want to practice it themselves. Which will then be a great help in GAC and TW.

  5. I use EP Tarkin to beat everyone. I laugh because of how broken stupid it is. Doesn’t take any skill. Really don’t think CG fully tested this set

  6. They are only concerned with diversity in their (executives, share holders) portfolios from $$$ from Datacrons. Not diversity in meta.

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