1. Seconded. Michelin Road tires last a long time, perform well in the wet, and off the track you won't be slipping on them.

  2. I put some Dunlop Road smart 3s on my 2006. I've put 3,000 miles on them and the rear doesn't even show a flat spot in the middle yet and I mostly ride freeway.

  3. As Ari Henning always has been saying, get some touring tires. They will last long and be more than enough for the street no matter how much knee you are dragging. RevZilla just made an article about 2022 tires.

  4. I've had Pirelli Angel GTs on my 2008 for 2 full sets now. They wear great and have more than enough traction for the street. I avoid riding in the wet so can't say how they work in the rain.

  5. I second this. My first set was when they were still called Angel ST, now discontinued and replaced by the GT. Same feel, same wear, great tire for the price

  6. Roadsmart 2 was best bang for buck so far on my 2017, I paid $92 for the rear and it still had probably another 2-3k miles left when I removed it at 8k. Replaced with roadsmart 3 before a 5k mile road trip, which is a more comfortable ride, but slightly more expensive. Sport touring tires are the answer for street riding.

  7. I'd get a Bridgestone tire right now since they have a $50 rebate going on a set. That's only if you're getting both. The T32 or whatever series it's on now have been fine for me. It's the evolution of the bt16, which IIRC is OEM on the sv, or at least it used to be.

  8. Michelin Road 5/6s, they’re currently matching the price of the 5s for the new ones (6). A little up there in price but you can’t find a better all weather tire. You can feel how sticky they are once you put it on. I have a 06 Suzuki Sv650s and currently have the 5s.

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