1. Bar end mirrors are fantastic. I use them in conjunction with shoulder-checks and more to see what's up behind me, never to check lanes, that's always a shoulder check. Been using them for 6 years now, no regrets, no problems, and I get to see more than my own sweet biceps when I look in the mirrors. My other bike's standard mirrors are dead useless in comparison unless I wanna see how many bugs my shoulders have collected.

  2. I love my bar end mirrors. Only thing is make sure ur bolts are tightened every couple hundred miles. Mine loosen over time from vibrations.

  3. Ive got the same ones on mine. I like em except for when I’m trying to lane split as they add a few inches to the width. You can pick up some anodized “plugs” for you stock mirror holes like these if you haven’t already

  4. stick a couple small convex mirrors onto your current mirrors without increasing width of your bike. also i feel bar end mirrors are a bad idea because they make you look down and take your eyes off what's in front of you.

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