1. SPACs: “This time it’ll be different. Trust me, I’ve changed. I’ve talked to a therapist and I’m on bipolar medication now. You can trust me this time. Probably. Maybe.”

  2. I appreciate everyone's risk appetite is different - but there have been some great plays and fantastic returns if one looks around :)

  3. still bagholding snpr and ccac, if i get positive returns on these ima cum so hard, like hard enough to get through plywood. and ill stop eating at burger king and dine at chick fil a

  4. I feel you. My average on CCACw is 1.78$ after averaging down multiple times. Ridiculous in the current market environment. If they go green, I will burn myself on dcrc.

  5. I checked I am still ahead of the games. All purchase from this year actually are better than I thought. In green.

  6. Welp I think a lot of SPACs are just fart in the wind, think about VC investing. Most VCs would want to see startup companies gain traction first (Ie Rev growth or Users growth etc)

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