1. The difference in attention to students compared to community college has been surprising to say the least. In cc I could easily get a hold of the financial aid office, they’d listen to my concerns and took the time to explain things to me. And it’s not a small school either.

  2. Just wait, student accojnt services and financial aid have been having problems lately, check back in a couple days and see what’s up. If nothing has changed, I would contact financial aid

  3. I went to the office today, waited 2.5 hours in line to talk to someone. They received the funds but have not released them yet, they think will be done by the end of the week 🤞

  4. i just wanna know what made sdsu switch from aidlink to my.sdsu,, i find it completely unnecessary & it has messed up the financial aid for tons of students

  5. Same. My numbers are all weird too. In one place it says I owe 4,083 then when I click on it it says I owe 4.7k flat but have financial aid pending, still waiting on my disbursement as well. Also the "Charges due" tab isn't working for me as I would really like to see what that extra $700 is going to . I talked to someone who got on the FA zoom today and they were told theirs might not be dispursed until next week. So I guess we're just waiting.

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