1. MoxBrose is a huge example of “when keeping it real goes wrong.” WWE wouldn’t let him bleed all the time, and wrestle luminaries like Nick Gage and Effy in barns, so he went to AEW. Meanwhile, Seth and Roman learned how to work smart, not dangerously, and honed their character work, becoming two of the best and biggest in the business. Mox seems happy now, but in 20 years, when Seth and Roman are handsome old happily-retired devils, with huge bank accounts, watching their kids in NXT 9.0, Mox will likely be a broken-down old man, still trying to prove what a badass he is while John Silver bashes him with light tubes in a mud field in Delaware.

  2. Moxley is still making a lot of money and will be able to retire if chooses too. I think his most recent AEW contract with the mentorship role is keeping in mind an eventual transition away from the ring.

  3. Never feel bad for Mox either. This dude was so willing to do his backyard blood wrestling bullshit he literally became an alcoholic. Forget waiting 20 years to see him broken down the man has been through rehab already and addiction is only a bad night away. Moxley has already lost his allure, his status as a superstar, and most importantly his hair. The guy looks awful and will keep doing this life-threatening style until he catches a disease through blood contamination or one of his stunts becomes his last.

  4. I saw some comment yesterday where someone was legitimately asking if Moxley could have been as big a mainstream star as Roman Reigns. I couldn’t contain my laughter.

  5. His fragile ego couldn't handle being on the Wrestlemania 33 pre show while Seth defeated Triple H and Roman defeated The Undertaker in marquee matches.

  6. At least he’s fighting some random jobber from the Firm and not some random jobber from elsewhere, so it ties into the MJF stuff. But in the end, the match is totally pointless and Moriarty looks like an idiot for throwing away his chance at ever getting a title shot.

  7. It's not only the group that attacked MJF, it's also the group that helped MJF win his oversized novelty poker chip

  8. It's yet another group because Tony doesn't know how to book individually so he just lumps everyone together in granfalloons

  9. Why even have title eliminator match when anybody can have a title match if they want. That’s also why I don’t understand why would any wrestler in kayfabe go through an arduous eliminator tournament to be a contender when the champion hands out title matches like candies

  10. I mean who needs Seth Rollins or the Tribal Chief when you can wrestle against dollar store Frank Ocean w/stand up comedian legend Stokely Hathway in his corner!

  11. Please tell me more about the AEW Championship being the most prestigious belt because it's actually defended.

  12. He’s in the video packages, too. They aren’t necessarily trying to hide him, but they’re right not to celebrate the other company’s champion and top guy. IMO they’re doing this little celebration thing the best they can.

  13. Can you imagine Moxley as the face of WWE ? Balding, unkempt, can't dress to save his life, horrible interviewee and to top it all off, he's a sadomasochistic fuck that Googled James Dean once and believed "oh this is STILL badass, let me copy it". The idiot will still be doing mudshows for 100 fat dorks in Deathmatches By Losers Who Get No Tinder Matches Wrestling Alliance 30 years from now.

  14. I like Mox. But what good is creative freedom when between promos, matches, and bleeding, you just do the same shit. He’s become a caricature of himself and it’s just not that entertaining to me anymore.

  15. He literally used to be my favorite wrestler ever on hype alone, before his main roster debut, overthrowing Edge and taker. Now I can't even look him in the eyes lmao. How tf how did he managed to sabotage himself lol

  16. Dead Mall Parking Lot Hobo vs Oompa-Loompa #21 w/ Dave Chappelle Shoulder Angel is a main event anywhere in the world, brother.

  17. Having your top champion wrestler week in and week out against these goobers really doesn’t help to make him interesting.

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