1. I think the highlight is how much of the world is represented, which shows this is a global brand. You’ve got so many different stars people can relate to and see themselves in. AEW won’t appeal to anyone outside of white men for several reasons, but race in their top stars is one of them. No minority outside of Keith Lee has a legitimate chance of sniffing the world title picture. And even then, he’ll only lose in his match. EVP’s gotta keep the gold uce

  2. Hey man Scorpio was TNT title for a couple of months despite him never winning shit on TV, all this diversity is token points for Vince

  3. Our Favourite Midcarder, Our King, and Liv 4 Brutality don't have any titles, and what's up with all these unrelatables? Fed Bad! Fed Dead!

  4. I know such an eclectic selection there but over everyone my favourite are the whites, I mean the black is old school but I will always like the whites better. The red and blue belts not as much though…what?

  5. Between AEW and WWE, I'm having post JCP/Georgia merger title redundancy flashbacks. I get it though...TV shows/merch sales n' stuff.

  6. At the risk of upsetting any Sasha stans, I hate that picture of her. Makes you look cross-eyed and its all I can see (ha!) whenever it gets shown anywhere.

  7. Can one of you fucking knuckle dragging weirdos ban me from this cesspool so I can stop seeing these fucking dogshit posts pop up on my feed? Thanks.

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