1. TBF I don't think the retroid pocket 2+ hasn't even reach 1 year old yet. Also seeing how successful pocket 2 and pocket 2+ is. They are just going to try the same formula on marketing the product. And just launch the more powerful product or upgrade kit few months later.

  2. That was always the plan, they announced the RP3 first didn't they? I think its nice they went ahead and offered the upgrade.

  3. I wouldn't mind an RG353P's guts inside an RG351MP's shell. Or better yet, RG353P's guts, RG351MP's form factor, plastic shell, built-in wi-fi.

  4. A lot of work goes into designing a board layout, matching components, writing software, etc… It’s orders of magnitude easier to create variations and form factor changes than it is to launch entirely new products.

  5. Great perspective. Do you know what is the situation is like for the RK3588/S based boards? Have folks gotten those up and running or is it still a struggle bus?

  6. Honestly I think the RP3/RP2+ performance level is fine for me. I just hate the start/select button placement. So dumb. Power button could be better off somewhere else too.

  7. Damn kids these days, you don't know how good you have it. When I was your age, we got one new handheld every 5 years, and we were happy to get it!

  8. I know what you mean. I remember when the GP2X was announced after years of the GP32 being the only handheld on the market. The fact that we went from 2 to 4 face buttons was mindblowing, we didn't have to press Select in order to switch between A/B and X/Y any more.

  9. Chinese products forever. People who are new to this scene don't realise that this is just the way that chinese engineering works.

  10. All except for Ayn, who have a red button labeled "fulfill preorders" and a blue one labeled "announce new devices, accept pre-orders."

  11. People kept complaining about RK3326 handhelds not getting an upgrade after only 6 months, then complained again when the more powerful devices were more expensive.

  12. They have a stockpile of outdated SOC chips they need to liquidate and handhelds are a good way to make a large profit on them.

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