1. That's so sweet of you. He is the romantic type of guy but not too cheesy. His birthday is in about a month and he really likes receiving and giving gifts so I thought that since the post sucks I could send him his fave meal and a bouquet. It's sad that guys don't really get the message behind the flowers and that they consider it weird or connect it with homosexuality.

  2. Don't know what you're on but I want some too... Me getting flowers would make react the same way when I received a Jackass collection from my co-workers on my birthday - like

  3. I used AlteFlori for a surprise gift once - themed bouquets, but not with flowers. :) She's based in Cluj but delivers anywhere and can personalize them too if you want. Really great experience overall.

  4. I second the rec, I received a strawberry bouquet last year on Valentines and it was great, the fruit was fresh, smelled better than roses and the chocolate cover was good too. Was received in Cluj

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