1. I've only had one sessions with it so far, but I agree with you. That being said, I do worry about the potential of people just not being comfortable with it yet and perhaps the comfort leading to more toxicity as we move forward. I hope I'm wrong about that as well.

  2. I can't say the same sadly. Although most of the time I can't speak when I play so that might be a reason. But most people I saw that had the voice chat either didn't use it, were kids yelling at their siblings or people berating me for playing bad...

  3. Right there with you, expected the worst, and found the exact opposite. Honestly a suppose the game didn't have vc before.

  4. It could end up being a very interesting social experiment about how we treat others when separated by text vs communicating with someone directly.

  5. I hate it. I normally would talk shit to myself. For instance I make a beautiful pass and I would verbally say Jimmy is going to miss this open net. Might as well build trumps wall midfield to give me time to rotate back.

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