1. I'm curious what you consider toxic. If a opponent says nice shot when you miss. Do you consider this toxic or just trash talk? I personally do this sometimes mostly because it does seem to tilt players. Especially players in lower ranks. Opponents will go for demos only on me. So they are out of position and my team can then capatalize. My quick chat "toxicity" is nothing personal. Just mind games. At the end of the game I always say gg. Regardless if we won or lost. If you ever played a real life sport then you know trash talk is just a part of it. Never personal and nothing but love at the end of the game.

  2. Yea I get the mind games, those are just tactics in order to win, so you have a clear goal in mind there. What I mean is trashtalking your own teammate, idling in order to write essays in chat. Bumping teammate on purpose, own goaling. Wishing all kinds of bad stuff on people and their family, and then after loosing never ever consider they might be the problem.

  3. I’m only toxic when my teammates throw or are so bad that there is no way they’re in the same rank as me. Of course I always make mistakes in a game so I usually have some patience early in the game as long as they do.

  4. And do you feel like that's a constructive way of handling things? Everyone can have a bad game, that means a lot of mistakes; the game after they bounce back. If not for kindness sake, I think that mindset quickly devolves into a negative spiral so you just end up having bad games after another.

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