1. I think this woman is absolutely gorgeous. This gif matches her beauty in hilarity. Take my upvote good Redditor.

  2. You look like you wrote that "roast me" note about 50 times, constantly tearing it out of the notebook because it wasn't good enough and trying again.

  3. Light switch 50 times, wash hands 50 times... everything has to be 50.... or something bad will happen to her family.

  4. She looks like the result of a sick cross-breeding experiment between a human, ostrich, and giraffe, so that was successful at least

  5. Everyone's talking about how long your neck is, but they forgot to mention that your entire body is the color of baby spit up, please- the sun is right there. Go stand in it

  6. “Master Jedi, the Prime Minister is expecting you. After all these years we were beginning to think you weren’t coming.”

  7. I wish I could roast her. However, I just can't find anything wrong with her enough to be that vicious. She's beautiful. I hope she sees her beauty and self worth. She didn't need to be numbed to criticism; she just needs to be treated like a perfectly valid woman that's probably way better than her current situation.

  8. What an exquisite neck and upper body. The blouse complements them very well. But ultimately It's a grand shame such beautiful pedestal is wasted to haul your undignified face around.

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