1. Naa naa naa m8, she was suciking his boll's so har that all the pyubs fell of his ball's onto her face... Now she has a mustas

  2. Guessing it was the guy on the left’s idea for the guy on the right to grow the moustache in an attempt to draw attention away from his tiny eyes

  3. These guys looked like they just finished chugging yahoo, cramming powdered donuts down each other's throats and having their way with a cheap inflatable doll. And it's not noon in finland yet. Really packing a lot into this twerk bender prior to their telemarketing shift at 1pm.

  4. It’s like watching Beavis and Butthead but instead of the show being funny it just makes people sad and a little uncomfortable

  5. How do you both manage to look like Cory Feldman? And both turned tricks for favours from old men too no doubt.

  6. You look like you could be Micah’s Sister from the Red Dead Redemption and home boy looks like Seth Rogan’s disowned kid

  7. The guy on the right looks like a girl who is failing to look like a guy and the guy on the left looks like he belongs in a crappy swedish porno

  8. On the right he looks like a woman wearing a mustache and the person on the left looks like the type of person to date his cousin

  9. You look like a couple of heterosexuals who go cross country killing people for your own amusement while telling each other it"s "like people" wanted this to happen.

  10. Twinkish Edward Snowden with glasses looks like he's just been pegged by hirsute Natalie Portman whose surgeon did a perfectly halfassed job of mixing the genders to create a totally gender neutral abomination.

  11. Dude on the left looks like he’s rocking a Gorilla Mask and the lady on the right... well someone gave her a Shitler ‘stache

  12. Jeez... You guys don't seem to understand the concept of self-hatred. You punish the liver with booze and drugs in privacy of your home or a cardboard box, but you don't go posting it out on your face. You got to consider other people too. Shame on you two...

  13. I usually find beards unattractive, but on you two they are looking very good. At least they’re covering up a bit of your faces.

  14. One on the right looks like a Disney channel gag where a girl is trying to infiltrate her male friend's space and puts on a fake mustache and darkens her eyebrows.

  15. You (on the left) look like a dad who makes a selfie with his son/daughter (on the left) who is currently unsure which gender he/she belongs to

  16. Left guy normal Right guy looks like he couldn't decide if he wanted to disco with greasers or play hide the cucumber in someones ass so he prepared for both

  17. Guy on the left looks like a female version of Howard Moon from the Mighty Boosh. The tiiiiiiiny eyes of a shrew!!!

  18. The one on the right looks like Hitler as a Skyrim character, and on the left looks like a child molester in disguise.

  19. So when you don’t have the money to pay your meth dealer, which one of you sucks him off? Or do y’all take turns?

  20. Why do good girls like bad guys. I’ve had this question for a real long time. I’ve been a bad boy as it’s plain too see. So why do good girls fall in love with meeeeeeee.

  21. are we gonna ignore that he is wearing a jacket on top of jacket on top of a rlly tight shirt

  22. The guy on the left has the same expression I would have if I saw the guy on the right in public. "No honey, don't stare at it..."

  23. Dude on the right looks like he eats dog pussy and brags about it to his friends,who are most likely all 12 to 15 years old.

  24. Dude(and I use that term loosely) with the mustache looks like he is a profesional air guitarist. The other dude looks like his guitar tech.

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