1. I gotta say normally I read these and do one of those “air through the nose” chuckles. But I legit laughed hard at this and I needed it, so thank you.

  2. LMFAO I couldn't find the right words for him but you did, YOU DID!!! THANKyou! im giggling like a schoolgirl

  3. I was gonna say Stevie Ray Vaughn but then I realized he too looks like a caveman who ransacked a pawn shop.

  4. Smells like teen spirit? Nah, smells like a man who is so desperate to be recognised for something, he settled for air guitar. I bet that smells like old wank rags mixed with salty tears.

  5. That belt is worth more than your entire life, and I'm sure that belt cost no more than $39.99

  6. There actually is a legit Air Guitar World Championship, and this dude did in fact win it. It's hosted in Finland every year. My buddy competes locally, made it to nationals once.

  7. Zach Braff but a little of Dax Shepard, too. Obviously, if they were homeless and overly proud of non-accomplishments.

  8. You have all these props to make you seem interesting yet you still look as bland as a Matchbox 20 air guitar solo.

  9. You're also just the Air World Champion. Because you're really good at getting air. Through your nose. Your nose is big.

  10. Congratulations! I'm not sure how you did it? You have managed to work your mullet into your beard and eyebrows. A true champion sir.

  11. The best roast was trying to explain to my kid what the air guitar championship was and him laughing so hard he almost pissed himself. He still doesn’t believe me that it’s a thing 😂😂😂

  12. It’s true you can’t be holding a gun while you’re holding an air guitar; but you also can’t hold a college degree or a real job either, so there’s that.

  13. You could just come out of the closet. No need to signal to us that you’re gay with that pink scarf and fedora.

  14. You look like you got kicked out of an amish community for getting a little too friendly with the goat then became a hipster in hopes people would pay attention to you

  15. anybody who has entered an air guitar competition let alone winning the air guitar world championship has absolutely no shame and cannot be roasted.

  16. You like the alternate universe Lumineers where instead of making it big they play in front of a 7-eleven for a few bucks to buy a slim jim and a big gulp.

  17. Whatever you do don't swim backstroke at the beach people will think you're a shark with that nose

  18. 16th century gay Spanish pirate shirt,1940s private investigator hat,hair style that says I'm vegan and il tell you and you can play a invisible guitar??? How many different government benefits can you claim?

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