1. Background: During my intern year the hospital jerked us around for 6 months before giving us our meal cards. We were promised cash, then food cards usable elsewhere before finally settling on a card we could only use at our very average caf. Takes about 2 weeks before we find out the cards balance resets every week, so 1500 per week. Story: one of the interns in another program went on a rampage. He was buying tons of drinks and food and taking it home. He would take bags out every day. We all did this to some extent but he did it like it was his job. One day we found out the coffee shop could accept tips off the food card that got reset every week. I was there when he tipped 100$ for a coffee. He got coffee every day… Last I heard he spent over 10k before they cut him off.

  2. Ours would reset at the end of the month so we would all go “grocery shopping” at the end of the month. One resident took a suitcase and filled it with energy drinks. They scolded him about how it messed up their ordering and stocking. So the next month he did the same thing, but asked the ordering manager at the beginning of the month to order a few dozen extra

  3. I found out my meal card could be used to buy Starbucks gift cards. I ended up getting myself a $400 gift card on my last day of residency with my left over money.

  4. Meanwhile we got $150 for the entire year. You could clear that out in a week with the prices they charged for food. Such a crock of shit.

  5. I heard from a relatively young gas attending that he as a resident used to do "succ run" during call with co-residents where they inject succinylcholine into each other and see who can run the furthest. I don't know if he was just tryna be funny to us or actually done it.

  6. This is a good example of defamiliarization, how something that’s totally conventional, ordinary and common - like the nightly succ Olympics - is taken and described as something weird and foreign. It’s not a freak event like roc climbing, in which residents paralyze themselves with rocuronium then have a third party give them sugammadex before they compete to stand up the fastest.

  7. I think this one is either an urban legend, or something that actually used to be very widespread, because I've had several EM and gas attendings claim to know someone who's done it. Another popular one is apparently giving each other Lasix to see who pees themselves first.

  8. Yea the Sux Olympics. Definitely an urban legend, it’s been around forever. That said, one time a surgeon was operating while sick and he had an IV in which of course was on the same pole as the patient. Anesthesia went to give Roc to the patient and the surgeon said “what did you just give?” as he feels his arm tingle. Needless to say he got on the ground immediately and had to be intubated.

  9. We had a resident that showed up to his first day of his Peds rotation. An hour into it he tells the pediatrician that he forgot his phone in his car and was going to run out to get it and come right back. The pediatrician, from his office, watched the resident get in his car, light up a cigarette, then peel out in the parking lot. He never saw him again. The resident just never went back. The program only found out that the resident wasn't on rotation two weeks later when the pediatrician asked if the resident was ok. Chief Resident and Program Director called him in to sort out what was happening and the resident essentially told them that he hates kids and wasn't going to treat them. He eventually was dismissed from the Residency but it was for a different, equally crazy, issue. Wherever he is: I hope he's not treating living people.

  10. I know a ton of fantastic family med docs, but man the fact that FM and IM are the "default" residencies to do means y'all catch some crazies every now and then. I bet y'all have the best of the stories over any other specialty.

  11. Friend of mine who is an attending had his five guys stolen from the physicians lounge. Got security to check the cams to see a PGY2 IM resident walk in, stick the five guys bag down the back of his scrubs and walk out. Not sure how it was handled internally but it made me laugh out loud. He can’t even claim deniability like he thought it was his. The act of sticking it down his pants sealed the deal on that.

  12. This ones my favorite. If I was the attending I’d have trouble even being mad lol. Maybe they should be feeding the residents better

  13. Background: On my surgery rotation, I was working with attending xxx. Attending xxx used to be partners with attending yyy and they spent a decade inventing a surgical procedure together that is widely used. They had a falling out at some point and the procedure ended up being called the yyy procedure, instead of the yyy-xxx procedure. Surgeon yyy subsequently became very well known and everybody here knows that xxx is extremely salty about this.

  14. Residency story can not confirm: IM resident would call his clinic patients the day before and say the clinic would be closed. They would all no-show. Batted a lot of no hitters

  15. Pathologist here. It was a not uncommon mistake at my program to accidentally flush the tubular GI tract down the drain during an autopsy.

  16. Overheard a story about a Vascular resident from years past. Every night he was on service, he would give a not-so-small dose of Fentanyl and Xanax to every single patient on the vascular service so that they would sleep through the night. He called them “FennyBombs”.

  17. That’s horrifying. Of all these stories, that guy should have been fired. Also how did they not catch it immediately. Imagine reviewing the event logs in epic while pre-rounding and seeing that every single patient got fent and Xanax overnight.

  18. I don't believe that. Why would they use such a short acting opioid? At my hospital I give all the pts warm milk qhs when I'm on night float

  19. I rotated in a hospital where there was an OB/Gyn that didn’t like to go to bed too late. So he would start his shift by giving misoprostol to every woman undergoing labor in the service. I heard this from other students, I fortunately never met him.

  20. Absolutely the fuck not. The anger from spilled breastmilk after being milked like a cow is one thing. I can't imagine another adult just casually downing the milk of my labor.

  21. I had a guy who was scheduled for a rotation at an outside hospital, apparently stopped showing up after a day or two. He was a TY so he probably didn’t care. Nothing happened to him.

  22. Not going to electives is a long beloved tradition of TYs. TYs who already matched for advanced programs and will yeet the fuck out on June 30th never to be mentioned again who don’t have to worry about reputation that is. TYs who only matched for one year and need to find an actual training program need to be fucking gunners and treat that whole joke of a year as a 12 month sub I which sucks

  23. We used to be able to buy things on campus pre-tax using our employee ID. This was meant to be used in the cafeteria, but it turned out to also work in the hospital gift shop.

  24. Damn and my narcissist program director threatened to fire me two days before graduation because I didn't answer his text messages reminding me about his email I had already answered. Fucking evil bastard.

  25. Medication error: a close friend of mine accidentally prescribed someone 10x his normal lantus dose. It made it's way to the patient, and the patient died. The resident realized the mistake, talked to his PD, and submitted an event report on himself at his program directors recommendation. The hospital admin never even contacted him about the event.

  26. Kudos to your friend for writing an event report on himself! To me, that speaks volumes to the type of physician/person he is.

  27. shocking that wasn’t caught, but he’s just one hole in a very long string of Swiss cheese. Pharmacy’s whole job is to prevent errors like this, and any nurse worth her salt would catch this. Insulin is like 13% of a nurse’s job.

  28. Where was the nurse here? This is his mistake, but the nurse could have prevented everything by checking the dose.

  29. Stuff this allows me to use my favorite reply to attendings. “What are they going to do fire me? Then who would write the notes?”

  30. A resident lived in a call room for months until he got caught. Just couldn't catch a break with $500k in student loans.

  31. One of my fellow residents was notorious for being very straightforward and somewhat inflammatory in how he refused to pull his punches. One lovely call evening, he was on the phone with the nurse on the floor who is being deliberately obtuse regarding some electrolyte orders. He asked the nurse to hold on for a moment, paused, and with no hesitation, proceeded to smack the receiver on the desk in front of him several times in rapid succession, followed by resuming his conversation as though nothing had occurred.

  32. Starter story: friend of mine was at a program with about 8 residents per year. One of the interns was very quiet, never talked about himself and just sort of showed up, did the job, and left. One day, the Monday before thanksgiving of his intern year, he just doesn’t show up for work. No call out, no notifying anyone, no text or email. Everyone is like wtf but they assume he just slept in or was sick so they have his senior cover his work. Next day he doesn’t show up again and they’re like wtf, do we have a missing persons case on our hand? They go to his house for a welfare check, no response. Call, email, text, no response. They consider filling in a missing persons report. Third day, he still doesn’t show up. They call the police to say hey, we might have a missing person on our hand, cops were like give it a few days he’ll probably show up. They start getting desperate and begin checking online for any trace of him, and find what looks like his Facebook profile. They don’t find him checked in anywhere, but do find that he posts like 2-3 extremist political posts daily (idk exactly what the posts were but they were enough to make even his extremely mild-mannered PD go yikes, so I don’t think it was the run of the mill MAGA or woke bullshjt). Anyway still no clues to where he is, until Wednesday night when the chief gets a totally nonchalant text from him that basically says he drove home 2 states away for the week of thanksgiving and would be back on Monday. What did the PD do? Told him that he should have called earlier, to watch what he posts on Facebook, and, unfortunately they would have to take away a week of vacation of his choice that was scheduled for later in the year.

  33. It was a couple years before my time, but PGY3-ish gen surg resident sleeps with chair of surgery. He divorces his wife a couple years later. They get married after she graduates.

  34. At my institution, s/p MeToo, Larry Nassar, etc etc this would likely get them both fired. And I think that's a good thing. Hopefully that's the attitude at most programs these days.

  35. Had a great FP resident as a med student in the 90s. He thought it was BS the med students had to pay for their meals so he had one of his patients ( who owned a print shop ) print off enough meal tickets to supply us all. The hospital caught on and forced us to repay but we sure appreciated his effort. He also carried a pistol. Definitely a character.

  36. In the early days of my program, far back in the dark ages, we got CME money, and a good chunk of it (about half what the attendings get). One resident spent it all on designer shoes and lied about it. Badly.

  37. Not my program but Some resident showed up to clinic drunk and told a patient she had huge boobs and asked to squeeze them. Her husband was right there. He went to rehab and eventually was made chief resident LMAO

  38. After a disagreement from a nurse about labor management, I heard the OB chief tell the L&D nurse, “if you wanted to fly the plane, you shouldn’t have gone to flight attendant school”.

  39. An intern made up her own recommendations while on a consult rotation without speaking to the fellow or attending, only discovered when what she was recommending made no sense so someone went to the attending and found they’d never heard of the patient.

  40. I (pharmacist) saw something similar when an intern ordered potassium repletion by IV PUSH (don't even ASK me why she was able to select the vial on Cerner, somehow she was) and insisted it's "what the fellow wanted". Really? Why don't you have them call me so we can have a little chat. Spoiler: the order was mysteriously deleted from the queue 20 minutes later.

  41. See this is why pharmacists are so integral to quality patient care. While never this extreme mercifully your compatriots at my institution smoothed the edges of my rawness in pt care multiple times intern year. You all really are so valuable in preventing medical errors and ensuring we give quality care

  42. One of my favorite medication “stealing” stories was a resident that took a syringe of bupivicaine and nonchalantly injected it into a canker sore in their own mouth in the anesthesia break room. We use that shit for IV’s and nerve blocks all the time and it’s just free to take so it’s not really stealing, but it was absolutely wild to see someone just administer local for themselves like they’ve done it a million times

  43. I’m a general dentist who did a hospital based residency program. We had a two week long rotation through emergency medicine and a two week long rotation through anesthesia, where instead of being in the clinic 9-5 we would be on those services.

  44. The Dan Schneider rule: you can be as creepy as you want and still be successful, so long as you avoid crossing a few obvious lines.

  45. One of the residents literally told (yelled lol) PD to “go fuck himself” in front of a bunch of other attendings in the docs lounge. He had no repercussions.

  46. Honestly if I was a PD and I was genuinely out of line I’d respect him for that. I’d probably reprimand him for doing it in public so as to not let myself be seen as soft, but I’d definitely privately respect him. On Saturday night at 2am when he’s helping the night float team deal with 93 year old with UTI admissions, I’d definitely send him a box of insomnia cookies

  47. A psych intern didn’t write any notes on patients for his first 6 to 8 weeks of residency. When he was confronted about it, he said he was having trouble adjusting to the culture shock and just forgot that he was the one supposed to be writing notes. He told me this with a huge grin on his face. I don’t know if this was one of the scenarios where the interns are so bad at the attendings just write their own notes, but not only did he not get in any real trouble, he didn’t have to go back and do the notes

  48. It seems most med students and residents interpret professionalism as falling on the sword when attendings and/or staff are hostile, disrespectful, unprofessional, and downright abusive. You don’t have to bend over and take it. It seems like most people go into medicine as their first career and therefore don’t have a frame of reference to recognize that abusive behavior is not normal in the workplace or the opportunity to observe and model behaviors that can help you tell people to fuck off in a politically correct way.

  49. It’s surprising how far calmly saying “Hey man, stop yelling and talk to me like I’m a person” goes when someone is losing their mind/yelling at you. If they keep yelling, just walk away.

  50. Interesting; a lot of folks in my med school were non-trad and held an intensely stoic line in the face of learner mistreatment. The truth was, many of us felt our position in medicine was too tenuous to speak up/ stand up at the time, not that we lacked real-world experience or an understanding of our own value.

  51. Back when I was a medical student and watched a surgeon just go off on a first year GI fellow. The dude was livid in the lobby of the hospital. The fellow calmly looks at the surgeon after a few mins of this rampage, and tells him he needs to take a deep breath and take a step back before something bad happens to him or his career.

  52. Resident is getting hassled by a respiratory therapist about making changes to a vent. Resident was right, RT was wrong but didn’t realize they were wrong. Eventually resident loses their temper and says “if you really feel that way you should go to medical school and then argue with me” and walks away.

  53. Chief surgery resident got a DUI. She did not show up for her court appearance. The cops came to the hospital, had her paged to PACU during a case, arrested her in PACU and hailed her off to jail. She was allowed to complete her residency but had to forfeit her vacation to serve out her brief jail time.

  54. not residency, but my friend got put on leave from PA school cause he was in a surgery and the nurse said something (to the doctor?) and he misunderstood and thought he was given instructions and accidentally cut something lmfao

  55. PD was asking us about the risk factors for C diff. A girl said OCPs and the resident responds, “that increases risk of vaginal candidiasis, WRONG HOLE!”. The PD just pretended that he didn’t hear the resident.

  56. Another time we got a call about a patient having an erection for hours. Resident said, “Is the nurse bothering him? We gotta find out who this nurse is.” PD said, “I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear anything.”

  57. A resident and a non-physician staff member started a fire in a trash can outside our building to get rid of paper instead of using our shredders. The building management discovered it within several minutes of it starting. It was the resident’s idea, but the non-physician staff member was fired and the resident was not.

  58. was posted in ENT. a PGY3 was performing a Tympanoplasty. dude messed up while inspecting the ossicular chain, and damaged the malleus. I kid you not, the malleus went FLYING and landed on the floor. in the next 10-15 minutes, the entire OT staff, the PGY2 and PGY1 searched the floor for the malleus. did not find it. Anesthesia legit lost their shit, they were cracking up so hard. finally they closed up the patient. we were instructed not to speak of it.

  59. Heard of this. Intern from a new program gives bs to pd apd. He prescribes benzos on night float month for pts to prevent being called. Signs notes himself but no co-sign with.locums. requested and scheduled pto on field-specific rotations which is later banned. Tried to negotiate his contract (dad has a law firm btw). Program started interventions- half way through gives to him warning. Then covid hits. Turns out he is really good at procedures. He covers his ICU, then one more month when pt load spikes. He intubates, puts lines like a mashine. Eventually, ICU people stood up and he just graduated. Oh, btw, on his halfway training, he signed contract with hospital.network and grabbed a huge bonus. All 3 yrs he got a single digit score on in-training exams and based on that he got 2 months of study-remediation wtever fuck free month.

  60. I was walking through the hospital on early AM trauma prerounds after a 24 once when I ran into my PD who struck up a conversation. I had a dip in since we’re masked and I started slurring my words on my spit so I had to turn around and spit in the next garbage can.

  61. Not sure if it’s really that bad but definitely made me feel like “wtf why is this person not getting fired?” This person doesn’t want to show up for a shift so they pay for coresident/somebody else to show up for them. Residency is about doing the work and learning not just paying others when it’s inconvenient for you to work. Good money btw from what I have heard.

  62. In residency, this isn't a big deal although I only ever had a couple of takers. It's when I was looking for coverage for something last minute and didn't want to do something shitty like activate jeopardy or lie.

  63. This is one radoncs will get: Fella was on call back in the day when we had to do hand calcs for call treatment. He didn't quite "get it" and just decided that monitor units = dose. Fortunately he wasn't too far off.

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  65. Your interns have to run every singe page by you on night float? And you reported an intern for giving 4mg of morphine? jesus

  66. Can I comment on here as an M4? The hospital I did my core rotations at allows students to get free food from the cafeteria. I get a good meal during lunch and some extra for dinner. I’m gonna miss my M4 year bc of free food. Last year I stocked up on bunch of chocolates and grub and took it back home to give to my family.

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